NEW Closet Tour + Fall Ten-Item Wardrobe Sneak Peek

Hello Daily Connoisseurs,

I hope you are well and that everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma is safe. What a perilous few weeks this has been!

Because of my travel schedule, I have not had a chance to film my typical ten-item wardrobe fashion show video. I didn't want to leave you hanging, however, so in today's video I'm showing you the closet in our new home and you get to see both new and old pieces for my fall/ winter wardrobe. All of the new items are from zulily.

Those of you who have purchased my ten-item wardrobe eCourse have already seen this video, which was included in the bonus section. Thank you to everyone who has taken the course! The comments have been enabled and there is a wonderful community of ten-item wardrobe devotees there with progress updates, Q&As and discussions. I love it!

Zulily is a really great website that has highly discounted designer clothing. They have new items on sale every day and the items are only there for a limited period of time. While zulily is a wonderful resource for shopping, it can also become addictive. You will have the urge to check it out every day to see what is new! But even though the deals are great and everything looks enticing, try to keep the ten-item wardrobe mindset intact and not over-shop.

Another thing to note about zulily: they do not accept returns. This is how they keep their costs down. Although their website does say to call them if your purchase doesn't work for you and they will come up with a solution.

I will try to shoot a fashion show video at some point, perhaps in Europe, but until then, I hope you enjoy today's video.


Check out my new eCourse on the ten-item wardrobe. With over an hour of never-before-seen video instruction, notes and quizzes, you will be on-track to creating your own ten-item wardrobe. For those of you who already do the ten-item wardrobe, this course will keep you focused and provide further inspiration. It's only $5. Enjoy!

Here's what people are saying about the eCourse:

Sheri S writes, "I totally enjoyed viewing the eCourse!! I'm planning to re-watch it today and get started working on my own closet. I appreciate you compiling these videos and the fact that you made it so affordable to us to participate!! Best wishes on your travels! God bless you all!"

Mejana G writes, "This was such an enjoyable course! Last year I've set a life goal to simplify my life and I came across your YouTube channel. So I've been trying to apply the 10 item wardrobe for two seasons now since reading your books and watching the TED X talk. But this course gave me the direction I needed to to transition from season to season. I was just storing the clothes away without assessing them first. I'm really motivated to hone in my style now and continue in this journey. Thank you Jennifer for all the hard work, fine example & encouragement."

Sheridan J writes, "I am in the process of switching out my 10-item wardrobe for the new season and took this course as a refresher. I've been following Jennifer's advice for well over a year now and I must say that the 10-item wardrobe concept has been a Godsend! Though I may have to buy an item or two each season, once my 10-items and extras are in place, I have a wardrobe comprising only clothes that I enjoy. I always have something to wear. Thank you for the inspiration!"

Thank you, ladies, for your wonderful feedback on the ten-item wardrobe eCourse.

The Art of Education discusses the ten-item wardrobe in their post, Why a capsule wardrobe is the secret to an easy morning routine.

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Comment of the Week
On Facebook, Erin C writes: I discovered your YouTube TedX video this past weekend and then found your website. I have already removed 5 bags of clothes and clutter from my closet and dresser. I've got more to do, but thank you for the inspiration!

Hi Erin, that's what I like to hear! I'm excited for you to switch to the ten-item wardrobe!

Today I would love to know about your ten-item wardrobe progress. What are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Also, have you taken the eCourse? Please share your testimonial!

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Margery Hilburn said...

I hope you will share your shoe and boot selections for fall and winter. 😀

Casey said...

LOVE that closet!!! Have you ever thought about painting the inside of your closet or making it more boutique-like?

Christina said...

Your fall and winter clothes are so beautiful and chic! I just ordered my last two core items and one extra which I think should do it! There was one dress I wanted but my size is now gone but I'm excited about my order and how freeing it feels to be done! Two questions... I have a beautiful black maxi dress that I love with sandals but feel lost on how to transition it to cool weather. What type of boots will you wear with your maxi? I'm wondering if ankle boots will look ok? I feel like my riding boots will be too bulky under it. Also, my biggest trouble with completing a 10 item wardrobe is quickly finding things that I like the fit of. I order and return so much and shopping in a store would be nice but I'm a mom of almost 8 so just don't want to spend free time in a mall. Do you always find what you like right away? I'm sick of the ongoing orders and returns.

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,
Thanks for the video. As I wrote last week, it's always fun to see what you will be wearing. This fall, I am excited to wear a special color palette that I selected for my 10 item wardrobe. My neutral colors will be black and white, and my accent colors will be pink and red (not all at once). These colors won't work for everyone, but I know they'll work for me.
I'm proud that I've only purchased one core item and a few extras for the coming season. The core item is a pencil skirt from Boden, and the extras are a raincoat from J. Peterman, a shawl from Halsbrook (my first Halsbrook purchase), a fun piece of costume jewelry, and a warm nightgown. My ten item wardrobe consists of a pair of black slacks, a pair of blue jeans, two pencil skirts in different colors, an A line skirt, a couple of blouses in my accent colors, a knit dress, a blouse and a knit top in my neutral colors. My extras will be sweaters, cardigans, and coats in my neutral and accent colors and a long-sleeved T-shirt.
I can't wait for the fall weather to arrive. While wondering about containers for my spring-summer clothes, I've decided to pack them into an empty suitcase instead of buying containers. After all, my suitcases are just sitting around, taking up space, not filling any purpose most of the time.
A word to the wise about Zulily: I have gotten into a great deal of shopping trouble with their website more than once. Most recently, when I found myself buying t-shirts for my dogs, I realized I had to stop shopping. Now I only pop in there when I need something specific, such as a leotard for my daughter's ballet class. Proceed with caution!
Thanks again and warm best wishes,

Felecia B said...

I just pulled out all my fall/winter items on Sunday. I am washing them and going through them later this week! I currently just have them stored in a XL L.L. Bean duffle bag, but I need to find a better way to store them!

serenity said...

Dear Jennifer,

I have been following your blog for quite a no of years now. I live in India & I wish you would visit here sometime! I simply love you, watching your videos or reading your books (I have all three on my kindle) is like talking to an old friend! You are so real & the things you talk about in the books/on the blog have simplified & beautified my life SO much! Thank you!! 😊

pneu said...

Loved the empty space in your closet. What you have is easy to see and it's a great reminder that you don't need a walk-in-closetful of clothes to look presentable and enjoy getting dressed.
I'm looking forward to wearing my chambray shirtdress with tights and boots after a summer of sandals and unusually hot weather. As you travel, it would be wonderful to see some of your cool weather outfits and how you make items work in multiple seasons. Fleece-lined tights and tall boots are a winter game-changer with dresses. :)

Safe travels to you and your family!

The Keevy Family said...

I really enjoyed your post, thank you! I was referred to your site by my sis in law. I like your clothing style and I think you'e done very well in selecting your wardrobe! I looked around on Zuilly and I've never ordered from them. I noticed that they do not accept returns. That makes me really nervous, although I really like their stuff and the reasonable prices. Have you had issues with that at all? If I don't buy through them, is there another good place to purchase some tunic dresses like you have in your wardrobe? I like the versatility of them and I think I would wear them with leggings and boots. Thanks!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

This is such a lovely video and thank you for sharing your Daily Connoisseur's life on a budget, which I truly admire.  Your suggestions for tunics, blouses and dresses to wear them with jeans, leggings, tights or nothing, depending on the item, is so helpful.  Love your new Ikea bins with lids and I have the BB&B ones, which are so neutral and pretty in my closet.  I adore your lace-sleeve tee from Zulily as well as the blush blouse.  You and your family are probably abroad now and I can't wait to enjoy more of your videos as they come from the road.  I also look forward to more in-depth discussion on your budget-friendly life and lifestyle, which I can't wait to explore and incorporate.  You are a wonderful inspiration for change, adaptation and living a beautiful life, Jennifer.

Maureen said...
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senorita sofia said...

Hi Jennifer,
Love this post and your Fall wardrobe. I have been scouring Zulily trying to find your tunics. I especially love the one you are wearing in the video. No luck! What brand are they?

Thanks so much.