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Wink & Winn Custom Handbag Review, Cultural Dish & More

I was recently approached by Wink & Winn to design my own custom handbag and review the process on the Daily Connoisseur. I accepted Wink & Winn's offer because so many of you email me asking about handbags and I wanted to see what the custom design process would be like. Check out the video above to hear my full review and see a tutorial on how you can design your own bag. Spoiler alert: I love my bag! I think it's very high quality and Wink & Winn made the design process exciting and special. Overall it's a very unique company with a quality product.

If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Keep checking back with the blog because I will be doing a Wink & Winn giveaway in the near future. In the meantime, Wink and Winn have offered readers of the Daily Connoisseur a $50 gift code. If you'd like to use this, email Wink & Winn at: frontdesk@winkandwinn.com . The subject line should read "$50 Gift Code". Wink & Winn will then get back to you with the code. This offer is only available until May 20, 2014 (one month from today).

For more on Wink & Winn check them out at www.winkandwinn.com

Cultural Dish Podcast
Back in February I was a guest on the Cultural Dish Podcast discussing HBO's True Detective (don't worry we only discuss the first two episodes so there are no spoilers), Tiger Mom and Madame Chic with three spectacular and creative ladies. We have a very lively discussion on what it means to cultivate an air of mystery that you won't want to miss. Episode #7 titled, "Go Climb a Stop Sign", is available now for free. Just to forewarn you there is explicit language in this episode (although not from me ladies :)).

Co-host Juliana Patel and I during the podcast.

Actress Golda Inquito, Co-host Juliana Patel, Co-host Elizabeth Pan and moi.

**Ten-Item Wardrobe side note: This podcast was shot back in February when I was still wearing my fall/ winter ten-item wardrobe.

Make sure you check out Cultural Dish's Facebook page and "like" it if you're interested in hearing more from them. Thank you ladies for having me on the show! I hope to come back one day.

Get More Done Now Summit
I recently participated as a speaker in the Get More Done Now Summit with Natalie Gregory. She offers this free resource for busy women who want to learn time management tips and tricks. You can check out how to register for this online event by clicking here, or visiting http://www.getmoredonenowsummit.com/

Around the Web
Check out Avaalon's wonderful and contemplative blog post on the Ten-Item Wardrobe as is discussed in Lessons from Madame Chic.

Karryn S writes:

I too spent a while living in France as a student. I went there as a hippie with Birkenstocks and hair wraps, and came back...a lady. When your book was released, I devoured it, and I enjoy following your "pensees quotidiennes". Since implementing more of your concrete ideas, I've enjoyed many compliments (thank you for that!). Clutter is gone, orchids are out. Wardrobe is pared-down, as is jewelry. They seem like superficial, irrelevant things, but I have found them to be profound. Encore, merci beaucoup ma belle. N'arretez jamais!

Thank you Karryn!

Lastly, Happy Easter to all who celebrate. I hope you had a marvelous day with your family and friends. See you soon! xx

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Rose said...

What fun! Your bag is beautiful jennifer, I love the design and the colour and imagine it will be very suitable for your Californian climate. I'll definitely be going over to the Web site to have a play and consider this, thank you.

I always enjoy your music at the end of your videos, it would be fun if you shared some of your favourites some time down the track.

Hope you and yours are having a great Easter weekend.

Casey said...

I'm such a sucker for bucket bags and am always on the lookout for the perfect black bucket bag. The only thing here that gives me pause is the handle. I would be worried that if the bag is too heavy the leather handle or hardware would break. How heavy do you load your bag, and how has it held up?

Emma Knight Peel said...

I love the colors you chose for your bag. I also wanted to say that I listened to the podcast and was very impressed by how articulate and classy you are. You stood out by not using any foul language. It was fun and interesting! Speaking of maintaining an air of mystery. While I was in the restroom at work, I heard a woman spilling her life story to another woman at the sink. Not chic!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Rose- Thanks for your comment and the request for a music post xo

Casey- I haven't had trouble with the handle yet and my bag is pretty heavy. I'll keep you updated if something happens! xo

Emma KP- Thank you for listening to the podcast! It was a fun evening. Love talking all things culture xo