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The Lost Symbol- a Review

I would love to claim that I am the type of person to only read important literature- rich in philosophical and heart wrenching prose- (and I do read those books every now and then) but sometimes there is something very satisfying about reading a good old fashioned guilty pleasure...

Dan Brown, bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, has recently released his latest book, The Lost Symbol. As in Da Vinci Code and Demons, The Lost Symbol follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon through yet another intricate thriller- rich with history, symbology, twists and turns.

This time Langdon finds himself in Washington D.C. at the mercy of a maniacal lunatic that wants the answers to some of the world’s most ancient mysteries- ironically stored in our relatively new capitol.

Dan Brown is really a master of the page turner, and while this formula is nothing new for him, the familiarity of his prose is well received like a comfortable pair of old slippers. I like the pace of Brown's writing- the short chapters (that leave you thinking at 2am… well, go on then, I’ll just read one more chapter…) and the wealth of knowledge incurred from these interesting little books.

This book is rich with information on secret societies and symbols but my favorite aspect involved the delving into of Noetic Science, or science that measures the power of the human mind. I am a great believer in the power of thinking and manifestation. It is a topic that has always interested me as it touches on both mysticism and realism. How on earth Dan Brown can make an obscure mental science both interesting and suspenseful is a mystery to me. But does it, he does.

This book does not have any exotic European locals like its two predecessors and is therefore not as glamorous but I found it to be equally thrilling and informative. If you liked any of Dan Brown's previous books, you might like this one as well... I recommend it.


Anonymous said...

I read "The Da Vinci Code" and loved it! Such a great book. I wasn't sure about reading this one, but maybe I should. Next week I'm getting "Angels & Demons" from netflix.

Rebecca said...

I will definitely be getting this one. I've read such mixed reviews, but I'm interested in the themes. I love anything and everything (judging from my bookcases and dvd case) that has to do with manifesting, law of attraction and the power of the mind.

BTW, I received my prize! That was very quick. The creams are wonderful. The scent is divine, to say the least! Again, what a fun, great giveaway and thank you so much. :)

BigLittleWolf said...

I just couldn't get into his stuff. Tried once (maybe I should've tried again, but, NOT) - there are so many other things I'd rather read, and want to read, stacked and waiting... Maybe it's just the rebel in me. Or my older son's review of his book, provided to me a few years back, with a discerning eye, ear, and style of his own.

tina said...

angels and demons was a great book, da vinci code looked like its little brother and every other book was just bad. i mean, i like "easy" books to read but dan brown is just stealing from himslef and i hate it. his books have the same concept and i just can't read him anymore. shame.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Michael- If you liked The Da Vinci Code you'll probably like this. It is written in the same 'formula' and is really informative. Yes it is definitely a commercial pick but it makes for a good guilty pleasure :)

Rebecca- You and I have similar interests! Then you will definitely like this one... I'm so glad you like your prize- enjoy!

BigLittleWolf- It is not for everyone. Dan Brown is definitely not Proust :) But if you like a good commercial page turner every now and then, this is a great read! xo

Tina- You're right about Dan Brown stealing from himself. This book is written in the same 'formula' as the other two Langdon books. I suppose I am a creature of habit and when I like a series I like it as it is (So many of Agatha Christie's plots were similar). This is definitely not a profound work but it was fun to read :) xo

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

So funny, it just happened again. The other day you were talking about "La Mome" as one of your favorite films and it was on TV at that very moment.

Tonight Dan Brown was interviewed by French TV by the station's correspondent in the States.

See, you just keep getting drawn back in these telepathic ways.

BTW, thank you. I'm honored.


Perfumeshrine said...

Oh, don't feel bad (j/k). Pulp and low-brow prose is good for the soul too. Not to mention one absolutely needs something to leaf through in that room where the king goes alone. ;-)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Tish- that is too funny! I should go play the lottery ;)

Helg- LOL! I could not have said it better myself! xoxo

Rose said...

I was totally obsessed with the Da Vinci code and have read the other books but for some reason I haven't picked this up yet- possibly because I know I will read it in one sitting and need to reserve 5 hours!!

Tine said...

I have read all three of the books and although I liked European themes and settings of the first two books, I found the Lost Symbol to be more thrilling. I really couldn't put the book down as I felt like Langdon was in more danger than in any of the other stories!