Baby Connoisseur

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Mr. Connoisseur and I are proud to announce the arrival of our baby girl. She decided to make her debut two and a half weeks early and is thriving and doing great. Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages and your support as we enjoy this amazing time in our life.

Jennifer xxx


Sleepwear- Comme les Français

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One morning in Paris as I ventured to the salle de bain in my pajamas, Madame Chic stopped me. The look on her face was one of concern.

“Jennifer,” she said (in French, bien sûr), “Did I do that in the laundry?”

She was referring to the hole in the knee of my sweat pants- my favorite white sweat pants that I wore religiously.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed, eager to ease her mind. “These have had a hole in the knee for ages!”

The look of concern on Madame Chic’s face grew to one of confusion. “Why would you keep them if they have a hole in the knee?” she asked.

I remember looking at her, in her chic kimono style dressing gown- her hair pulled gently back from her face. “That is a very good question,” I said with embarrassment. “I don’t know.”

And the truth was, I didn’t know. Why did I haul my ratty old holey sweatpants all the way from California to Paris (Paris!) to wear as sleepwear? Yes, they were comfortable, but they weren’t that comfortable. I was instantly horrified/ enlightened.

That afternoon I headed straight to Etam and bought some suitable pajamas. (I’ll never forget them. I bought two pairs- a cream colored structured button down pajama set and a pretty orange lace chemise) The white holey sweatpants were thrown in the bin.

From that moment on, I developed a taste for lovely sleepwear...

My favorite brands are Calvin Klein Intimates (they put out beautiful pieces each season) and Intimissimi (I purchase something from their Kings Road shop whenever I am in London).

I used a recent gift certificate to Bloomingdales on this beautiful set of sleepwear by Calvin Klein (pictured above and below). I really enjoy sets because you can mix and match the options. I purchased a chemise, camisole, pant and dressing gown- all black with a plum lace trim. Perfectly understated and the sort of item that I wouldn’t mind anyone seeing me in…

Madame Chic would be so proud…