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Paula’s Choice RESIST Skin Care Review

This week’s video and post are on Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Skincare products. To see the video where I show you the products click here, look in the sidebar of this post or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

I’ve recently had the pleasure of sampling Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Skincare line for review. Paula Begoun is the author of 18 books on skincare and makeup including the bestselling, Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. She also started the website www.beautypedia.com which has comprehensive reviews of over 45,000 beauty products.

I was interested to try Paula’s Choice skincare, which I had previously heard a lot of good things about, because I figured that Paula would have a strong criterion for excellence after reviewing so many beauty products. And my assumption was correct- This is a line that has a serious amount of research backing it. It has been created based solely on what published research has said is effective for maximum impact skincare.

I was initially apprehensive to review an entire skincare line as I am prone to breakouts and have sensitive skin. I didn’t know what to expect from an anti-aging line in particular. Would the ingredients be too strong for my skin? Would I break out?

The results after having only used Paula’s Choice products for 30 days have been remarkable. I have not broken out and my skin feels clean, healthy and (dare I say?) younger…

Here is a rundown of what I have been using:

RESIST Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser
I use this cleansing lotion in conjunction with my Clarisonic to fully remove makeup and cleanse my skin. It is mild, gentle, creamy and fragrance free- perfect for everyday use- I use this morning and night.

RESIST Advanced Replenishing Toner Skin Remodeling Complex
This is step two in the skincare routine. This toner has a milky consistency and makes the skin feel smooth and silky. Just a few drops on a cotton square do the trick.

RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid
This could be the product in the whole line that is responsible for the most change in my skin. I had always heard about the power of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and now I know why. This acts as a gentle exfoliant to my skin and makes my skin feel clear while simultaneously protecting against breakouts. If I had to only buy one product in this line- this would be it!

RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid

This is a bit stronger and is meant to be alternated with the Daily Smoothing Treatment. I only use this once a week as it is 10% AHA instead of 5%... Even though this is strong it still does not irritate my very sensitive skin.

RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer
This is a lovely, light moisturizer that restores collagen to the skin. I like its fluid, light texture. This is a great moisturizer for evening.

RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
This serum reduces inflammation and the visible effects of sun damage. It is also packed with antioxidants and acts as a booster to the moisturizer. I used this only at night because the texture is a bit greasy and would not go well under makeup.

The price range for these products is competitive. The products range from $16.95 to $24.95, which is very affordable for my budget. I have been known to spend a lot more on other skincare lines. For example, the moisturizer sells for around $22, which is a lot more affordable than the $45 I usually spend on face creams. The serum is around $24 which is also a nice price considering serums usually run quite high. Also, you get a lot for your money because a little goes a long way. I could see these products lasting me three months…

I am delighted with these products and what they have done for my skin. Once I run out of my samples I will purchase the entire collection again, if not try other products on her website. I appreciate that the products are fragrance free, backed by published research, environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. The only thing I would change is the packaging. I do like my beauty products to be a little more decorative but I suppose their minimalistic appearance is a contributor of their low price.

For more information on Paula's Choice products, click here or visit: www.paulaschoice.com

I would love to know… what are your current favorite skincare products?

For all of my American readers… Happy 4th of July! Today is not only Independence Day but Gatsby’s Birthday as well… He turns six ☺

The Paula's Choice RESIST line is pictured above.

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Anonymous said...

I am sold on Dr. Dennis Gross skincare, which is similar to Paula's Choice in that the main active ingredients are AHAs and antioxidants. The two products I use are the daily Alpha Beta Peel (alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids) and the vitamin C serum. The peel pads cured my lifelong cystic acne problem, and the serum has helped a lot with pores and brightness.

I also really like the Clarisonic, and Burt's Bees liquid soaps for cleansing.

I also use sunscreen religiously. My current favorite is a liquid one from La Roche Posay. It makes a nice smooth base for my foundation makeup.

Laura Gail said...

Love your review. Totally agree with you. The Daily Smoothing treatment is the best product of the bunch. I would also add that I research all products now on her website and it has saved me a fortune. My favorite cleanser now is one that she reviewed and is one of her Paula's picks. It's the Olay Foaming Cleanser for gentle/sensitive skin. It's less than $5 and does a great job. I love her no-nonsense approach to skincare and make-up blasting all the ridiculous claims from companies of what it can do and only focusing on products that truly deliver and are worth the price tag. I've started using NYC lipgloss from the drugstore and L'Oreal blush because her. I had never worn drugstore make-up before but she revolutionized the way I think about and approach skincare and make up. And that means more money in my pocket for other things which makes my husband a very happy camper. :) Blessings, LGC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this review...this is very good information to reference for future use. I am currently using L'Occitane cleansing bar, Jason Vitamin C-ester Serum,light almond oil around eyes, Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer and a 2x a week exfoliation with L'Occitane Immortale. I am happy with what I use but can't really say I am looking younger...Blast! I am maintaining : ). I might be trying this line out soon (I have always loved Paula's books. Like, Laura G, she has helped me to make decisions based on quality not brand). xxBliss

Lacey R said...

Thanks for this review! I first heard of Paula from watching the Shopping Bags show (in Canada, now it is on OWN network in the States). I must check out her website! Glad to hear she came out with skincare products.

Merveilleux said...

I've been using Alpha Hydrox's AHA cream every night since February and I really see a difference. Mine is 10% and even with every night I haven't had a problem with my sensitive skin. I really love it! Glad you're liking it as well.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ms. M- I must try the Dr. Dennis Gross skincare... I will be doing a review of a revolutionary skincare system for acne soon on the blog too... will keep you updated xo

Laura Gail- I love her no- nonsense approach to skincare too! I was doing research on her website on a good eye cream and they say you can use the moisturizer and antioxidant serum instead of an eye cream. That made me happy as I don't need to spend more money on an unnecessary product! The Daily Smoothing treatment is really a remarkable product too xo

Bliss- I've heard so much about Jane Iredale beauty products- particularly the makeup- I will have to look into them xo

LR- Paula is great... hope you like the products if you try them! xo

Merveilleux- I heard that the AHAs are also ok to use while pregnant which means that they must not be too harsh on the system! Glad to hear your 10% is working great! xo

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for the reviews. I really enjoyed it. I am interested in hearing more about the Clarisonic if you haven't already covered it. I admire Paula for her energy and for questioning the big companies but my main beef with her is the fact she doesn't like aromatherapy oils in skincare. I found fantastic results from lavender and frankincense and rose and really do believe in the power of aromatherapy in skin care. My sister used her products for awhile and I did notice a difference in her skin. I shall have to give it a shot one day. The Daily Smoothing treatment sounds my pick. xx