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Packing Notes

On my last day in London I am able to reflect on what a great holiday I have had. The weather is beautiful here now but even when it wasn’t I was able to appreciate this wonderful city. As Alexander McCall Smith suggests, one must have the ‘right attitude to rain’ in order to live and visit the United Kingdom.

Packing wise- this trip was a semi-success. I made some mistakes, wished I’d brought a few things I hadn’t and didn’t use everything I brought. I think the next time I travel my packing skills will be on par with that of a well-oiled machine- a well-deserved product of trial and error.

This trip was tricky as I spent the first week in a very hot location (Portugal) and the next two weeks in a slightly chilly location that turned hot (London). Below I will list the items that I brought with me that I used over and over again and which proved invaluable:

-Dark fitted blazer (great for the plane and pairing with jeans for a casual dinner)

-A cashmere cardigan

-Three pairs of jeans: one tailored for heels, one tailored for flats and my black skinny jeans.

-Four tops that I love that I was able to pair with blazer or cardigan for chilly days.

-Two or Three layering tanks (mine are all from Michael Stars)

-Two bathing suits (they don’t take up much room do they?)

-One cover-up for the beach (mine was a little boring this year- next time I’m going for a bright Pucci-inspired one… might as well make a statement, no?)

-Two dresses for eveningwear and special events. This trip I found myself having tea at Claridge’s and lunch at Wentworth Golf Club. Both of the dresses I brought were black (so boring!) Next time I will bring more appropriate colors for spring.

-Black pashmina for the really chilly days and nights.

-Two pairs of ballet flats by London Sole, one pair of heels(Ferragamo are the most comfortable), and one pair of gold sandals.

There you have it… my packing notes for an early spring foray through Europe.

I would love to know how you pack for your spring holidays…


Unknown said...

Wish I could say I am doing some traveling but instead i work on school...sigh.

Dining on Deals said...

Sigh...you're so stylish! I don't even own half those things:)

Rose said...

you sound like you have a perfect capsule wardrobe going on there! hope you've enjoyed your trip and I hope the weather was good when you went out to Wentworth so you could see it as it's best!

vicki archer said...

Glad you liked London and could manage the weather. When I pack I look at my bag when it is finished and then remove an extra three things - i always take way too much, xv.

CashmereLibrarian said...

Glad you're back! Thank you for the packing tips; I will try this out!

I'm curious as to what kind of Ferragamos you took? The basic pumps or sandals?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Jena- hopefully school is almost finished! If so I hope you get to travel somewhere soon!

Dining on Deals- now I know what to get you for xmas!

Rose- Wentworth was absolutely beautiful- the sun was shining but there was a slight breeze. Sunday lunch there is the best...

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Vicki- removing an extra three things is such a great idea... in my case I should make that an extra 10 :)

Cashmere- The Ferragamos I brought were the black strappy sandal ones. Such well made shoes... not very sexy (as my husband sometimes reminds me) but such craftsmanship!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

I love your style and organization - I ALWAYS take too much "just in case"..!
Glad all went well :)

Rose said...

Hello! I have given you an award on my blog- come and have a look