Ten-Item Wardrobe Fall/Winter 2014

This week I share my fall/ winter ten-item wardrobe with you. I hope you enjoy the video, which is shot runway-style, and set to Schubert's String Trio (op. 100). Next week look for the ten-item wardrobe talk-through where I discuss each wardrobe choice and how I go through my process. If you are unable to see the video above click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur.

* Please note: while many of the ten core items are new purchases, the majority of the clothes featured in this video are more than one year old. I have provided links where applicable. Sometimes I provide links for the brand if the garment itself is unavailable.

4 Dresses:

Ann Taylor Loft emerald jacquard dress
Ann Taylor Loft floral dress in black/ cream
Ann Taylor Loft navy/ red spot dress
Talbots denim shirt dress

3 Blouses:

Equipment blouse in blush silk
Ann Taylor Loft midnight blue floral blouse
Trouve silk chevron blouse

1 pair of jeans and 2 trousers:

J Brand skinny jeans
Ann Taylor Loft fluid ankle pant
Banana Republic sloan fit black trouser


Tee shirts

The white tee is from Michael Stars. The rest of the tees are all Ann Taylor Loft

*Please note: Not all of my sweaters are shown here. I have a navy v neck and black cashmere sweater as well in my extras.

Bloomingdale's cashmere wrap
Old Navy black cardigan
Loft tan wool v neck


Anthropologie black blazer
J Crew sweater blazer


J Crew stadium cloth wool trench coat

*Please note: In this video I do not show you all of my shoes. Just the ones that go well with the outfits in this video. I also have two pairs of boots and a few extra pairs of heels.

London Sole red patent croc pirouette
London Sole black nubuck Henrietta
London Sole leopard red trim pirouette
Ferragamo nude patent heels
Ferragamo black leather sandals
Jimmy Choo low-heeled black pumps

Eveningwear & Special Occasion dresses

DVF purple snake wrap dress
Banana Republic navy dress
Anthropologie wine lace dress
Tory Burch black polka dot dress
BCBG black lace top
LOFT black lace sweater top

Accessories shown in video

Jewell navy faux leather handbag
BCBG fox purse
Jewell grey leopard scarf


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Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
There is a wonderful article in Slate called, Take a One-Way Trip From Tatty to Natty, about dressing well for travel. Here is my favorite quote from the article "The competently dressed individual stands apart as a beacon of civilized life, an island of class amid a swamp of schlumps." Would you like to be a beacon of civilized life? How can you achieve this in the way you present yourself? (Thanks to the many readers who shared this great article with me this week.)

Comment of the Week
On Facebook, Deborah P writes:
I have been working hard to complete my first ten item wardrobe - it is amazing how much I am changing how I think about clothes and personal presentation - as a working married mum of three finding time for myself is hard but I am committed to becoming more chic and leading by example for my daughter .... You are very inspiring and I am 'hearing your voice' in my choices - look forward to seeing your a/w 14 wardrobe on Sunday evening ( I'm in England!)

See you next week for a ten-item wardrobe talk-through!

FTC: All items featured were purchased by me. I have no affiliation with any brand featured except for London Sole, which is our family business.

Music in video: Music: Schubert String Trio op. 100
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  1. I love the TWIRL!!! Great job, Jennifer!

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Love your picks! Very classy with bits of fun. Great post! Thanks again for introducing me to the concept of the curated wardrobe. This is my 3rd season doing it and I love it!!!!}

  3. My heart leapt with joy when I saw that it was the new 10 item wardrobe reveal! Wow, what beautiful choices you've made, particularly the dresses. I'm so envious as in my climate a sleeveless dress can only make an appearance in the Summer.

    I love the Schubert piano trio playing in the background, and your darling dog :)

    I have not yet organised my Spring ten item wardrobe here in the southern hemisphere, due to some big changes I'm making in my garden taking all of my spare time. But, tonight is the night as the days are getting longer and warmer, and I'm not organised.


  4. Was your wardrobe sponsored by Ann Taylor Loft? I've been following your capsules for a while and have only seem the brand appear once or twice and now they seem to be the majority of your pieces!!

    That cashmere wrap looks so cosy and will surely pair well with all of your dresses. This is my favorite of your collections- I think it's the most relatable for a working woman :)

  5. I too was surprised to see so many items from your collection come from "mid-level" mall brands. Personally, those are the brands I shop so I'm happy to see that. It's just surprising because normally you had a lot of Equipment, Rebecca Taylor, etc. The colors are really great- very neutral but not boring.

    I do want to know what do you wear when you take your girls to the playground? My wardrobe straddles between work and mom life. I have a hard time knowing how to make my mom clothes look polished yet be practical.

  6. I was also wondering if you've entered into an arrangement with Loft? Lots of lovely things, although I'll admit I'm not a fan of the sweatpants-looking trousers that are cropping up this year. That cashmere wrap is GORGEOUS!

  7. What inspired your Ten Item Wardrobe for Autumn/Winter this year, Jennifer?
    Last season it was the blues of your lovely painting that got you excited and which resulted in a truly beautiful capsule wardrobe for Spring/Summer that reflected your personal style so well. Just wondered if there was something special this season that helped our muse on her mission?

  8. Jennifer, the tee shirts are particularly attractive to me though I always enjoy your chic classic choices. Thanks for sharing all those, the jacquards are something I haven't seen for a long time but am glad to see again.

    I'd love to know how to tie a scarf as per your last scarf shot.

  9. Love, love, LOVE the cashmere wrap sweater!! I might need one too. What is the sizing like on it...true to size or small/large. Thanks!

    I too would like to know what outfits you wear when you are out and about with the kids. I'm at the skate park all the time with my boys and it is hard to pull that off in much more than jeans and a t-shirt or sweater (:

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  11. Ahh I just read my comment and meant to say that I have NO AFFILIATION with LOFT. Sorry that was a typo. Here is the comment here:

    Thanks for your great comments! I have NO affiliation with LOFT. I found one stop shopping to be more convenient this year. Because I do these videos for the blog I have to purchase my clothes in advance and often in a bit of a rush. If I were a "civilian" :) I would take my time and probably purchase from different brands. I happened to like a lot of clothes from LOFT this year and purchased them. This will be discussed in next week's video in more detail.

  12. Thank you! I'm so inspired. I'm going to try and nail this down this week. I can't wait to not have to over think what I wear every time I go to get dressed. I was wondering, what do you wear for workout gear, what items do you have and what do you recommend. I know this would depend on the activity, but just thought I would pick your brain on this subject! Thank you for all the work you go to get this posted. I certainly love it and feel so inspired.

    Summer :)

  13. Thanks, that was great. I too, (like Sharon) am curious if you had a particular inspiration. Keep those videos coming.

  14. I did notice the number of choices from Loft. Perhaps there is another announcement on the blog to come... to go along with your recent glow? :)

  15. Ok, I don't get it - I really like the idea of a ten-item wardrobe, but don't see how expensive pieces, such as cashmere sweaters, can be classed as 'extras'. It seems like cheating! Could you please explain the rationale behind this? Thanks - Sarah (UK)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hi Jennifer! You look stunning as always. Two questions: some of the core items look very similar, like two of sleeveless Loft dresses and two of the printed blouses. I was wondering why you would pick styles that mimic each other in such a small wardrobe. I can understand the different black pants because one style is more casual. Also, what happens to those lovely dresses from last year, like that gorgeous teal long sleeve dress in many of your videos? If they aren't worn out but you are just "tired" of them, how do you justify not adding them into the capsule wardrobe, especially if they were quite expensive? Can we assume things we don't see here are just in storage to come out another season or gotten rid of? Thanks!!

  18. Hi Jennifer, you look radiant as ever. Thanks for the inspiration and for providing more items at a lower price-point for those of us who log a lot of playground time.

    I know you live in a warmer climate, but I would welcome your picks on looking chic when it's freezing out.


  19. Loft should probably write you a check. :)

    I'm curious about your special occasion dresses. Do you wear them to church, or do you save them for slightly dressier occasions like graduations, weddings, and upscale parties?

    Thank you for the inspiration! I was just getting ready to get out my fall boxes and take inventory.

  20. I realise I'm coming to your site for a moment of peace, quiet and sanity LOL. Love your wardrobe pick! I'd second the request for cold-weather dressing though.
    Also, thought you might like Nordstrom's take on tying scarves - awesome!
    Maggie J

  21. Love this music! It makes me in an Austenian mood! And love the itemes, you must live in a very warm place: this can be my spring wardrobe :) . Tory Burch dress is my favourite.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Yesterday I listened to your podcast interview with Nicole Longstreath and LOVED your comment about being on a tighter budget for Fall, so several of your Fall wardrobe pieces were from LOFT. Although I love quality, designer pieces, I do occasionally find myself needing to watch my spending and I wondered what your go-to brands were for "budget" shopping. LOFT has not impressed me with their collections for several years but I really like their collection this season! I would never have even thought to look at their stuff if not for you. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Thank you for your questions! Many of you have the same questions and they will be address on Sunday's post.

    Sandy Grady- for church I wear dresses from my extras (any of them would work) but also, some of my core items are appropriate as well- Any of the dresses (except for the jean dress) would work and I often wear them.

    Thank you for your comments and check out this week's post for the rest of the answers xxx

  25. I stopped shopping at Loft a few years ago because I thought the quality of the clothing had diminished. Over the summer I stopped in and bought a few casual tops that are still going strong, so I went back in a few weeks ago. I actually tried on some of the dresses you modeled in the video! They look lovely on you but were unfortunately not flattering to me. I did find a great sweater and button-down shirt though!

    I'm not going to repeat the questions other ladies have already posed, but I am really looking forward to your wardrobe talk-through on Sunday!

  26. I don't know if you've seen this, but I thought you would get a kick out of it, if nothing else. http://magazine.good.is/articles/fashion-of-a-certain-age

    I especially like the comment, “good style improves the environment for everybody,”! ;) Anyway, have a good weekend and I can't wait for your next video!

    Thanks again, Summer :)

  27. How did the Wink & Winn bucket bag emerge at the end of summer? What's the overall verdict?