Burn and Release The Untethered Soul Book Club Pt. 2

Welcome to week 2 of our Untethered Soul book club: burn and release.

I'm not sure if Michael Singer actually calls this technique "burn & release", but that's my way of labeling it so that it's helpful to me. This has helped me more than any other technique in the book. Whenever I have an inner disturbance (anger, annoyance, embarrassment, etc.) rather than stuffing my feelings away or shaming myself for feeling them (Why am I feeling this way? What's wrong with me?), I now allow the emotion to be. I observe it and I allow it to pass through me. I call this burn and release because (and I've been practicing this a lot lately!) I actually feel a physical burning sensation in my heart as I process the feeling.

We're so used to stuffing and concealing our true feelings in order to contribute to our perfect facades, that those feelings are never processed. Yes, burn and release can be difficult and even painful at first, but once you get in the habit of it, you can actually look forward to confronting your true feelings, processing them and letting them go!

Michael Singer suggests that when someone says or does something that causes an inner disturbance in you to let it go immediately (process it immediately). Don't save it for later:

Location 1065 “The law is very straightforward: When your stuff gets hit, let go right then because it will be harder later. It won’t be easier if you explore it or play with it, hoping to take the edge off”.

Location 1061 “The stuff that holds you down periodically rears its head. When it does, let it go. You simply permit the pain to come up into your heart and pass through. If you do that, it will pass. If you are sincerely seeking truth, you’ll let go every time. This is the beginning and end of the entire path- you surrender yourself to the process of emptying yourself”.

You can actually be at peace with inner disturbance! This is true freedom. Now, what other people say and do have no power over you. You can process those feelings and deal with them in a liberating way.

Location 1486 “Somebody can say something to you that can cause your heart to react and catch fire, but then it passes. It’s a temporary experience. Most people can hardly imagine what it would be like to be at peace with inner disturbance. But if you do not learn to be comfortable with it, you will devote your life to avoiding it”.

“If you feel embarrassed, it’s just a feeling. It’s just a part of creation. If you feel jealousy and your heart burns, just look at it objectively, like you would a mild bruise. It’s a thing in the universe that is passing through your system. Laugh at it, have fun with it, but don’t be afraid of it.”

Location 1529 “Sometimes you will notice that it feels hot inside as pain passes. In fact, as you relax into the energy of the pain, you may feel tremendous heat in your heart. That is the pain being purified from your heart. Learn to enjoy that burning. It does not seem enjoyable, but you will learn to enjoy it because it is freeing you. In truth, pain is the price of freedom. And the moment you are willing to pay that price, you will no longer be afraid. The moment you are not afraid of the pain, you’ll be able to face all of life’s situations without fear.”

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See you next time when we discuss "the inner thorn".

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Ann G. R. said...

I like the way you paraphrase it 'burn and release'. I have always referred to his writing as 'recognize and release'. The BURN seems to be more of a verb or 'action' word. I like that.

When I say 'recognize' the disturbance it seems a bit passive and I feel like all this energy needs some action. I like the 'burn' it is more descriptive of handling the energy.

I'd say I have to use this daily. I am not always successful, but at least I am trying. Just being aware of the feeling and questioning it helps.

As always, thanks for sharing your comments in your video. It is a great book, and I'm glad you pointed it out. My copy is heavily highlighted. :-)

Greenjane72 said...

No time to comment as thoroughly as I'd like to but thank you for your thoughts on this. I've found the book absolutely brilliant. I've read a lot of this genre over the years and it's very relevant to my own life as well as my psychology practice. I find the way he describes things to be clearer than most. I love the roommate analogy for your thoughts :-) I also had to smile about your filing cabinet idea. I've been using that analogy in my work for years. Lovely to hear someone else come up with it too! My patients will often say that if you let things go people will take advantage of you etc. does anyone have thoughts on that? Looking forward to next week. Jane xox

Lisa O'Rourke said...

I am so grateful that I read your book Jennifer and that brought me to this one! I really agree with your comments, how could anyone be unchanged after reading this book.
I am finding myself hyper aware of negativity around me now. My awareness is serving as some type of immunization from that negativity.
I don't think that you are really meant to "let things go", but use your awareness to keep yourself above negative behavior.

Emma Knight Peel said...

Since reading this book, I've noticed in myself and several friends that we have blocked pain that we've been avoiding. One friend said she couldn't go back to her hometown/family for the holidays because of painful high school memories. I told her about the book and told her to go and face it and feel the pain and then let it go for once and for all. It's interesting to see how many things we avoid in daily life because they stir up previous pain/negative energy. I love this burn and release practice! Great video. Thanks!

Sue Pipal said...

I use a process that is similar to this, which I call "feel the feelings", for forgiving painful stuff from my past. I know exactly the burning sensation you're describing. Sometimes it feels more like your body is turning to concrete as your breath gets shallow and your heart rate increases. Then it all lifts away and with it, all the pain and upset from your past.

Trudi Pabst said...

I had the "opportunity" to use this yesterday at work when I encountered some unfair criticism. Normally I would have rehashed this over all night and not have gotten any sleep. I slept like a baby last night and can't thank you enough for suggesting this book. I had a hard time with it at first, and this is not my normal reading material. So, thank you once again for expanding my views in both your book and our reviewed book.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ann- recognize is good too... it's awareness! So glad you enjoy the book!

Geenjane- Yes Michael Singer makes it all seem so clear. I've read about a lot of this before but the material was presented as an esoteric concept. He makes it so we can all relate and understand. Great minds think alike re: the filing cabinet idea! :)

Lisa- I find myself hyper aware of negativity too. I think that is a natural side effect of practicing what he writes about in the book. It can be daunting at first but I think it's meant to move us even further to positivity and a positive mindset.

Emma- That's wonderful! I hope the book helps your friend as well!

Sue- "Feel the feelings" ... I love that!

Trudi- I'm so happy this was useful to you this week! No use losing sleep over these issues that used to bring us down.

Thank you all for your participation and comments!

Jennifer xx

Aisha Imam said...

I have read your book with delight and check this website every week for further insights. I have a question that I hope you will address, which has really confounded me. I know it off topic, but I really need help! So in the book, Mdm Chic would make these delicious three course meals, but that is when her children are all grown up. What about you and me? How can you cultivate a sense of elegance and CALM with small children at the table? I would even love to know specific recipes that evoke the time you were there. I wonder if you could ask Mdm Chic about this.... Thank you for all your work on this site. We badly need this kind of discourse and awareness with all the crazy that exists around us.

The McMeekins said...

Very interesting concepts, but not easy skills to master. While the "burn" comes easily, I could use more specific direction on how to fully "release."