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What's Your True Style? Interior Designer Aaron B. Duke

When teaching people about the ten-item wardrobe, I am always talking about discovering your true style. As you rid yourself of the clutter in your wardrobe and wear your best on a daily basis, your true style becomes more and more apparent.

Today, I am very pleased to start a new series on the blog called, What's Your True Style? In this series, I will be asking fascinating people to describe their true style. I am pleased to kick off this series by interviewing interior designer, Aaron B. Duke. Aaron is a fan of the Madame Chic books and a believer in cultivating style in all aspects of life.

Rather than discussing fashion, today we will be talking about Aaron's style with relation to interiors.

I was privileged to be able to ask Aaron how he would describe his true style. Here's what he said:

The simple answer is: Modern luxury with a classic and timeless style. Let me expound upon that definition.

Modern luxury: This is completely subjective and can be interpreted by people based on many factors including: location; religion; how they entertain; their values; their priorities; etc.…and has no basis in money. For one person, it might be creating a soothing, calming, and relaxing bedroom retreat – a place to go at night to read a book, watch television, use social media, or have alone time away from their children. Another person’s idea of modern luxury might be a master bathroom decked out with the latest and great plumbing and technology features. It is different for each person, and they can define it however they chose. There is not right or wrong answer.

Classic: This is where art, history, and science intersect. The Fibonacci series and The Golden Ratio date back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It can be seen in architecture, art, and music throughout the centuries, and is considered the way of creating harmony. For me, this is something that I consider everyday. It is selecting furnishings that are in proportion to the scale of the room and to the other pieces in a room. For example, if you have a smaller living room, a large, overstuffed sectional – although comfy – might not be the best option.

Timeless: When I was in design school, someone had donated the complete collection of Architectural Digest Magazines from the 1970’s – 1990’s. I spent a lot of time studying these older publications. What I was always drawn to where the projects that would still be relevant today. They were not filled with the latest trends, but they transcending time. In my opinion, I prefer to provide my clients with a design that is going to be enduring rather than quickly outdated.

Aaron, I would agree that your style is a perfect combination of modern luxury, classic and timeless elements. Your interiors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing some of your portfolio with us!

Aaron B. Duke is an interior designer based in Los Angeles, California. His beautiful and timeless interiors are created with a vocabulary of classicism, textural, predominantly neutral-hued palettes, sophistication and timeless design solutions.

Here is where you can find Aaron:

Website: www.aaronbduke.com
You can sign up for Aaron's bi-monthly emails where you receive a free style guide, design tips, inspiration, our project features, and more. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.

Photo credits Brandon Vogts

I hope this series encourages you to not only find your true style, but define it. Today, I would love to know... which of the above rooms designed by Aaron is your favorite and why?

Thank you, Aaron for being a part of this series!

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karen said...

They are all beautiful! I must learn more about this lovely man. I love the first photo with the rattan chairs by the fireplace....mostly because it looks much like my living room. My house was built in 1913, and I try to stay true to it's history, at the same time injecting a little surprise here and there.

Sandy said...

I like the top two. One is less formal and the other more formal. The thing that attracts me to both are they look timeless. That is super important to me, as I am not trendy. I love a look a look with warmth and collected with things that express the family's loves.

Pj said...

I like the living room with the round mirror over the fireplace. I like that it is light and has a fireplace. It is arranged for visiting and not every flat space is fully covered with decorations. It looks classy and comfortable.