Weekly Chat: GRAVITY, New Book, Halloween & More

Can you believe it is November already? I've been visiting my family the past few days and have noticed that the Christmas decorations in the stores are already out. Retailers seem to put them out earlier and earlier every year. I went to pick up a mocha for my dad at Starbucks yesterday and they already have their gingerbread and peppermint lattes on offer. Do you ever wish you could just slow things down and stop the marketing madness? I know that resisting change can be futile but I would like to take the month of November to still revel in fall and prepare for another favorite holiday of mine, Thanksgiving. Ah well, these are just observations.

I didn't have an official video scheduled for today because this past week was so busy, but I still wanted to connect with you, so I filmed an informal chat about my week. You can watch the video, or read the thread below, or both! If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Did you have a fun Halloween? I dressed up as a sorceress. The girls loved it.

I also went to Palm Springs this past weekend to visit my grandmother, who turned 91 on Friday. She was cheerful and goodnatured as ever. My grandma has always subscribed to the "look presentable always" philosophy and even at 91 was rocking the most gorgeous red manicure. I feel so fortunate to still be able to see her. She kept telling me how lucky we all are to have such a beautiful family.

So it has been a week of spending time with family and working on the book. I've spent every creative minute of my week working on the new book. I'm so excited for you to read it. Simon & Schuster's aim is to have it published by the next holiday season in 2014, so we don't have too long to wait.

My husband and I saw Gravity in 3D this weekend. What an incredibly moving and powerful film. I know I'll be rooting for Sandra Bullock for best actress this year at the Oscars. The movie is directed by Mexican film director, Alfonso Cuarón, who also directed one of my favorite films, Y Tu Mamá También. Gravity is masterful and unlike any other film I have ever seen. If you have a chance to catch it in the theater I highly recommend doing this. If you've seen Gravity and leave a comment on the blog about the film, be sure to write SPOILER before your comment so we don't giveaway any details of the film. :)

Thank you for all of your comments, sharing your signature scent journey! I love to hear what perfumes other people wear. I read about many that I now want to try myself!

The Modern Tokyo Times names Lessons from Madame Chic as one of the Top 10 Books on Beauty, Fashion and Grooming

Rayli Magazine in China has featured me and my ten-item wardrobe in their most recent issue. What an honor to be included in such a prestigious fashion magazine. Here is just a partial shot of the article. Thank you Rayli!

I will most likely have an "official" video for you next week. I have wonderful plans and, as always, am inspired by you!

See you soon...

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KBieda said...

Can you give any Palm Springs recs? My family is visiting there in December.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

KBieda- I love the La Quinta resort and spa. It's lovely!

M.Lane said...

Hi! I got an email from Amazon today recommending Lessons From Madame Chic!!!

Of course, I was WAY ahead of them.


P.S. For what it is worth, my signature scent is Chanel Platinum Egoiste.

Debs said...

I'm late, but mine is J'adore. Spraying it on is my favourite part of my morning routine. The scent brings back such happy memories. :-)

Linda Kerr said...

If you check out my fb page you'll see that I am expressing the same sentiments about rushing the season.

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

I'm late as well - I have fallen in love with Chanel No.19. I tried it while I was on vacation and I loved it so much that I insisted on going back to Henri Bendel the next day to buy a bottle before we went home! I've worn it every day since, I just adore it and the dry-down is very nice.

@ KBieda - Hubs and I stayed at Embassy Suites in La Quinta last time, very nice hotel with a Manager's Reception and full breakfast. Lavender Bistro in La Quinta is a lovely place to dine.

Daniella C said...

Gravity was SO good. We saw it in 3D, and it's just unreal! Sandra is wonderful in it, such a great actress, funny or serious! Can't wait to find out more about your new book!

Unknown said...

I agree with you about Gravity. I don't normally like 3D movies, but this is worth seeing in 3D.

Rose said...

Good to see your video Jennifer, how lovely that you could celebrate with your grandmother.

Greenjane72 said...

Not exactly on topic but I wanted to comment on 'looking presentable always'. [BTW do your girls have the book 'The very fairy princess'? My 5yo loves it and, according to the book, fairies always look presentable! Made me smile]. But back to my actual comment... Tuesdays, as I've mentioned, are my house cleaning/tidying/sorting day. I could easily wear any old thing as it's just me and my daughters at home. My husband does the school run that day so I don't even have to go out for that. The 'old' me would've been in 'cleaning' clothes that I'd be horrified for others to see me in(although I've always tried for presentable outside the house). The 'new' me took time to dress neatly but comfortably at the start of the day and do minimal makeup and hair in a chignon. The day progressed uneventfully enough until my 5yo daughter came through crying as my 13mth old daughter had broken her toy mobile phone. I looked at it and realised the tiny battery inside many of these toys was missing and I was very worried my baby had swallowed it. I searched everywhere but couldn't find the battery so I rang the poisons helpline (which was very helpful)and we went off to hospital for an x-ray {sigh}. As it turned out the battery didn't seem to be in her and I now have to keep hunting for it. A warning to everyone with small children!! These batteries are everywhere and are so dangerous if swallowed. Google it. So, thank goodness it was all ok in the end and my point in relation to this blog (and I hope this isn't superficial) was that I was able to dash out of the house for an afternoon dealing with hospital staff, collecting my husband from work, walking back home from the hospital through a busy shopping area, and speaking to other parents at my son's tennis lesson etc all without having to give my outfit/make-up/hair a 2nd thought. As part of the 10-item wardrobe concept, I've also streamlined my bag contents (LV neverful GM) and was pleased at how quickly I was able to grab what I might need for the afternoon to come. So - a ramble but basically I wanted to say thank you as your 10 item/look presentable always concepts have really resonated with me and actually been quite life-changing. P.S. I've always worn Chanel No 5 parfum. I toy with others from time to time but that is my true love :) Jane xx

Marta said...

Hi, I've just dropped in on your blog, as your book is one of the bestsellers in Poland. Watched some of your videos and can definitely agree with your way of thinking about fashion, style and so on. I must say that your blog is really inspiring for me, your philosophy of "look presentable always". Sometimes we tend to forget that with a small effort we can present ourselves in a more beautiful way. I really like your blog! :)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello everyone thank you for weighing in! M. Lane I love that you have a signature scent too! I think it's more common for men to have one scent they are privy to.

Thank you Debs and LR for sharing your sig scent!

Linda- why are we rushing the season? I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing...

Unknown and Daniella- So glad you enjoyed Gravity too

GreenJane I always love hearing from you!

Marta- Thank you for commenting! I love my Polish readers and love that you have embraced Madame Chic so much!


Jomara Carvalho Ribeiro said...

Thank you for the video and post! Always inspiring!
I'm looking forward to watching Gravity.
As for signature scents, mine are mostly L'Occitance Roses and Chloe - only during winter.
Love scents!