On this page you can shop my books and eCourses, as well as my favorite things. 

Core Item #1: Kate Kasin plaid skirt This skirt was a budget buy and such a fun find. I like it because it is very lightweight and is working well with the (still) hot Southern California weather.

Extras: Mer-Sea cashmere wrapLilysilk camisole Daily12 for 12% off, Oliver Cabell mules JSCOTT10 for $10 off, Capsul custom block bracelet (available in brass, sterling silver, and 14K gold) JENNIFER15 for 15% off 

Core Item #2: SKYE Dezi dress   Jennifer20 for 20% off This is such a dreamy dress. It would make a great holiday party dress too. 

Extras: SKYE Theodora 18K gold earrings  Jennifer20 for 20% off
Ballet flats: London Sole (no longer available) ballet flats (linking similar)

Core Item #3: J. Jill wrap dress This dress is no longer available so I am linking similar ones from Draper James and and a budget option here. I truly love this neutral dress. In fact, I'm wearing it as I write this blogpost! 

Extras: Mont Kiji Secret Garden scarf code connoisseur for 20% off, ballet flats (linking similar). The scarf was designed by Junhee from Mont Kiji. What a beautiful scarf. I love the rich shade of green. 

Core Item #4 
Plaid dress by Velvet by Graham & Spencer This dress is no longer available on the Velvet website, but I found the exact dress here on Amazon. The tights are by Hipstik JEN15 for 15% off 

Core Item #5 Everlane dress I adore this dress. It's the perfect length and so comfortable... 

Extras: Oliver Cabell Suede Mule  code JSCOTT10 for $10 off 

Core Item #6: Draper James Chambray shift dress  This neutral dress is very easy and fun to style. I look forward to all of the different ways I can wear it this fall. 

Core Items 7 & 8: Lilysilk midnight blue blouse (Daily12 for 12% off) and Mott & Bow jean code JLS10 for 10% off 

My favorite thing about the Mott & Bow jeans is the crop. They work well with so many different shoes and are very flattering. 

Core Items 9 & 10: Lilysilk romantic white blouse (Daily12 for 12% off) and Mott & Bow black jean  JLS10 for 10% off This is my pirate look! Swashbuckling chic! :) 

A closer look at the extras:

Let's have a look at the sweaters, camisoles, and tee shirts...

The Mer-Sea cashmere wrap  and Lilysilk camisole (Daily12 for 12% off) The combination of silk and cashmere is so dreamy and pleasing to the touch. 

The Mer-Sea Lisbon Traveler  My favorite part about this sweater is that it does not cling to the under-arm area. It's roomy and comfortable. 

The Mer-Sea Cashmere Hampton Duster and Mott & Bow Tee shirt code JLS10 for 10% off 

I always have a striped shirt in my wardrobe no matter the season and I enjoy this boxy striped tee from Mott & Bow. The Hampton Duster is very heavy and warm and will serve me well when the weather cools down.

Let's have a look at the shoes featured this season...

The Captain Boot by the Thursday Boot Company is such a classic, high-quality boot. I have them here in muted black and Old English. They are my favorite boots by far. 

The Oliver Cabell driving shoe code JSCOTT10 $10 off You can't beat the look of a classic driving shoe. These pair so well with a slightly cropped jean. 

The Oliver Cabell dream mule code JSCOTT10 for $10 off I love these mules and have been wearing them the most when out and about. They feel like slippers. 

Let's take a look at the jewelry...

Capsul custom block bracelet JENNIFER15 for 15% off (available in brass, sterling silver, and 14K gold)

SKYE Theodora 18K gold earrings  Jennifer20 for 20% off These beautiful earrings look so elegant and Art Deco. The green adds a special touch. 

SKYE Oleana pearl earrings Jennifer20 for 20% off These cheerful earrings look like little Christmas wreaths. They are so festive. 

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Jo said...

Thank you for the helpful links, conveniently organized!
I must comment that I personally found the Chatbooks video quite distasteful. The actual product sounds great, but the video is way too crass, IMHO.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thanks for letting me know, Jo. I have not seen the video. I do have to say that I love the company and product.

Seattle Coffee Girl said...

Jennifer, your redesigned website is gorgeous. I’m really enjoying this Shop page, too. Thank you for all you do, I love your work.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, Seattle Coffee Girl!

Unknown said...

Jennifer - This favorites blogspot page is so easy to navigate through! I ordered the Landsend jeans, and they are fantastic! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Jennifer how do we access your membership videos

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Unknown- thanks for asking about the membership videos. You can learn more about them here And once you join, you receive an email with the new videos. You can also go to the community tab and find all of the older videos. There is also a playlist on the homepage of my YouTube channel with all of the previous videos. Thank you!