Belvada Duo Harmony Lipstick Review & Giveaway

Everyone who has read Lessons from Madame Chic knows how much I love lipstick. It is the perfect variation on le no makeup look that can add a mysterious definition to your makeup routine.

Today I have another giveaway for you, this time from the people at Belvada (remember my One Moment Luxury Cream review with the 24k gold dust flakes?). Belvada have generously offered to give away two lipsticks to readers of the Daily Connoisseur. I'll get to the giveaway in a moment, but first my review!

The Duo Harmony lipsticks are moisturizing, high quality lipsticks that pair with a balm in one well-designed package. I took the Elegant Maroon color to the OZ Premiere and it fit beautifully in my little evening clutch. It was so nice to not have to pack a separate lip balm.

The lipsticks use very minimal packaging which is great for the environment (a big plus). The Duo Harmony lipstick, which includes a lip balm, lip color and carrying case, sells for $20. Any refills (different colors or for when you need to replace your favorite) sell for $10. Very affordable for such a luxury product.

The colors pictured above are as follows: Natural Earth, Soft Pink (my personal favorite!), Intense Red, Lip Balm and Elegant Maroon.

To see the swatches and learn more about the lipsticks, check out this week's video. If you are unable to see the above video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel, www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur.


Due to restrictions, this giveaway is only open to US and Canada residents only. There will be two winners. The winners will get a duo harmony lipstick in the color of their choice.

Here is how to enter:

1. Leave a comment below stating your first name, last initial and city/ state where you live. Please note: you will only be entered if you leave a comment on this blog. Please do not email me personally with your entry. To be fair, all entries must be visible on this blog. For email subscribers who are unsure how to enter, visit www.dailyconnoisseur.com to go to the main blog page, look for this entry and enter your comment in the comment section provided.

2. Tell us what chic means to you!

Good luck! I will announce the winner next week.

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Klo Ke'laani said...

Kemi O. Hyattsville, Md
What is chic?
To me chic is not just an elegant way of wearing clothes or a certain style of clothing. Being chic has different factors: 1) SMARTS- everyone knows that beauty AND brains is a total package.
2)Clothes- whatever your style is. As long as it is tasteful and totally comfortable to YOU.
3) Makeup- don't go around with loads of makeup on your face, just enough to enhance the beauty that is already there.
4) accessories- it could be as simple as a scarf or head band. It doesn't have to be expensive. It could be the little broach that brings the whole outfit together.
5)Confidence- some people get this "better than thou" definition when this word is thought. Honestly, just be comfortable with yourself. Walk like everyone is watching, put that brain to use and speak with intelligence ans SMILE.
My thoughts of what chic is :)

charmandwit93 said...

Mary S. Lakewood, CO

When I hear the word chic, I think of a woman who knows exactly who she is and embraces all of her idiosyncrasies. She follows fashion but isn't a slave to what appears on the runways each season, but has one or two accent items highlighting trends and adding spark to her wardrobe. She wears her clothes, the clothes do not wear her. Her sensuality is a la Grace Kelly, not Kim Kardashian and she relies on her sparkling wit and personality rather than beauty to attract admirers and friends. Beyond appearance, she is highly intelligent and culturally aware, but doesn't broadcast this to everyone she meets. Rather, she is interested in them, what makes them happy and satisfied. She has an air of mystery about her, but is approachable and warm at the same time. Most importantly, she is completely confident in who she is. That's all! :)

sheepystitious said...

Monica M. Stonington, CT

To me chic is being comfortable in your own skin and understanding how to navigate all social landscapes. A chic woman can mix and mingle in many crowds and come off as charming, modest, and smart.

There's so much more - but this to me is very important to being chic.

Christine Evans said...

Christine Evans, San Francisco, CA

Chic is when someone expresses the beauty and uniqueness of their inner self through their outer style. When someone is truly expressing themselves through their style, they are radient, effortless, mysterious, and, of course, chic!

Christina K said...

Christina K. Exeter, NH

To me, chic means elegance and sophistication, a sort of glamorous that isn't flashy yet catches the eye over and over.

Tracey said...

Tracey B. Charleston , SC

Chic is an effortless glamour that a women exudes when she is confident in who she is and faces the world with her best foot forward.

Erin said...

Erin S. from Hampstead, MD
The first word I associate with chic is "minimalist". I think of elegant lines and restrainment and simplicity. I think of Chanel's famous line about looking in the mirror and then taking one thing off. And the next thing I think of is the confidence required to carry that elegant simplicity off.

Daniella C said...

Daniella C. from Ontario, Canada

Very exciting! Glad it's open to Canadians too ;)
Chic to me is simple and elegant, classic looks and the best accessories. I associate with all things french, art and culture... sort of a way of living in general, and something I strive for!

GingerG said...

Ginger G. Riverview, FL

OH my gosh!! How awesome is this lipstick?! Love it.

Chic is modern, clean, sophisticated. : )

meetthewahlquists said...

jaclyn w ann arbor, MI

Chic to me means the confidence to do what feels good to you. It means wearing what compliments you, versus the latest trend or fad. It means being who you really are in a group, not someone desperate for approval of others.

LittleSister said...

True CHIC is confident, self-aware (not self-conscious!), graceful, intelligent and wears a smile.
Simple, always tasteful, elegant even with dirty-gardening hands, and approachable. A pleasure to be around.

Janet B. / Seattle, WA

Angie Vandenbergh said...

Angie V. Collierville, TN

Chic is that extra spark that some women have. They feel good. They look good. They radiate joy. You can feel it and want to be near them.

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie Vandenbergh said...

Tracey, what a great sentence. I love your definition!

"Chic is an effortless glamour that a women exudes when she is confident in who she is and faces the world with her best foot forward."

C said...

Carlin M
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Chic means knowing what to wear and when to wear it so I am comfortable and like my own outfit, even at the end of a hard day.

Amanda said...

Amanda C. Miami, FL

Chic to me means to carry yourself with grace, dress presentably, and to address others with confidence, respect, and (most importantly) kindness.

BTW, just finished your book & loved it! Working on my chic and simple capsule wardrobe.

Ellen Cleveland said...

Ellen C.

Chic is simplistic beauty!

Maureen said...

Maureen C, Eugene, OR

To me, being chic is radiating confidence in an elegant and understated way. It means being comfortable in your skin, having style, and having a sense of humor.

Ashley Diaz said...

Ashley D. Milton, GA

I define chic as a state of mind. A woman who carries herself with confidence and is not afraid to let others see her inner beauty. Chic is warm, yet still carries an air of mystery.

Clothing, perfume, and lipstick all help to enhance the chic in a woman. However, without a woman's underlying chic, these things will only seem fake and forced.

Love your blog, Jennifer! Keep the posts coming!


Emily Finan Carroll said...

Emily C., Philadelphia, PA, USA

Thanks for running this, I love your blog!
Chic to me means confidence with organization. I feel chic when I am accomplishing things while keeping it together. It doesn't matter if you are fashionably dressed and can't speak to current events and you'll get much farther if you marry smarts with a presentable and calm exterior (although that doesn't always feel fair, it is a fact). So in summary: Chic is calm, prepared, smart, organized and presentable!

Susan H said...

Susan H. Columbia, MD

The perfect red lip is chic. Being well read is chic. Being confident is chic. Knowing oneself and being happy with that knowledge is tres chic!

Erin said...

Erin S. Huntington Beach, CA

Chic means timeless sophistication, the maturity to know what truly matters, the courage to be yourself and a heart that is generous and kind.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Rio said...

Rhiannon P.
La Porte, TX

To me chic is pleasing to the eye in a subtle way. It’s not forced or overdone. Chic is always timeless. Having a strong sense of self is very chic. Wardrobe items that I consider chic would be ballet flats, diamond stud earrings, well fitted jeans, and a good quality handbag.

AnnBE said...

Ann E.
Hoover AL

I believe that chic is simple, but preplanned. It appears effortless because of the planning. Chic is also specific to the person, has some originality, and doesn't require total perfection. A chic 18 year old and 42 year old may not have a lot of clothes in common, but they both look great!

MaeveBe said...

Maeve B. Grand Rapids, MI

Chic to me means wearing heels, bight lipstick or another statement piece when no one else is expecting it :)

ricki said...

Chic is is the pursuit of refinement. It cannot be bought. It is a process of confidence, grace, elegance, sensitive consideration for others and a way of life. Learning to be chic is a roadmap of getting better at being you. Chic is values of the finest class. If someone should ask me to describe myself..."Chic"...should be at the top of my list.

sophisticatedlady66 said...

Odette F.
Santa Clara, CA

Chic is a state of mind, if you think you're chic, and you have on lipstick and mascara, voila, you are!

Mary Klein said...

Mary K, Wayzata, MN

Chic radiates simplicity, health and intelligence. It emanates from an inner confidence that enables the perfect balance between self-care and caring for others.

Lisa S. said...

Lisa S. Decatur, GA

Good question. For me, being chic means always being put together. My Mom is very chic and I aspire to be like her. (I am 41 and hope to age as gracefully as her.) She is always "done" but never "done up" if you take my meaning. (I know you do since you wrote a whole chapter or two on it!) To sum up: a nice handbag, nice shoes, tidy hair, minimal makeup and being kind and self possessed = chic. A la Audrey Hepburn.

SarahBeyond said...

Sarah Valente, Annapolis, MD

Chic is being able to look smashing at a moment's notice, with a minimal amount of thought, tools and fuss. This lipstick more than fills the bill!

Monique said...

Monique L. Haverhill, MA

To me, chic means quality and simple elegance with a modern twist.

Great video, interesting product! I have had difficulty with dry lips this winter, would love to find a product to help.

Dee J said...

Chic is a combo between classic + modern; it involves good manners + being a good conversationalist; also qualities like generosity, kindness, humility + courage.
Chic is putting your best foot forward + wearing good-fitting clothes that flatter you.
Chic can definitely be learned/improved by reading your book! :)
"There are no ugly women, only neglected ones."
This was fun, thanks!! I wrote mine then read everybody's - beautiful thoughts!

Abigail Lane said...

Abby L, Boston MA

Chic is knowing who you are, what you want, and how to present yourself to the world. Chic is bravery, kindness, and persistance. Chic is confidence in a world that can be challenging and rewarding.

taylo292 said...

Airess C. Gadsden, SC

Chic means being confident and comfortable in any trend or classic and making it your own!!

Sophisticated Chic said...

Tiffany, P.
Philadelphia, PA
For me, to be "chic" is to be sophisticated, stylish and confident not only in what you wear - but in all you say and do!

JewelsM said...


Chic is classy, elegant and effortless. Less is more, always. Bien sur!

Siusan said...

Siusan O. Endwell, NY Chic is unique and composed. It is the whole package of beauty, style and grace.

Siusan said...

Siusan O. Endwell, NY Chic is unique and composed. It is the whole package of beauty, style and grace.

Cynthia said...

Cynthia R., Rosemount, MN
Chic is finding one's own style and wearing it with pride and confidence.

Melanie said...

Melanie L. Midway, TN

What is Chic?
To me chic is smart. Chic is knowing what works for you and sticking with it. Chic is feeling good about yourself. Chic above all else is loving yourself.

Tricia said...

Tricia W. Asheville, N.C.
Chic - elegant but hard to explain...you know it when you encounter it.

smilesformiles30 said...

Laura J. Santa Clara, Ca

To be chic to me means being comfortable in my own skin and way of being. It is to know who I am and being acceptable of my imperfections and being able to work with them! I think once we conquer that, everything else will come into place.

Richelle said...

Richelle S. Meridian, ID

Chic-The quiet understated elegance of living well, living simply and living with grace.

The McMeekins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The McMeekins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The McMeekins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...

Chic is what makes each of us as women unique...the style of our hair, the choice of our clothes, the manner of our households...the chic woman exemplifies grace and finesse with whatever she has, wherever she is! :)

The soft pink and neutral earth colors are so subtly beautiful!

Christine said...

And, I can't believe I didn't say that I'm "Christine S." and live in southeastern Pennsylvania:)

Pizza'isseur said...

Katie S. Dallas, TX
C: composure in every situation, always a lady. Calm, cool, & collected.
H: high quality of living; never settle for anything less than the very best you can afford in food, relationships, and everyday life.
I: individuality--be yourself and never apologize!
C: compassionate towards the people you encounter everyday, as well as the environment. Share your chic'ness with the world!

Mindy said...

Mindy G. from Walnut Creek, CA

Chanel neatly sums up "chic" for me in all areas of life...
"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance."

Anna said...

Anna L.
Summerville, SC
Chic means simple,elegant, and not trying too hard.

Gramspearls said...

Love that Pink! Chic is simply being yourself.

Kathleen B, Westlake, OH

Lisa said...

Lisa S. Windermere, Florida
Chic is many things: Quality above all and committing yourself to living a life of quality. Always putting your best foot and face forward! Cultivating your mind and your life experiences. Being comfortable in your own skin and being genuinely content with how you live. Knowing yourself, respecting yourself and respecting others. Live well and live with passion!

Amy said...

Amy C. from St. Paul, MN

Chic is being pulled together but not fussy and being able to move through the world with an inner confidence.

rosesandrain said...

Katie N. Roanoke, VA

A chic woman understands that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places and is astute enough to relish the magnificence of life's small joys.

office island said...

Being chic means being comfortable in your own skin and not following the trends, but rather knowing what works best for you.

Alice said...

Alice M. Springfield, VA

Chic by definition means stylish or smart. Smart is the key thing here - things are well thought out so life comes with ease. Chic is knowing you you are and being okay with that - confidence!

jackiemania said...

Jacqueline M. Collingswood, NJ

I think being chic means being smart and elegant. Not your clothes, but your very being. As Diana Vreeland said,

“It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.”

Single Socks said...

Amy F. Naples, FL

Chic is when you are comfortable in your own skin. I don't know a single "chic" person that isn't comfortable with who they are! Once you accompish that, looking terrific is easy!

Row said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Row said...

Rowena M, El Sobrante, CA

Pink is a great color on you. Love the idea how the lipstick is packaged....reduce/reuse/recycle. Wonderful!

agilborder said...

Pamela S.
Cherry Hills Village, CO

Thanks for helping all of us who have found you find our own chic. I also thank you for promoting this calming way of life to the often frazzled American.

To me, chic means being quietly elegant and understated in all that one does. I was raised in an American version of your chic Paris family. We dress for dinner, we still correspond on elegant stationary using our timeless fountain pens and beautiful penmanship, we still " visit" our friends just to enjoy quiet conversation over an elegant cocktail. We live a very enriched life with family tradition which is the secret to the good life. I also want to comment that our family has no complaints with this lifestyle; we are very happy.

I dearly hope that you help others stop the endless materialism and focus on beauty and the best things that they have. We can all enrich our lives by slowing down and savoring what and whom we already have. Good manners and quiet elegance can hopefully stem the tide of what has become a very ugly American populous. I am so pleased to see a young person such as yourself learn these lessons through your experiences abroad, and appreciate that you strive to educate.

With Regards,

Angela Keck said...

Angela K
Painesville, OH

Chic is never conceited about themselves. Always classy and elegant and knows their style.

myseashell said...

Hi Jennifer! Chic to me means casual elegance, refined beauty, simple and timeless; a smile on your face and spring in your step. I'm a mom work at home mom of four kids so I struggle daily to find balance and the chic style in me.

Karen Albert said...

Hi Jennifer,

Karen A here from Leawood Ks.

Chic to me is an understated elegance, which can take one from day to evening in ones choices. The fashions, accessories, and makeup all appear effortless and exude confidence.

Thank you for this wonderful offer.

Valerie said...

Chic is having a simple yet elegant style, with a little je ne sais quoi thrown in!

Valerie M., Chicago, IL.

C. Catherine said...

Jacqueline Kennedy summed up my idea of chic with these words: "[A woman] is well dressed if people say 'She looked heavenly but I can't remember what she had on'". I believe that chic is a combination of simplicity, modesty and appropriateness. It seems that so many people today have lost the whole idea of what is appropriate and what is not. Regarding this, Coco Chanel has hit the nail on the head "...luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity." Enough said!

Christina P. Coeur d'Alene, ID

livelikeyoumeanit said...

To me, chic is about always dressing for the occassion, but once dressed, forgetting what one has on.

Heather T. Rio Rancho, NM

Bekah said...

Rebekah V. Fresno, CA
Chic is the perfect mix of lady likeness, simplicity, and elegance. I see being chic as also being very minimalistic. Having quality and simplicity over quantity and what's trendy. It's knowing what looks good on you, not whats the trendy thing to wear. It's also knowing what's appropriate for the occasion. Thanks you for the give-a-way Jennifer!!

Laura Wilson said...

Chic means always being kind, generous, and thoughtful. It is a chic person who actually listens to you without stopping and interjecting their one-up story. Being chic means so much more than the way you dress however you may not have all the latest clothes, but yours are clean and timeless. YOU are clean and fresh and put together in a simple, elegant way.

Welcome to SipMom said...

Lia H. Nashville, TN

Chic is accepting being feminine in thought, attitude and style. Like a rose flourishing as a rose and not trying to be a cactus or a tree.

Lisa said...

Lisa B Memphis, TN

"Chic" simply put is fashionable and elegant. What could be more chic than Belvada Duo Harmony Lipstick? Minimalist, reusable packaging in gorgeous go with everything colors! Chic is being confident in living the full expression of who you are....inside and out.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Chic is making the most of ones attributes. Focusing on the positive and adding an accessory or two to a basic well fitting outfit.
Leslie L Victoria, B.C.

Patricia Gilbert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patricia Gilbert said...

Chic is presenting oneself in a manner that is appropriate for the situation. A ballgown is chic on the red carpet, but ridiculous on a bike ride.

I recently blogged about the word chic, and my subject was your book. (http://onequalitythefinest.com/2013/01/11/chic/)

P Gilbert
Mount Laurel, NJ

Nalani Pratas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nalani Pratas said...

Nalani P. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chic is being sophisticated while also being mysterious.

Shayla said...

Shayla H., Palmdale, California

Chic is a self assurance, a comfort in oneself that lives deep within.. It's the embodiment of the phrase "I am enough."

Claire said...

Hi Jennifer,
I do not wish to be entered into the giveaway, but I'd like to comment, nonetheless. First, I'm glad to hear a company who is committed to bringing highly researched goods combined with environmental sensitivity. Kudos to them! Second, chic to me means simplicity and timeless quality.


Susan M. said...

Susan M.
Tampa, FL
Chic is effortless, charming, ingenious, and sometimes just a little edgy.

Danalynn & Chris said...

Danalynn C.
Manassas, VA
Chic is simple and high quality; it is the assurance that you've done the best possible in any given situation.

Catherine said...

Susan P.
Richmond, BC, Canada
What a creative lipstick idea. The Pink is gorgeous!

Chic " signifies a way of living that strives to embody an authentic image, recognize elegance in simplicity, and beauty in all forms of aesthetics". This beauty also influences behaviour by valuing appropriateness, discretion and respect for others.
Real chic takes thought, planning and maintenance. Its rewards include greater pleasure in life, reduced need for possessions, a gentler strength, more time to enjoy daily living, more harmonious relationships and the joy that comes from knowing and honouring your authentic self.

Susan in St. Paul said...

Susan C., St. Paul, MN

Chic is a elegant simple way to look and be comfortable in your skin.

Tammy said...

Tammy R., Apple Valley, CA

Chic is something that is unexpected, yet when we see it, it's something that feels as though it has always been so.

Deb said...

Debbie L. Franklin TN

Chic is a way of being a female that expresses fashion and style that portrays the individual person and is worn with class and confidence!