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Keep Classical Music Alive

I listen to it while making breakfast in the morning, and while cleaning the kitchen at night...

I listen to it when I drive...

I listen to it when I write...

And it's on in the background when I read...

Classical music is such an integral part of my day. It's my favorite genre of music. I grew up listening to it in my parents' home and it has remained with me ever since.

Classical KUSC is such an amazing resource. It is a listener supported classical music station— one of the last of its kind.

They are 91.5 fm for those of us in Los Angeles. Or you can listen to them anytime, from anywhere in the world, on their website: www.kusc.org

I am told that they are on iHeart radio as well (Thank you reader Janu Tornell for this information!)

You can listen to KUSC anytime for free, but if you feel as passionate about keeping classical music on the radio as much as I do, please consider donating to them and becoming a member. No donation is too small!

Watch my embedded video to learn more about Classical KUSC, their special broadcasts, and their lovely newsletters. If you are unable to watch the embedded video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur.

To learn more, visit www.kusc.org, or click here.

To donate to Classical KUSC click here.

P.S. My favorite composer is Chopin... who is yours?

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helen tilston said...

Thank you for the link to KUSC - Like you I listen to classical music.

Having just returned from Ireland I have been listening to their station, which can be obtained on computer
www. RTE - LyricFM
It is youthful, current and the DJ's have wonderful rich voices

I will be listening to KUSC also

Many thanks


Lacey R said...

I agree - classical music is so important. I grew up with it too, not only did I learn about music through my piano/voice lessons but my Dad listened to classical music on the radio at night, there used to be a great program on years ago called "That Time of the Night" on CBC. The host played the best music!

Another way I learned classical music growing up was, oddly enough, watching figure skating! I LOVED watching figure skating in the 1980s/1990s and I would always try to look up the music to what the skaters skated to. After watching ice dancers skate to Valse Triste by Sibelius, I found the sheet music and announced to my piano teacher that I wanted to learn it. (and I did!) I searched for years for an orchestral version to Toccata & Fugue in D minor (glorious) that Klimova & Ponomarenko skated to, and of course Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven will forever be associated with the incomparable Gordeeva & Grinkov from the 1994 Olympics.

I give listening exercises to my piano students now as part of their theory, it helps them point out dynamics, changes of tempo, staccatos, etc.

Great post! Oh and my favorite composers would have to be Chopin, Bach and Debussy.

Clare Wilson said...

Hooray for classical music fans! I listen to popular music of various kinds as well, but classical is my first love. I'll investigate the website link you posted.

As for my favorite composers: they are Beethoven, Dvorak and Verdi.

Unknown said...

I also have been a life long fan of classical music although neither one of my parents ever listened to any kind of music. In my teens, my favorite was Tchaikovsky, then it was Bach and Debussy in my early 20's. While I was raising my children in my 30's and 40's, I found Mozart to have just the right almost mathematical quality that I needed then. I played all sorts of composers for my children, and they were also music lovers while they lived with me. These days (in my 60's), I find myself enjoying all my old favorites as well as Beethoven and Chopin among others, but I lean again to the Russians with Rachmaninov. My life is quiet and routine now, and the passion speaks to me again as it did when I was a teenager. Here in NC, I have found only two NPR classical radio stations. They are WCPE in Raleigh, and WDAV in Charlotte. They also depend heavily on listener support as your station does.

Anonymous said...

I listen to classical music when I need to concentrate at work or when I'm reading at home. I usually listen on Pandora. =)

I played lots of instruments when I was younger -- mainly the oboe and English horn -- so I've always had an appreciation for classical music and composers. I spent two weeks at music camp for two summers in a row back in high school.

My favorites to listen to are Debussy and Verdi. My favorite oboe concertos and sonatas to play were by Cimarosa and Telemann. My favorites to play with an orchestra were Handel and Haydn.

Thanks for this post. It brought back lots of great memories when I tried to think of my favorite composers. =)

I checked to see if I could find KUSC on TuneIn Radio, and it's there! Listening now on my iPhone.


Maureen said...

I also enjoy classical music and feel very lucky that it is played all day in the office where I work. My favorite composer is Franz Josef Schubert, but Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Debussy are top picks of mine as well!

CashmereLibrarian said...

I love KUSC...fortunately, we have a decent Classical public radio where I live, but I still listen to KUSC often over ROKU!

CashmereLibrarian said...

BTW, I love your necklace! Tiffany?

Christine said...

Love listening to WHYY in the Philadelphia area! As with you, I listen on both commutes to/from work and just when driving around in my car. Classical music is very soothing and cathartic.

Claire said...

I love supporting listener-based radio stations! Yes, we listen to classical music all the time as well. My favorite composer is Mozart, and my son, who is just 14 months old, is decidedly partial to Bach and other Baroque composers. He'd particularly enjoy this piece: Le Coucou by Louis Claude Daquin. He'd sway his whole body to the tune of this music.


Our version at home is played on Harpsichord which produces a more authentic sound.


Holly Jo said...

I listen to KUSC while I'm stuck in Orange County traffic. I drive about an hour each way, sometimes two, in my commute, and it's very therapeutic to listen to. It kind of slows down your fight-or-flight instinct while on the freeway and makes me realize that the guy who cut me off a mile ago isn't that big of a deal. I also like the station when I'm studying, it helps le concentrate.

Dee J said...

This video is a great reminder to revive classical in my life (although I've been on a world music kick for the past several years, so at least I'm not a total slacker!) My parents + grandparents played classical for us, plus I used to usher at Garden State Philharmonic concerts as a teen (free admission), and in my early 20's my friends + I used to go to the NY Philharmonic concerts on the Westchester Community College lawn, which was awesome. I don't have a fave composer-- my only preference when it comes to classical is to see it live.
Thanks again for this post!

J. said...

Great, I find so few people appreciate classical music these days, so it's nice to see there are quite a few who do, after all. (at least judging by the comments here)

My all time favorite is Tchaikovsky.