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Tailored Skirt Before and After

We come in all different shapes and sizes and yet only have a handful of clothing sizes to pick from: XS, S, M, L, XL. This is why it is so important to find a good tailor to custom fit your clothes.

The clothes I tailor the most are jeans. I tend to hem them for the shoes I plan on wearing them with. Most of my skinny jeans that I wear in the daytime are tailored for flats. I have one pair of “going out jeans” that I have tailored for heels.

But I don’t just have my jeans tailored. I’ve tailored everything from blazers to dresses to nightgowns (yes, I even have my nightgowns tailored!). This week’s video shows you a tailored skirt of mine, before and after. It’s a transitional piece for my fall ten-item wardrobe (which you will see in a few weeks!). The skirt, by A.P.C., is slightly too long and looks a bit frumpy on. After tailoring it to the knee, it fits my physique so much better and is now a perfect match for my frame.

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Madame Chic Around the World

Lessons from Madame Chic came out in Lithuania this past week. I'm so excited that our little book is now reaching all the way from California to the Baltic sea! One reader sent me a picture of her book... which got me thinking...

Please send me a picture of your copy of Lessons from Madame Chic, wherever you are in the world. I am compiling all of these great fan pics and will put them together in a YouTube video as a thank you to you. If you'd like your picture included in the video, please tweet me or post on my facebook page using the hashtag #MadameChic. eBooks count too! The more creative the picture, the better. Here are some examples:

Book Signings

Southern California readers, this Thursday, August 29th, I will be doing a book signing at Anthropologie Third Street Promenade. Refreshments will be served and RSVP is required:

Anthropologie Santa Monica
1402 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA
Thursday, August 29th 1-3pm


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Janki said...

I'm petite, so I normally would alter the hem of skirts/dresses/pants. However, after learning a little bit about fit, I realized that there are lots of areas that need alterations (bringing up shoulders, slimming sides, etc).

After reading your blog, it's become a lot easier for me to decide on what to alter, since I have only kept the best pieces.

I'm a novice sewer, but have taken a great class on craftsy on the basics (blind hems, cuffs etc). I can do some at home and take the best pieces to the tailors.

Thanks for mentioning this... so many of us forget that a 1/2 inch makes a big difference.

Tess Calnero said...
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Mr.KhoaKaKa said...
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Simply Me said...

Nice post and interesting. I read somewhere that the most flattering length for a skirt is knee length, to the top of the calf. Your leg goes in here, and is at it's slimmest part. You also see the nice curve of the top of the calf. Your before picture looked frumpy because the skirt hit the widest point of your calf and showed no curves. Your after picture shows a skirt on the knee and it looks much fresher/youthful. I'm petite and always have to take my hems up. Can't wait to see your winter 10 item wardrobe.

AT said...

Hi Jennifer! At first, sorry for my english....is very bad! I write from Brazil, and i just finish your great book! I love it so much! Was very delicious know french life style throgh your experience. For now, i see the little things of my day with more plesure! Tanks for write so well and share this part of your life! Oh, and i love your website too!!

Kind regards,

Sue obryan said...

Do you have a local tailor to recommend??? I need one badly!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, ladies, for your comments! Tailoring is so important. Sue, I go to a tailor in Santa Monica on 11th Street (cross Wilshire). I can't remember their name!

Andrea from Brazil... welcome!

Hugs to all of you :) xx