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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

My favorite movie of all time is Amelie or as it is known in France, Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain. I have been smitten with this movie from the day I saw it in a Paris Cinema over seven years ago. Now, I am definitely a film buff and have many favorites, but no film has ever moved me as Amelie has. Maybe it's because I relate to her so much... who knows?

One of my favorite aspects of the movie is how the narrator introduces each character by listing the small pleasures that they love in life.

For example, Amelie enjoys: plunging her hands into a sack of grain at the market, skipping stones across St. Martin's Canal, and cracking the top of a creme brulee with a spoon...

It is, after all, the small things that are so telling about a person, n'est pas?

So, in the spirit of Amelie, here are a few of my favorite small pleasures in life:

- At night, getting in to a well-made bed. There is something so luxurious about clean sheets, perfectly orchestrated with the duvet, blankets and pillows... ahhh...

- Walking my dog at twilight. This is my favorite time of day... I love looking at people's living rooms all lit up and seeing the way they live... (in a non-creepy way, of course).

- Having a coca-cola with sushi. I generally avoid the stuff (coke, not sushi) and generally consider it poisonous, but for some reason LOVE to have it with my sashimi and spider rolls...

- Laughter. You've all seen the carrot, and now, another picture that will hopefully make you smile...

The list could go on forever...

I would love to know the small things in life that bring you pleasure...

Image of Amelie poster, courtesy of: www.wickimedia.com

Image of Amelie with spoon, courtesy of: www.guardian.co.uk

Image of cute baby monkey from: www.cuteoverload.com


ScentScelf said...

Oh, I love to stop and think about things like this.

- A cat curled on me
- The dog raising his brow quizzically
- That moment when you first raise the teacup and are about to take a sip
- The smell of woodsmoke when I am going for a walk
- Flannel sheets
- a pile of pens to choose from when I write...finding JUST the right one for that moment/type of paper: fabulous
- a shared glance
- sunshine on the water (oh, lordy, am I having a John Denver moment?)

Okay, 'nuff for now. I stuck with the joy of flannel sheets in the winter, but I am SO entirely with you on the well-made bed thing. Dear Spouse does not get it at all, but fortunately, will indulge.

Rose said...

Amelie is just indesribably wonderful isn't it, but to see it in Paris would have been the topping on the creme brulee!

Great post!

Small pleasures:

Getting into bed in the afternoon

Nuzzling noses, particularly with a love but also with dogs/ cats/ horses and other cute creatures!

Laughing so hard I fall off my chair (this happened yesterday)

Popping champagne corks!

Wrapping presents

Guessing what perfumes strangers wear on trains/ in cafes/ waiting rooms etc

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Scentscelf- loved reading your list... and I happen to share a lot of them with you- except for the woodsmoke smell while going for a walk- we don't get a lot of that in Santa Monica :)

I especially love the first sip of tea...

My husband is indifferent to a well made bed as well... but he's slowly converting...

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Rose- your list is fabulous! I have this fantastic Amelie-esque image of you leaning in to a stranger on a train to try and guess their scent...

I am assuming the tea cozy is what made you fall out of your chair :)

Rose said...

I'm glad you did Daily! it's a really fun post.

I fell off my chair laughing at an impression of someone. Although if I had been on my chair when I had seen the tea cosy that might have done it too!

Divina said...

Thank you for such a fun post dear! So lovely to read your own and readers' little pleasures!

In no particular order:

* Sniffing perfume when I am sad.. instant mood lift, so therapeutic
* Having my hair caressed (dbf & I call it grooming, LOL!)
* Sunny days
* Seeing others being happy and excited.. it puts a spring in my step!
* The variety at a well-stocked deli
* That feeling I have right after I leave the hair salon!
* Playing with animals... although that cannot possibly be a small pleasure... it is a huge pleasure! Makes my heart swoop!

Primrose said...

Yes, I love Amelie as well. She's so quirky, eccentric and kind. You've made me feel like watching it all over again.
Some of my simple pleasures:
listening to rain fall on the roof, eating my boiled egg with a toast soldier, visiting a library, listening to my friends who have French accents, my hair being blow-waved, the smell of aromatherapy oils, having a long soak in a bath and then putting on a fresh nightgown, the first mango of summer, eating fresh rasberries from the punnet, eating peas from the garden. My daughter's smile when she first wakes up and sees me. Tutu, ballet slippers and everything connected with ballet. Watching clouds and making shapes from them. The smell of new shoes in their box. There are numerous more, my life is filled with simple joys x

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Divina- your list is fab! I am loving hearing about other people's little pleasures...

A well stocked deli! I love it!

There is also a very informative article on www.cnn.com today about happiness- it says you are more likely to become happy if you are around happy people...

So now there is scientific evidence behind why you get a spring in your step when around cheerful people!

Have a great day...

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Primrose- I can tell by your list that you are someone who can find pleasure in all aspects of life- what a fantastic and healthy attitude!

I love French accents too- There is something so alluring, chic and cooing about them, isn't there?

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Love, love, love this post - Amélie poulain was just beyond words..!
In no particular order:
- the first wake-up cuddle by the girls first thing in the morning...
- early morning birdsong
- clean crisp linen sheets
- the aroma of fresh ground coffee
- the aroma of fresh bread from the oven
- sunrises/sunsets
- husband's voice over the phone from the other side of the globe
- the smell of my daughter's teddy
- the sound of my daughters' chuckles
- the aroma of fresh roses/lavender
- the taste of a sunripe mango
- the aroma of fresh garlic/the best red wine/excellent olive oil...
I could go on forever but I'll save some for another time..!
Hope you have a great w/end..:)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Here, There- I absolutely love your list - so full of passion...

I'm noticing that most people's pleasures directly involve the five senses- the aroma of fresh coffee- the sounds of your children laughing...

It's all so beautiful!

lady jicky said...

Amelie is one of my most favourite movies too for it is the word "charming " put on film.

Small pleasures -
spraying on a great scent and that topnote blast.

Seeing my roses in my garden bloom.

When I am a touch depressed I love to go to department stores and look at their china!

A glass of kir or a kir Royale.

Finding a wonderful book in my price range on Paris that I have not seen before.

My two dogs snoring in their beds.

My grandson when he does his wide smile.

vicki archer said...

Lovely post, lovely movie and lovely pics.
Favourite thing - curling up on a Sunday afternoon with all my family around me, fire blazing and a good movie on the TV, bliss. xv
(also very unsexy but... cosy pyjamas!)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Lady Jicky- Great list! I love a Kir or a Kir Royal- they are my favorite aperatif and instantly remind me of Paris...

I am so envious that you have a rose garden... that is one of my life dreams...

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Vicki- lol! I think we all have that pair of pyjamas that are oh so comfortable but rather unfortunate in the sexy department :)

Thanks for sharing!

Juliana said...

Lovely Lovely Post!!! My List:
-Watching cream swirl up through the coffee.
-My ridiculously soft new slippers.
-Wearing a long, flowy skirt on windy days.
-Licking the center of a Godiva vanilla truffle.
-When my husband holds out his hand for me to grasp.
-My dad's roaring laughter.
-The feel of a hug from my mom.
-Listening to food sizzle.
-My dad's elaborate wine tasting ceremony.
-Reading when it's raining outside.

Thanks for the inspiration!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Jules- I LOVE your list... you and I are on the same page with these types of things. So many of my small pleasure involved food, scent and laughter too... for some reason crepes come to mind. I know you share that sentiment! :)