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Happy New Year! (and News)

Happy New Year! Bonne année!

I will officially be back to blogging next week but I wanted to wish you a very happy new year. I hope this year brings peace, good health and prosperity to you and your loved ones.

And now for the latest news items...

♥ I was featured in USA Weekend in an article called Look fabulous, faster.

♥ Read my latest article for Huffington Post Style called Clear Your Wardrobe Clutter.

Everyday eBook picks Lessons from Madame Chic as one of 11 Inspiring Books for an Incredible 2013 (and I'm in some good company!)

Also, Downton Abbey fans (in America), don't forget season 3 starts this Sunday on PBS! Yay!

See you next week...

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jtornell said...

It is always such a delight to hear of the wonderful things happening to you and your career. I wish you the very best always!
Happy New Year!

Laura Gail said...

Congratulations Jenn! I was so excited for the start of D.A. but we just moved to a new street and they haven't run internet or cable access to it! Ugh! So I'm at Starbucks posting this comment. I guess I will have to find an internet hotspot to watch it online. Happy New Year! Hope you are enjoying your babies! LGC

Kat said...

I absolutely love your book! I've read it twice already and will probably read it 10xs! Congrats

Patricia said...

Happy New Year Jennifer! I got your book for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Happy new year everyone thanks for your lovely comments! Looking forward to connecting with you over the blog this year. Best wishes! Jennifer x