Losing the Baby Weight & Breast Cancer Awareness

This has been a heavily requested topic... losing the baby weight.

I have many thoughts on the subject that all fall in line with my general philosophy on life (quelle surprise!).

Of course I am not always good at taking my own advice. Right after having my second baby I felt frustrated almost instantly with the extra weight I had to lose. But these things take time. It's a gradual shift that occurs, that goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and attitude.

Watch my video (which was recorded at the end of a rather long day!) to hear my thoughts and tips on losing the baby weight. If you are unable to see the embedded video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

This week I would love to know... what has been your experience with losing the baby weight?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. My mother-in-law, Jane, is a brave breast cancer survivor. Her inspiring story is a great reminder of the importance of getting regular mammograms as early detection is what saved her. Please don't delay. Schedule your regular mammogram today!

To donate to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research click here.

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SolariC said...

While I haven't had a baby, I am interested in fitness and health, so I thought I might make a comment on something said in the video.

If you live in an area where you can't walk to local stores, due to everything being very far apart, a good compromise is to drive to a central location on a day you need to visit several shops in one area, and then walk between them. It allows you to get exercise and also save a little gas, while not making the walking distances impossible!

Anyway, thank you for the encouraging video! If and when I do have a baby, I'll definitely keep in mind your advice to 'Stay calm!' :)

Amy said...

I just wanted to say thanks - your post finally made me pick up the phone and make a 6 month mammogram appointment that I've been putting off for 8 months now.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

SolariC- great advice! I love to walk to run my errands... I feel so productive getting some exercise in and checking off my to-do list. Thanks for sharing...

Amy- Wonderful! That was exactly my intention. Best wishes to you

Giedre said...

I have lost lots of baby weight and now I am even skinnier than before. First 3 to 4 months I did nothing special, let my body adapt naturaly. After that I started some exercising (every other day), and of course I was breastfeeding... As for my diet, I cut out snacking, and ate only 3 times a day (it's nothing new to you I guess, you wrote about it :) And I've tried to incorporate into my diet as many vegetables as possible. However, I didn't starve - I ate 3 meals with starter, main course and dessert!!! For starter I'd have mainly soups (I've tried every possible vegetable soup), then I had a small portion of main course (I didn't need much cause I was filled enough with starter). Sometimes for main course I had salads - with tuna or smoked salmon or beans, but that was not a rule. And I ate desserts :) I didn't refuse any cake or anything delicious when we've had guests to come over (I adore cooking and home-made cakes), or when we've been visiting our friends (usually on weekends), but on a daily basis I've had some fruit desserts, or just a simple fruit (like sliced pear). I've discovered my favourite dessert ever - baked apples or pears with cinnamon, splash of Amaretto and a scoup of ice cream, yummy... So that is it. Sometimes when I felt like running out of ideas, just took a look at menu samples from Mirelle Guilliano book "Why french women don't get fat". And I lost my baby weight all the french way - I ate bread, I ate potatoes, and rice, and I ate sweets! Hope that was helpful!

All the best, Jennifer!
I'm counting days to the 6th of November, and can't wait to get your e-book :)