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Recent Skincare Loves

Éminence Organic Eye Makeup Remover

The skin around my eyes is very sensitive. I can’t tell you how many products (eye creams, eye makeup removers, even makeup) have caused irritation to the delicate area around my eyes. So the last time I visited Petite Spa in Santa Monica (where I get my facials) I picked up Éminence Organic Eye Makeup Remover on a whim, hoping it would be suitable for my sensitive eyelids. I liked that it was organic (I am leaning more and more towards only using organic skincare) and thought it might be gentle. I was right. This eye makeup remover is really wonderful. It does take a few more (gentle) swipes of the cotton pad to get everything off but it does not employ any foreign chemicals or emulsions that would cause irritation. And in addition, it is not drying. I also like the way the product pumps from the top- giving it a vintage cosmetics feel. I purchased mine locally at Petite Spa. You can purchase it through Petite Spa (www.petitespa.net) or visit www.eminenceorganics.com to find a list of stockists near you. It costs $23 for 5.07oz, but with the efficient product distribution allowing for no waste, the product will last you a long time. Highly recommended for those with sensitive eyes.

One word of caution, however. I used this on my lips twice to remove my red lipstick and it dried out my lips. I figured if it was gentle enough for the eye area it would also be gentle for the lips but not so! I am probably the only crazy that would think to use eye makeup remover on my lips but I thought I’d caution you against it anyway!

Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream

I was recently contacted by the people from Arbordoun asking if I wanted to try their organic, all natural calendula cream that touted pharmaceutical effects for review on this blog. I did some research into the company and found that they are a small business that has been operating for 25 years on Lopez Island off of Washington State. Run by an all female staff, they are environmentally friendly and only make two high quality products: their Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream and Silky Day Lotion- both products which are hand poured and consist of entirely natural, organic ingredients. I was intrigued.

They sent over a sample of the Calendula cream and I tried it the next day. I will cut to the chase by telling you that I found their Calendula cream to be one of the nicest body creams I have ever tried. I have very dry, sensitive skin that is prone to eczema (especially on my legs) and just a few applications of the calendula cream soothed and calmed my irritated legs. Not only does it have pharmaceutical effects but it is also quite luxurious and adds a natural glimmer to the skin when applied. Also pleasing was that I could pronounce every ingredient listed on the product and would even feel comfortable using it on my baby (in fact many testimonials on their website said it aided their babies in getting rid of diaper rash). While calendula is the main ingredient, other ingredients include: olive oil, beeswax, grape extract, purified water and lavender oil. The cream has a natural fragrance but not one that is imposing and that would interfere in anyway with the wearing of perfume.

After my sample was finished I went back to using the drug store cream Eucerin that I have been in the habit of using on my skin and it just wasn’t the same. I started to become painfully aware of all of the unnatural ingredients in my drug store cream and longed for more calendula cream again. So I ordered my first 8oz bottle in the recycled Spanish glass jar (pictured above) and received it this week. Joy!

Arbordoun is a small company with a high quality product that deserves recognition. The prices vary from $3.45 to $47.25, depending on what size or what type of container you order the cream in (the 8oz size I purchased above cost $25.76). You can learn more about the Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream by clicking here or visiting www.arbordoun.com

Epicuren CXc Vitamin C Complex

On the same trip to Petite Spa where I discovered the Éminence Eye Makeup Remover, I also purchased the Epicuren CXc Vitamin C Complex. This purchase was not made on a whim, however, but was my main reason for going into the salon. My esthetician (and founder of Petite Spa), Lisa Lianna Mayer, had been recommending the Vitamin C Complex to me for over a year, but because of its price ($129 for 1.7 fl oz- ouch!) I had avoided getting it. But my skin had been feeling dull and dry lately and was also suffering from topical breakouts. I reminded myself that French women, while generally thrifty in other areas of their lives, are apt to purchase expensive skincare treatments, if they feel they will work. And much like with the Clarisonic (which I waited a year to purchase too) I decided to bite the bullet and try it (although I’m not going to lie, it did hurt to hand over the money).

Thankfully it was money well spent. I’ve been applying the Vitamin C Complex on my skin twice a day now for the past two months after cleansing and before moisturizer and I have to say my skin is looking the best it ever has looked! I haven’t had a break out in two months and there is a color and vitality to my skin. The cream neutralizes free radicals, reduces the effects of aging and boosts radiance. I can’t put my finger on the exact benefits that it has brought to my skin (other than the fact that I’ve had no breakouts since I started using it) but I know that overall my skin is more radiant and is looking the best it has in ages. I will submit an update when I run out to let you know how long mine lasted, but until then, it is worth researching.

Epicuren Vitamin C Complex is available at Petite Spa, www.petitespa.net or visit www.epicuren.com for a stockist near you.

Please note I purchased all of the above reviewed products for myself (although the Calendula Cream was originally sent to me as a sample).

I would love to know… what are your recent skincare loves?

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hostess of the humble bungalow said...

These look like great products...I tried to use the link for the calendula cream but it didn't work...so I'll go to the website for the Lopez Island company.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hostess- Thanks for letting me know... I amended the problem and the link is now up! Hope you are well xo

Kori said...

I love new product reviews!!!!

By the way--have you heard that my 1st novel is being released on Amazon.com tomorrow?! Check it out on my blog! Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo honey! Kori xoxo


the gardener's cottage said...

as you know i'm an aveda junkie but i'm so intrigued by the calendula cream. it sounds lucsious and i love that they only make 2 products.


Merveilleux said...

The calendula cream sounds amazing and I love the jar. It's always nice having pretty packaging instead of plastic tubes.

jennifer said...

I had a hard time too spending the money on a Clarisonic, but it really has made a difference. My skin looks so much better.

Pug1 said...

Hi Jennifer!

OK, you sold me on the calendula cream!!!!

I have very dry skin too! I luv the fact that it's all natural! I'm looking forward to trying it. CHEERS! Michele xo

Anonymous said...

Same here with the Clarisonic! It is pricey, but it is worth it.

I also just bought an expensive C cream. I haven't noticed any dramatic results yet, except *maybe* a bit of pore-shrinking.

My miracle product is the Alpha Beta daily peel from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. It cured my very stubborn acne -- very quickly--, and also seems to make other products absorb better.

Gina said...

I rationalized my Clairsonic Mia (the travel version) purchase. I'd quit my job and moved home to care for a family member. I knew that facials adn such would be ut of the question whilst unemployed. The expense was worth it.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is one of the best skincare options, but I also love Argan oil. I'm using the Josie Maran brand, and I'm quite pleased with how my skin looks.

I also like that my facial skincare regime is very streamlined because of the Clairsonic and the Argan oil. I've been on the hunt for a body moisturizer, adn the Arbordoun product may fit the bill. The ingredients and teh smell of most drugstore moisturizers are off-putting to me.

LunaStitches said...

I have been using Cellex C products for many years and swear by the application of topical C. Their products are also very expensive, but with careful application (my facialist suggested using the dropper to drip the product directly on my skin and spreading with fingertip rather than applying to my hands first) and keeping the product away from heat and light, it can last a very long time. The salon where I get my facials recently switched to glo therapeutics skin care. I think they are marketing the Cellex C formulas under their name now?

I also have to be very careful about what I apply near my eyes as they become easily itchy and irritated by some products. I always make sure I can get a refund if a product turns out to irritate my eyes.

Jess said...

Hi Mrs. Connoisseur,

I was wondering if you knew about the current exhibition at the Getty, "Paris: Life & Luxury?" It looks fabulous; maybe I will see you there!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and recommendations! Yes the Calendula Cream is fab. I am hooked now. The other high end cream I was in the habit of using is Kiehl's creme de corps- which is a bit more expensive than Arbordoun's cream. They are both lovely- but of course the calendula cream is all natural which is an added bonus.

So funny to hear that we all were in the same boat re: the Clairisonic! I think it says a lot about us as consumers that we don't just rush into major purchases. Of course once we got it we wondered why we waited so long :)

To answer some of your questions-

Mrs. M- I am going to look into the Alpha Beta daily peel- that looks like something I could use!

Luna Stitches- sounds like the topical C product is similar. I really swear by it. My skin has vastly improved since I started using it.

Jess- Yes! I was driving the other week and saw the banner for it and nearly ran my car up the curb I was so excited! I'm actually going this week :)

Kori- I have purchased your book on kindle. Excited to read it!

Barbara von Enger said...

My skincare regime is quite simple. Cleanse, then appy serum, then argan oil on slightly moist skin.

Rose said...

lots of interesting products that I didn't know- which I love! I find make up remover hard, I have very sensitive eyes and at the moment I can't wear eye make up at all as my hayfever is in full swing! so I will definitely look all of these up

Skin Care said...

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