*Repost* The Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris- #2 Quality Above All

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Living with Famille Chic completely changed my mindset of living and leading a quality life. Quality with regards to tangible things like clothing, furniture and food, as well as quality of the intangible- quality of thoughts, of feelings, of intellect. So many things about the French lifestyle promotes quality.

Madame Chic and her family were great role models for this. Their clothes were quality, their appearances were quality, their home was quality, their food was quality, their discussions were quality, the time they spent together was quality time… they really lived fully realized lives.

It could have been their aristocratic state of mind but they believed they deserved to live well and they did indeed do just that. They were so comfortable in their skin- so genuinely content with their lives. Their living well had nothing to do with money and everything to do with attitude and discernment.

It was in Paris, really, where I became a daily connoisseur. If a connoisseur by definition is an expert able to appreciate a field (such as fine art, for example) then a daily connoisseur is someone who appreciates every aspect of daily life. Someone who seeks out the highest quality in whatever tickles their fancy.

Seeking out nothing but quality in your life is not about being snobby or pretentious- it’s about being selective and discerning, realizing that life is short and why not fill it with the best things and experiences you can manage.

Once you commit to living a life of quality, your discernment will infuse into every aspect of your life. You will be more selective of the foods you choose to eat, the fabrics of the clothes that you wear, the way you choose to spend your time

You are less likely to binge on fast food or snacks- to hastily purchase an inferior article of clothing just because it was on sale- or sit for hours in front of the TV while your life slips away…


You will start to cherish the space around you and are less likely to litter it with clutter.

You begin to reevaluate your relationships and only give your time and energy to the people most important to you.

You begin to respect yourself and trust your instincts by not overextending yourself- (You will become comfortable with saying no. Saying no is perfectly OK!)

You will speak with purpose and allow the words that come out of your mouth to be quality words. Your thoughts, quality thoughts and actions, quality actions.

And in turn, become the daily connoisseur of your own life…

I’m not sure whether Famille Chic was aware of their commitment to a life of quality- as far as they were concerned that was just their life and they knew no different. But I am very grateful for my observations on the subject and I’ve committed myself (and it is an ongoing process) to cherish quality above all...

I would love to know… what does a life of quality mean to you?

Won’t you stay tuned for #1?

A typical Parisian farmer’s market is pictured above where quality items abound…

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Pug1 said...

Wow, I need to become a connoisseur of all the above. How convicting!!! CHEERS! Michele

Anonymous said...

Hi I alays LOVE your posts
I lived in Paris for over 2 years and its my fix !! Thankyou so much Fay xx

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Michele- You can and will- we will work on it everyday together :) xx

Fay- Thank you! How wonderful you lived in Paris for over 2 years... we are both lucky indeed xx

Fiona Ferris said...

Love this. You write so well. Being reminded that quality is not just merchandise, but the way we eat, speak and spend our time. Wonderful. Merci!

Rose said...

I like to buy quality but sometimes it can be very tempting to get cheaper things- and they always prove you to have been silly (well perhaps not always, but often).

I am excited about hearing what is the number 1 lesson learnt in Paris