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OOTD Alexander McQueen Scarf

Over the Christmas break I posted a picture on instagram that features some rather unique lighting (no filter) courtesy of the winter Southern California sun.

Many people asked about the scarf I'm wearing in the picture, which happens to be this gorgeous pale pink Alexander McQueen scarf I received as a Christmas present from my mother and father-in-law (thank you! xx).

This week's video shows you how I pair the scarf with neutrals (and the simplicity of this outfit must work because when I wore it, I received no less than three compliments!). I also introduce you to a new sweater that has replaced my older sweaters in my fall/ winter ten-item wardrobe.

Outfit featured in this video:

Alexander McQueen Scarf
Ann Taylor Loft sweater
Paige Skyline skinny jeans
London Sole Henrietta ballet flats in nude patent

Please check out this week's video to see the outfit up close. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur


Thank you to the oh so chic fashion blogger, Maritza Morales, of Vanity Youth, for featuring Lessons from Madame Chic in her post titled, Le Maroux.

Next week's video will be a ten-item wardrobe chat (along with winter wardrobe updates) and then we are starting our Untethered Soul book club. I hope you will join us!

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Heather D said...

You look fabulous, thanks for sharing!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Love the colour and print of that McQueen scarf. Your MIL has great taste in gifts! You look lovely in your OOTD...great pairing with your skinny jeans.

Claire said...

You are lucky to have such generous and thoughful inlaws.

Ann R. said...

Isn't it funny that I never noticed the skulls until you opened it up. I was just focusing on the colors and the border. It is beautiful and it adorns you nicely.

maria jones said...

Hey Jennifer, I just a wanted to say I think your really glowing at the moment & your hai & skin are in amazing condition. Is that the consistency of keeping a healthy diet & not giving up on yourself!!! ( like I do sometimes) then wonder why things aren't the way I would like them to be!! Would love a scarf like the one you have, the colour really suits you. Your so classy, feminine & elegant, and I wish I could be just a snippet of the way you are (im trying though). All the best for 2014 from Liverpool, England.
Maria. xxxx

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Heather D- Thank you!

Hostess- Thank you my darling! She does have good taste...

Claire- Indeed :)

Ann R- Thank you! Yes the skulls are not apparent until it is opened.

Maria Jones- Don't be hard on yourself! We see what we choose to see. funny I was thinking I looked frazzled and unkempt in this week's video. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Embrace your beauty xx

maria jones said...

Oh wow, you replied!! Thank you!! Shall take your advice on board!!
I have my copy of the untethered soul ready for book club. Also wanted to say thanks for the video on the four agreements. ...ive read it & feel truly inspired.
Have a great day. xxx

Sheree said...

I bet this scarf reminds you of a scene in Amelie. :)

It's a perfect outfit.

Cardinham | Killgrew said...

You look good. AM styles have been a bit off for me lately.

Euro-Chic Soaps, Lotions and Bath Bombs

dancingmommio said...

Hi Jennifer,

This look is great, and I can see why you wear the shoes so often! I recommend that you show some still photos of the entire outfit together. Even in the video, we don't see the shoes at the same time as the clothing. I just posted a look today at Organic Mothering, www.dancingmommio.com, that shows it from various views. Unfortunately I had turned the comments off and can't get them to turn back on, or else I would invite you to leave me feedback there. Be well, Rita

dancingmommio said...

I'm sorry, my website is actually www.dancingmommio.blogspot.com!

Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer! I purchased your book a few weeks ago and have devoured it! I also recently discovered your blog and just love it. Thank you for the inspiration!

Madeleine Lawrence said...

Hi Jennifer,
the colours you are wearing in the video are beautiful on you. It was funny when your little 'frazzled' message came up on the screen! Hope you've made time for yourself to have a soothing cup of tea since then.

I went into one of my favourite stores this morning to see what was new in for Autumn, to find that there was 50% off most Summer stock. Because I had a list in my head of pieces I actually needed, I didn't succumb to temptation and came out with 3 basic pieces which will serve me very well over the coming years. Your concept of having a smaller wardrobe and planning it carefully certainly paid off in this case :)


Miss Posh A said...
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Miss Posh A said...
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