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The Daily Connoisseur on YouTube and Love Quotes Scarf Giveaway

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you wonderful readers of The Daily Connoisseur by doing a giveaway of a brand new, very chic Love Quotes scarf (pictured above). I will get to the giveaway in a moment, but first...

I am very happy to announce that The Daily Connoisseur is now on YouTube! This YouTube channel will act as a supplement to my blog. In my inaugural video I show you how I wear my own favorite red scarf.

To see the video click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit:


I hope you will enjoy the videos on the new channel. Upcoming videos for the next few weeks include: what to wear to the theatre, my favorite etiquette books and skincare and makeup reviews. If you enjoy the videos I hope you will subscribe and, as always, if you have any requests, please let me know... I will do my best to honor them. (As a side note, if you have made any requests for the blog and I have not addressed them yet, I will at a future date... thank you for your patience!)

And now back to the giveaway!

As you know I love to blog about the French lifestyle and in France scarves are a must have accessory. Love Quotes scarves, made out of high quality Italian linen, are my favorite because they are generous and luxurious in fabric- allowing you to wear them several different ways for a dramatic look. Also Love Quotes is a great company because they donate 10% of all of their profits to international children’s charities.

I am giving this scarf away (an $89 value!) to one of my dedicated readers. To be eligible to win you must either be a follower, email subscriber, kindle subscriber or YouTube subscriber of The Daily Connoisseur. Please leave me a comment on this post (www.dailyconnoisseur.com) telling me your name and which of the above ways you follow the blog. Then briefly tell me which topic you most enjoy reading about on The Daily Connoisseur.

** Please note I am enabling the ability to leave comments as an anonymous user so you do not need a blogger account to enter. If you leave an anonymous comment, don't forget to tell me your name in case you win!

I will announce the winner of the giveaway next Thursday…

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my video…

Bonne Chance!

Jennifer xx


Ms. Curieuse said...

Love the new video! Tres, tres, tres chic. I can't wait to see the upcoming ones. I live near the Getty Villa, and - as a follower of your blog - have fun recognizing the pieces you include in your posts. Can't get enough of the de-cluttering series! The scarf is lovely, too, of course.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I follow and have done so for quite some time...
I love giveaways!
And I love scarves!

The French life themed posts are my favourites...
they inspire me as I have never been to France.

I am impressed that you are using so many different tech tools...You Tube is such a great place to find anything...

Hows your baby doing ?


Karena said...

I am your newest subscriber and adore your site! The red scarf is fabulous!!

Off to watch the video....

Art by Karena

Come and enter my Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!

Laura Gail said...

I follow through google. Love the scarf and my favorite thing you have written about since I've been following was the 10 item wardrobe. It completely revolutionized my life and my closet. I sold almost everything in my closet at a consignment shop and then started over with a just a few basics (none of it fit anyway since I had the baby). Shopping is forever different for me now because I now know exactly what I have and that I don't need another sleeveless cream blouse because I already have one hanging in my closet that I can actually see and put my hands on in a second. :) Also, I'm only buying things that I love and will mix and match with all my other items hanging in my closet. Thanks!

Jess said...

Bonjour Mrs. Connoisseur!
I'm a follower, and my favorite entries are the ones about your travels in France. You really seemed to pick up on the subtle cultural nuances that distinguish French culture from American culture, and then you write about it so passionately and eloquently. I love all your entries. The one about the red lips is totally true, I wear red lipstick every once in a while and I recognized many of your tips as things that actually work. I'd love to be entered for the giveaway, and I will definitely keep an eye out for this line of scarves, based on your recommendation!

Gayle said...

Hi; I'm an email subscriber, and I LOVE your posts about Famille Chic. They are so different from the typical American "moneyed" family, and I applaud their lifestyle choices. Thank you for inspiring me!

Allyson said...

I follow via Google Reader. I really relate to the idea of living each day to the fullest, taking pleasure and pride in all aspects of your life and doing it with intention and style. The de-cluttering series is inspirational and aspirational!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We are very new Followers so do not in any way consider ourselves eligible for the 'Giveaway'.

That said, congratulations on the video link which we shall, from now onwards, use as a prompt before going out with a scarf. We loved the final piece of film where you looked so very mysterious.

Lacey R said...

I've been following your blog for awhile! I enjoy your style of writing and I love the stories about your time in France, especially stories about Famille Chic and Madame Bohemienne. I have cousins who live in France and I have visited them there, so some of your stories remind me of them. My cousin Genevieve sounds like Madame Chic (or Traditionelle). :)

I was telling my sister about your first experience with a "breakfast bowl" - she had the same reaction you did when she was first presented with a breakfast bowl full of tea! lol

I also enjoy your posts about makeup, beauty and wardrobe as well as movie/book recommendations and decluttering. I've found your posts very helpful.

I'm not sure if I would be eligible for the giveaway as I am in Canada, but I do love scarves! :) They are the easiest accessory besides a necklace. I wore one almost everyday throughout the winter.

Looking forward to your youtube posts and the completion of your book(s)!

Kamani said...

This is Kamani.I'm so excited you're on YouTube now! I follow the blog and now YouTube. I love when you talk about the way the French live their daily lives and how to incorporate it into our lives.
Thanks for doing the giveaway.

CashmereLibrarian said...

Jennifer, you have such an amazing voice! Can't wait to see more videos!

I've subscribed via email; I am (of course!) chezlavie@gmail.com.

Julia said...

I follow you through blogger! What a lovely scarf!

I enjoy the beauty and household management posts the best!


Annie said...

So excited to start watching your youtube videos. I love your blog.

I'm a google follower and living better because of it :)

Cokie said...

I follow you with email and will be watching the video as soon as I'm home. I enjoy your posts on taming clutter and any reminise's of life in Paris and Famile Chic.

Please enter me in the scarf give away!

Hugs, Cokie (2manyhummers)

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog and love to read of your time spent in Paris! It inspires me in my quest to save up for my dream vacation - to Paris, of course! Love it all actually, and check every day for a new post "just in case!"

Michelle said...

I've read your blog via rss for some time now and I'm excited you'll be doing videos too! I really love your descriptions of your time in France and the comparisons and contrasts with our American culture. Living in France has always been a dream of mine and I get to live vicariously through your blog for now!

(I follow via rss, GFC and on YT. Opiatessence is my name there.)

Merveilleux said...

Oh how great! I can't wait to watch your videos.
I follow you here using my Google Reader and through my blog and also just subscribed to your YouTube channel.
I loved your Living in Paris series along with your etiquette posts (we need more!) and living simply.. I miss your French neighbor because I enjoyed the posts about her too. :)


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I've enjoyed your blog for quite a while. It's time to de-lurk and tell you how you bring a breath of fresh air straight from Paris! Your awareness and joie de vivre are rare in one so young. BTW, I'm called Swissy. So scarf or no scarf, I'm glad to say thank you.

the gardener's cottage said...

darling! you are so freaking cute! i've been following for awhile now. hard to say what posts i like the best, hmmmm. i like them all.


Becky said...

I have followed your blog for quite some time, and I have enjoyed all of your posts. I have completely revamped my wardrobe because of your posts, so I am grateful the time you take to blog each week. Your YouTube video was really cute!

Anonymous said...

Have been a follower of your blog and now subscribe to your video blog!

I love the style pieces!

Renee @ rdlean@charter.net

ColoursOfDawn said...

I follow your blog via e-mail subscription since I discovered your "Top 20 things I learned in Paris" series. I enjoy most content of your blog, but that sequel was my favourite. I have re-read it several times by now :)
Also, I really loved the red of the scarf, I normally wouldn't enter the give away, but couldn't resist that beautiful colour. Would you mind sharing a link to where I could by the scarf, just in case I don't win it :) Seriously!
Thanks a lot - both for your wonderful blog and the generous giveaway :)

Heather B said...

I am an email subscriber! I don't know which topic I enjoy the most -you seem to embody the lifestyle that I am most attracted. Simple, serene, and as least frumpy as possible!

Thank you for inspiring posts.

Edith said...

I discovered your blog a few months, ago absolutely loved it! I've worked my way through all your past posts since then.
I studied abroad in Italy, and just like you it changed my whole perspective on living well, and I learned so much.
I'm so excited your doing videos now!
I recently subscribed via email.

Rebecca said...

Love the new youtube video. Your blog just keeps getting better and better!

Please don't enter me in the giveaway, since I won your last one. I just wanted to comment on the new video. :)

Sandra Sallin said...

Love the video, and I've subscribed. Now how do you store your scarves so that they don't get wrinkled?

You ook tres chic with the striped shirt and no makeup look.

Really enjoy your blog.

PS. They burgandy is the perfect color for me. (G)

Unknown said...

Hi, I just love scarves and love the colour of this one! I have just watched your video - it is great, love the music.
I follow your blog through Google Reader.

Julianne said...

I am beyond excited about your new video series. I am a follower and commenter, but you are on my bloglist that I go down each morning with my cup of french roast coffee in bed. I am always anticipating what great post you will have that morning.

I am not too great with scarves so I can't wait to watch this video. How is that sweet little baby girl?

Panna said...

I just subscribed via email although I've been reading (and enjoying!) your blog for a few months now. Thanks for all the wonderful posts, and for the opportunity to win the scarf!

Afton said...

As an e-mail subscriber, I adore your blog, and it is difficult to narrow down to which posts are my favorite! However, the ones that I have read time and again are those about the charming Famille Chic. Best to you on the new youtube channel!

Sarah said...

I've been a reader for the past year but really became attached to your blog with the top 10 and then top 20 countdowns. Since then I've worn my dresses, jewelry and nice shoes etc everyday, not just for "dressing up". Everyday is more pleasurable & special just for having done so. Thanks! I also love the stories (with photos) of your life in Paris. Hanging underwear up to dry has never been the same!

Tine said...

I love reading about la famille chic! I never had the opportunity to live in France, so I love to hear about your experiences there.

Tine said...

Oh, and I follow by e-mail!

MarieP said...

I've been reading since the start of your blog and now I'm signed up to subscribe via e-mail. My favorite posts have been those about your life in France, particularly with Famille Chic. Anything related to living well but simply entices me and your time in France seems to have been exactly that!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and follow via e-mail. I originally started following because I loved the tips on French beauty, however, I am really enjoying the posts on de-cluttering and the 10 item wardrobe.


Maria said...

I'm a follower!

I really love the color of the scarf, gorgeous. I love reading your blog, but I especially like the french themed posts, I think you've picked up the subtle nuances of the culture perfectly.


Lisa D. said...

Jennifer, I LOVE your video! And I've been trying to add more read to my wardrobe, so I am definitely entering in your giveaway! Fingers crossed!


Alexis said...

I have been following your blog for a few months and was so excited by it that I had to go back and read the archives. I love the simple yet elegant approach to life that you've acquired from your experiences. I was compelled to become an email follower of your site by your generous scarf giveaway in the hopes that it will give my wardrobe a much-needed boost!

Anonymous said...

I Loved your Love Quotes scarf tying video! I am an email subscriber.

Michelle said...


I'm a google follower, however I usually click on your blog whenever you have a new post from my blogroll on "italigal." I added your blog during your "20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris" series which I truly adored. Of them, my favorite one was "Live a Passionate Life" probably because it's an Italian value but also because I wholeheartedly agree! I like to celebrate what is everyday too. I love reading how experiencing a different culture changes your personal values.

I hope I win the scarf! I think it's beautiful! I wear scarves often and tend towards a lovely warm color like this. And it's Italian craftsmanship! Even if I don't win, *grazie* for introducing me to the brand!

Ciao, Michelle

Pug1 said...

Hi!!!! I LUV LUV LUV your new utube! You're so cute! Excellent job!
Ok, heres why I'd like to win your scarf! I am a dedicated follower, I luv to wear scarves (I live in Chicago-land). I will be watching your u-tube and post on it. I can't say what I like the best about your postings.....um...errr...because I like them ALL. You inspire me to make chnages, and I have!!!!
CHEERS!!! Michele

mickey1 said...

Nice! The scarf is beautiful and so the video is great. I like the minimalist wardrobe posts the best!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable video! Loved the music/time lapse effect. Great idea in relation to your blog. I am looking forward to your future video blogs. I just subscribed via email so I won't miss a post--as I did miss this one (almost). I have gotten trained to check you blog on late Monday evenings. Quel surprise to see a Thursday post!! xxBliss PS Wonderful give away idea!

Rowan said...

I love your blog, especially the top 20 things you learned while living in Paris. The stories of your friends and adventures are engaging.

Jeanne said...

Bonjour Jennifer,

Your video and post are divine! The pretty red colour of scarf (my favourite colour!) and Chanel laqcue suits you so well - it reminds me of the post you wrote about Mme. Chic advising and inspiring the search for one's flattering colours!
I love your Comme Les Francais series, especially your Le No Makeup Look posts. And that you still have time for your beauty soins even with baby. Hmmm...will you kindly do a series on staying chic during pregancy and new motherhood?

Thank you for sharing and inspiring - as my British friend says, you are "class in a glass"!

A bientot,

Jeanne said...

P.S. I follow your blog through your webpage (not very high tech and so have no kindle/blog) and now through youtube!

Thank you again for your lovely posts.
All good things,

Unknown said...

Hi! I love your blog.this is my first time commenting. I love the posts about living the French lifestyle and also the ones detailing your favorite things. I plan to see all your future utube videos... I feel like I really know youAfter watching your first one! You look lovely wearing the red scarf!

Reese said...

Loved the video; very charming! I follow the blog and am now a subscriber to your You Tube channel. I think I most enjoy the posts about France, as I lived in Paris for several years as a child, and spend several weeks there every year. I agree with Balzac: "No one who does not visit Paris regularly will never really be chic." Also with Victor Hugo: "When one is tired of Paris, one is tired of life."

Cheers to your new channel, and thanks for the chance to win the lovely scarf!

janice said...

Love it! cool sunshades and the color is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog a few months ago & am enjoying new posts & reading past posts. The the youtube videos are grest. Favorite is Top 20 Things I Learned While Living in Paris. The clutter-free home & 10 item wardrobe are goals for me.
I follow you as an email subscriber.
mary wyatt

yoga teacher said...

I check in every Monday, but now I am an official subscriber! (Can't figure out how to subscribe to Youtube, but tech is really not my thing!) It's so difficult to pick a favorite subject - maybe using and enjoying our *good* things. I just love your written voice - you so easily share what you've experienced and learned without coming across as snooty or superior. And now we have the pleasure of your videos (love your le no makeup look!)

Anonymous said...

I have an email subscription, plus I am a YouTube follower. I check in every Tuesday here in Melbourne Australia, to read your weekly entry. I love so many aspects of your blog, especially the "less is more" facet of chic living (clothes, makeup, homewares, style)
I love how you bring much-mythologised French chic into the realms and possibilities of the real 21st Century person....Merci Jennifer, vous etes tres gentil!

A bientot,

Maryjane Morris

Gigi said...

I've been a follower of your lovely blog for some time, and j'adore the posts where you describe your life in Paris--I also loved your top 20!

Tracy D. said...

Your new videos are so charming - love them!

I've been reading your blog for about a year and I follow you on Twitter. I like your posts related to making the everyday a little more special... which is pretty much your whole blog.

I'm also married to an Englishman. :)

lisette said...

I love checking my e-mail to read The Daily Connoisseur pieces. I love to hear about the French culture and would like to visit Paris someday. I really can relate to the de-clutter series and each day I work at problem areas in my small apartment. Merci for all your great tips and comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen:

I follow you through the sidebar on my own blog. Does that count?

Just watched all of your videos on YouTube. A-DOR-able. OMG.

Your husband is terribly handsome. You + he must = one beautiful daughter together.

Mrs. King said...

I just started with the Daily Connoisseur I think I linked in from the Happiness Project. You are charming- you are wonderful - you are a bon vivant and it makes my day.

Anonymous said...

Merci for your wonderful blog. I enjoy reading about French lifesytle and translating it here.
The scarf is a wonderful gift.
The youtube videos are great. I am an email subscriber.
Mary T.

Trish said...

Subscribed via email!