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My Thoughts on Harry & Meghan's Royal Exit + Reader Q&A

I'm answering my reader emails in today's video and discussing the Harry and Meghan royal drama that is playing out in the press.

I receive multiple emails a day through my author contact form. Because I am so busy with family duties, I regret that I am often unable to reply. In today's video, I respond to some of the questions and comments I've received by email: a young wife grapples with an anger issue, a toddler won't let his mama wake up before the family, a cosmetic procedure gone wrong, and a regrettable tattoo are among some of the reader emails I'm sharing today.

I'm also discussing the royal drama of Harry and Meghan stepping down from the royal family. What do you make of this situation? I find it to be confusing and do not know which news sources to trust as I read conflicting accounts everywhere. Let us know your take on it and any of the other reader emails in the comments below.

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On Instagram, Barb writes, "I stumbled upon your Madame Chic series when I was in my “Paris” phase a couple of years ago. Loved everything about your books and through your YouTube videos which are fabulous I learned about Flylady Kat and the whole world of routines and zones etc. Thanks so much for helping me change my way of thinking about my home life and life in general! πŸ€—πŸ’–I have just retired and am so excited about starting a new adventure in a new decade πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘❤️ I have taken up piano lessons too! You never know how you can influence others with your positive attitude and your kind words. Wishing and your family all the best in 2020. Ps also love the Chic Assignments. πŸ˜€"

Thank you, Barb! Congratulations on your retirement. I am so excited for you!

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Grammy said...

It seems as if comments are not allowed on this YouTube post. So hoping that Colleen can see my suggestion to her here.
When I was a preteen girl visiting my sister in Wisconsin, I fel off of her bike as I was riding. I scraped my knees very badly and had lumpy and colorful scars (keloids) on my knees until I was about fifty years old. I began taking serrapeptase for another problem and my keloids melted away. I can still see them, because they are colorful. But the lumps are gone and my skin is smooth again after about 38 years. There is hope for Colleen's face. I just wanted to let her know. Thank you.

AndreaK said...

This comment is related to the first question in the Q&A: Only yesterday I came across a quote from David Riddell:
"When you are angry, you should ask yourself, 'Are my expectations realistic?' before proceeding to put the heat on."
This is such a powerful and helpful concept! I even implemented it before getting frustrated with our new puppy!

Lillian said...

I feel compelled to comment on the question about passing down homemaking because it’s a topic dear to my heart and I have a unique experience with it. Growing up, both of my parents worked. Growing up my sister and I had a nanny whom we adored, we had cleaning service for inside our home, and we had a yard service for outside. These people who provided these services were instrumental in making our lives functional- we still had chores but they helped us carry the rest of the load. My parents still cooked when they came home every night. I can still picture the special meals made on holidays, or the homemade bread my mom baked (a tradition she still carries on). Though this upbringing I still learned to cook, learned to host guests, and clean the house and do laundry, and I am now a competent “working homemaker”. But I am also pursuing a career, and I imagine that down the road if I have success on that path, my family will also need to “outsource” plenty of home-related work. But that doesn’t mean I won’t pass those practices on. I have a lot of respect for people who make homemaking a full time job. And it is a job- that’s why it’s worth money to pay someone to help with it! But I’d hate to see the art of homemaking: the soul of it, to be considered a lost art because the family hires people to help them. In my life that has never been true.

Laura said...

I saw this story about how Meaghan and Kate are treated differently in the press:


It's worth reading and acknowledging that there has indeed been a double standard.

Regarding homemaking, I am a "forced" homemaker. A few years ago I was given a diagnosis the left me unable to work. I had to leave my career and have been a homemaker ever since. Almost three years into it, I can say that I quite like it. While I hope I'll be able to work again someday, taking care of the home and my husband (we don't have children) has been far more enjoyable than I ever imagined.