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A Beautiful Blue Death- A Review

Some of you might be shocked to see I am reviewing a mystery that is not by Alexander McCall Smith. Yes, I do read books by other authors- it’s just that when I find an author I like I am a devoted fan, usually for life. Which is why I am so thrilled that I read the debut novel by Charles Finch entitled, A Beautiful Blue Death.

A Beautiful Blue Death takes place in Victorian England (plus number one) and follows amateur detective and highbrow gentleman extraordinaire Charles Lenox as he tries to solve the murder of a local servant named Prudence Smith. Lenox was put on to the case by his beautiful young widow neighbor, Lady Jane Grey, who used to employ Smith.

Lenox, whose favorite past time is sitting in front of his fire with a cup of tea, a pipe and a good book, wholeheartedly goes in to solve the case, which leads him through the upper echelons of London society (where he fits in quite nicely) to the dark underbelly of Victorian England’s crime ridden streets (where he fits in… not so much).

A cast of delightful, suspicious supporting characters, a valiant butler and a double murder round out this very impressive debut novel and has subsequently left me longing for more. Luckily this is the first in a series and I am actively seeking out Finch’s second book The September Society after I post this.

A Beautiful Blue Death
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Anonymous said...

A a lover of the well-mannered detectives, Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot as well as being a mutual fan of "Gosford Park" (on my top ten of the decade as well) this sounds right up my alley! Putting it on my library list today!

Michael Rivers said...

I'm always looking for new writers. This sounds interesting/fun. I'm almost finished with a few series that I read, so this could be a new one to start!

Nadia said...

Thanks for the book review! I've added it to my wish list =)

The Coastal Chicster said...

thanks for the review! added to my shelfari. :)

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

This book sounds like something I would enjoy. I love both the title and cover as well! A great cover design. I also love your new profile pic Jennifer. The previous one was also lovely but it's good to have a change. xx

Paris Poodle said...

This sounds interesting! Will keep my eyes peeled - got a trip planned for March so the Poodle is on the look out for some good reads to get stuck into on the sunlounger! xxx