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My Favorite Deodorant and Other Beauty News

A daily connoisseur seeks the best in every category of life and yes, that includes deodorant! After using drug store deodorants for much of my teens and early twenties I always felt disappointed and unsatisfied. I never liked the chemical composition, the artificial fragrance and the white flaky mess that was usually left behind after an application. Also drug store deodorants don’t tend to react well to my body chemistry and I would end up emitting a strange, metallic scent when I wore them.

Yet when I tried all natural deodorants from the natural grocery stores I never felt they were very efficient. For a few years I have used the Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Cream from Kiehl’s. This is a really nice product that goes on like a cream to the underarm area. But I am happy to say that I’ve found a deodorant that I like even more: Benedetta The Best Deodorant.

Yes, the name has a lot to live up to. After all if you claim to be the best then you better deliver! Benedetta is an all natural skincare line that takes a holistic approach to beauty- the ingredients in their products are all organic and biodynamic. I discovered them at their new boutique in the Santa Monica Place Market by my home (which, by the way, I love).

So after spotting their star product, The Best Deodorant, I had to buy it and try it out. The deodorant goes on as a spray. You only need one or two sprays under each arm. The scent is lavender. The deodorant does not contain aluminum, propylene glycol or parabens so it keeps you odor free safely.

I am completely hooked. I love it and wanted to share it with you. The only downside is it is a bit pricey. The large deodorant is $20 for 2.6 fluid ounces. But because it is a concentrated formula a little really does go a long way. I bought mine well over a month ago, have used it every day since, and still have a lot left.

To learn more about my new favorite deodorant watch the above video. If you are unable to see the embedded video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

To learn more about Benedetta click here.

To see their Best Deodorant click here.

In other beauty news, I was reading Maria Menounos’ book The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life and was interested by her suggestions for face towels. A while back when I posted about my skincare routine I mentioned that I always use a separate face towel when drying off my face. I usually change this towel twice a week. But Menounos suggests that you change your face towel every time you wash your face! I suppose it makes sense (to keep bacteria at bay) and I have tried it out this week although now I have much more laundry and my skincare neurosis has been taken to the next level!

Book News
Writer Cindy La Ferle writes about Lessons from Madame Chic in her article this week called Facebook Party Pooper. In the article she brings up some great points on privacy, social media and an air of mystery. To see the article click here or visit www.laferle.com. Thank you Cindy!

So, this week I would love to know two things… what is your favorite deodorant? And what are your thoughts on face towels?

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Nanne said...

Deodorants are tricky, and like you I've never found drug store deodorants to be very efficient, and I've tried many! My problem is not moist, but odor, and at the moment I'm testing Vichy's 48H deodorant. So far it seems to be working quite well, but we'll see. When it comes to face towels, I'm thinking that as long as you keep a separate one, changing it twice a week should be sufficient. Regarding bacteria your face is supposed to be clean and bacteria free after cleansing, isn't it?

Sana depth said...
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Virginia Country House said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tips, as always. Also wanted to mention that I mention your book in today's blog post ... it's about Facebook, social media, and the need for privacy and mystery, which reminded me of your chapter on French mystique. www.laferle.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I alternate between drugstore deodorant + natural. The only natural deodorant that works for me so far is Alba Botanica enzyme- tea tree. Trick is I have to remember to reapply it once around lunchtime. (Lasting all day is a big plus which makes your Best Deodorant tip a nice thing to share.) I don't like the thought of all those chemicals in drugstore deodorant but unfortunately price + convenience sometimes dictate.
~Dee J.

Anonymous said...

The deoderant our family uses is Burt's Bees. It's a spray formula, which I was mystified by at first, after all haven't we been brainwashed into believing there's only one way to apply? It's 100% au' naturale, produced with sage, so it's a clean scent mingling well with my perfume. The price is right too.

As for face towels, we do not use them. We have a washcloth for cleansing and exfoliating: one side for wet, the other for drying. It's really all that's needed. We each have a choosen colour, and these are changed out daily. When we married there were face towels within the sets, but were never used. Gave them to my youngest brother when he set up house and in need of items, as it was simply a waste of closet space.

Rachel said...

I'm a big fan of Lush- aromaco. It comes in a solid form and lasts forever! Well almost...its sold by they pound and a $5 chunk lasts about 1-2 months. Its completely natural and organic. Even in Texas summers I stay smelling fresh all day. I even get compliments on my fragrance.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...
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Rachel said...
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Anonymous said...

Deat Jennifer,

My computer isn't defaulting your email into mine and I would like to share a 'find' with you... could you please post your email in the comments.

Thank you, Warmly, Kathleen

Nanci said...

I'm not sure it makes a lot of sense to dry a clean face on a new towel everyday. I think changing out towels once a week is enough. Interesting how we are all different in our "rules" eh? I'd love to find a natural deodorant that works, but doesn't cost as much. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

What about using facial tissue instead of changing face towels everyday?

Kathy said...

Hi Jennifer! Love your blog! I am on the more natural deodorant bandwagon as well. Currently, I am using Crystal Body Deodorant Stick which is made of mineral crystals. It supposedly doesn't pass on into your system as regular deodorants/anti-perspirants will. I was skeptical at first, but I think it works better than my old Degree brand. It does still allow your body to sweat (like it is supposed to!), but there is positively NO ODOR. It is super cheap too at around $7 and I bought it at Walgreens. One stick is supposed to last at least a year and I believe it at the rate it is wearing down. By the way, I live in hot and humid Florida, so I wouldn't use it if it didn't work. Face cloths, hmmm, I haven't really given it much thought, but you make a good point about potentially putting bacteria back on your face with a used towel. I might want to change more frequently as well, maybe every other day? I am a new blogger, by the way, so please check out my amatateur writing at www.pearlsinparadise.blogspot.com .

CoriA710 said...

Hi Jenifer, thanks for a great post! I use Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal. It's a pure and natural deodorant that comes in a Roll On, Crystal or Spray Mist. The Roll On can be found at Walmart stores nationwide for just $2.97! Can't beat that deal! http://www.naturallyfreshdeodorantcrystal.com/
Thanks again!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Nanne- Thanks for the recommendation! I think the idea behind the face towels is that a wet towel (even when hanging) can store bacteria. Oh the neurosis! :)

Jennings & Gates- you are most welcome!

Cindy- Thank you cherie! It is a great article and I am so glad you enjoyed the book!

Dee J- Thank you for the recommendations... I'm going all natural from now on with deodorant too- most things actually :)

LMK- Thanks for your recommendation and also for the washcloth/ exfoliation suggestions!

Rachel- The lush aromatico sounds really nice- We have a lush store in Santa Monica I will have to check that out. Thank you!

Kathleen- Thanks for getting in touch! My email is always listed on the sidebar of the blog under "contact me". Best wishes!

Nanci- Even though the Benedetta is pricey I am finding one bottle lasts me around two months which comes to 10 dollars a month. I am willing to pay it because it is such a great product and works so well. Thanks for commenting!

Anon- good point: facial tissues vs. facial towels. I suppose they are both bad for the environment in one way or another... facial tissues provide more waste and use paper and facial towels need to be washed more often. I wonder which is the lesser evil!

Kathy- Thank you! I do love crystals so this deodorant sounds intriguing. Thank you for the recommendation. And I am going to check out your blog right after this :)

CoriA710- You are the second person to recommend the crystal thank you- it must be great!

Anonymous said...

Love the vidoes on your blog, so much easier than reading. Love the advice.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion on the impact towelettes vs.towels poses to the environment. As previously mentioned I use only washcloths. You're using the same item over after washing. Plus they're smaller, therefore more can be added to the washload. And I also use good, old-fashioned Muleteam Borax as my whitening/cleaning agent, which is environmentally safe.

Another tip - I even use the washcloth to apply my toner, which is the end of a cut lemon. Simply store the end in the frig when I make my morning hot lemon water, then after my nightly cleansing squeeze it on the moist end of the cloth. It's nice and chilled, which feels so good. This also lessens waste regarding cotton balls/pads, etc.

Thanks, Jennifer, for allowing me to offer these suggestions. xooo

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Several years ago a friend of mine told me she was a "Ban deodorant" girl. She is someone that most would agree that she knows a thing or two...so I've used it ever since. I was always changing every time I needed to buy another bottle, but for the last 10 years...Ban...and it's cheap. I do use a fresh towel for my face every day...and Mac cleansing wipes...could not live without those.

I loved your comment on Kim's blog...which is how I found you.


J. said...

Good tip about the deodorant, will try to get my hands on that! I change my face towel every time I use it as well, always have. I never thought you could do it any other way really. So I don't think that's going too far at all!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! It is inspiring me every day to not schlub around in jeans and a t-shirt! As for deodorant, I have tried many, both full of chemicals and organic, with no luck. I have recently made my own out of coconut oil, cornstarch, and baking soda, and have been very impressed. It lasts all day, works for odour and moisture, and smells like a creamsicle (I added sweet orange oil). And I don't have to worry about aluminum, PEG constituants, "parfum", or any other suspected carcinogens. Keep up the inspiring posts! ~Tawna~

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that my post mentioning your book was picked up for syndication by BlogHer, and is posted there today. Hopefully, you'll get some traffic from it too.
All best,

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to give you the BlogHer link:

Unknown said...

I use handtowels as bathmats, washcloths as tiny towels and only my hands for washing. I don't dry off much because I find that moisturizer spreads better and works better on slightly damp skin. I just scoop water up to rinse my face. The big towels I use only to wrap wet drippy hair.

natural deodorant said...

I really enjoyed your blog..
Thanks for sharing it..

Glenda said...

I'm disappointed in the Benedetta deodorant:-( I ordered it having high hopes of finding a natural product that would actually work. As a runner, I was skeptical that it might not be as effective as it states, but tried it anyway prior to a 5 miler. I then tried it again for the days I was not running, but am still unhappy with the results. Guess I'll keep searching.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Glenda I'm really sorry this didn't work out for you. I always hesitate to recommend things because what works really well for me might not work so well for someone else. I am still loving mine and using it every day though! There were a lot of great suggestions in the comments section though- maybe you should check those out! Best of luck...

Sandra Sallin said...

Ok, this isn't natural but it works. Try Donna Karen's Cashmere Mist deodorant. It's very gentle to my sensitive skin yet it is very effective. I cannot wear any other or my skin starts turning red and irritated.

It used to be a well kept secret but now it's out on counters, especially at Nordstroms.

This is a winner if you have sensitive skin. It's expensive but oh so worth it.

Glenda said...

Sandy, That's great to know. I actually have and enjoy the Donna Karen Cashmere perfume. I'll take a look at the deodearant as well. Thanks!

Glenda said...

Jennifer, I received your book as a Christmas gift and have really enjoyed reading it and referring back to it. Thanks so much for the useful, practical and classy tips that you share in this fun book. I look forward to sharing it with many friends.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you Glenda- I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! xo