# 10 Item Wardrobe

Ten-Item Wardrobe Spring/Summer 2015

The Spring/Summer 2015 ten-item wardrobe is here! I had a lot of fun creating this wardrobe, which is (as usual) heavy on the dresses. In this video and blog, I show you what is in the wardrobe (you will recognize many returning pieces) and in next week's "talk-through" video, I will share my inspiration and process as well as discuss new vs. old items.

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Ten Core Items

Boden Cate dress (please note this has tailored sleeves, which I will discuss in a future video)
A.P.C. blue shirt dress*
A.P.C. blue linen dress*
Tory Burch silk print dress*
Boden green tank dress
Garnet Hill black knit dress (no longer available in black)
Talbots denim dress (tailored)*
Spanx skinny jeans
Talbots a-line skirt in Chino
Rebecca Taylor dress

Tee shirts

These are a few of my tee shirts, all from Boden


Here are a few of my day shoes: London Sole beige ballet flat, Sam Edelman black Gigi sandal (I also have this in nude patent), Trotters Mickey wedge

Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
If you are interested in the ten-item wardrobe but hesitate to get started, make this be the season you take the plunge! Get radical and donate all of the clothes that don't suit you and that are creating confusion in your wardrobe. If you still need more convincing, check out my TEDx talk on the ten-item wardrobe here.

Next week I will be in Japan! I am looking forward to meeting all of the Madame Chic fans in Tokyo.

The Spirited Thrifter writes about creating a sustainable ten-item wardrobe.

Bonjour Emily embarks on her own ten-item wardrobe.

Melissa55 takes on my 5-minute Makeup Challenge to very successful, hilarious and charming results!

Comment of the Week
ChlsBird writes:

Your message has inspired me so much this past year, Jennifer. I have made subtle but significant changes to my wardrobe and strive to find joy in routine tasks daily. Your post about Swan Lake has inspired me to purchase tickets to see an opera for the first time. I'm taking my mother to see The Magic Flute for mother's day (she has read your book and now seeking the arts is a family affair!). We plan to study the Libretto to get a full understanding of the storyline before the show to further enhance the experience. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration!

ChlsBird, This is so wonderful! I am thrilled that you are seeking out the arts to further enrich your life. Have a wonderful time at The Magic Flute and let us know how it goes!

Thanks everyone, See you next week for the ten-item wardrobe talk-through...

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hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I love those striped tee shirts from Boden...
Dresses are such an easy way of dressing too...I must pull out my Spring and Summer wardrobe when I return from Paris. Have a lovely time in Japan greeting your fans! Did you ever dream that your books would be so popular worldwide?

Unknown said...

Great video Jennifer, very upbeat and fun! I love that you've gotten Boden clothing included. Being a Brit in the US I've been a huge fan of their clothing for many years and love their classic with a Brit twist style. Whenever I've worn one of the dresses it gets well complimented (as well as feeling great on). You've definitely inspired me to have a clear out and I've followed the KonMarie method much to my husbands delight at the space and organisation in our wardrobes. Where my job requirements differ slightly I've got more than the 10 items, for business and outside work. However, I'm clear on what I have, love each items and am much more descerning in my selection - this has really helped me in finding my own personal style. So all in all many thanks for your continued motivation and reminders to bring chic into our everyday life! I would also add your books and blog haven't just impacted my wardrobe. It has inspired us to 'seek the arts' as you menitoned in an earlier blog. Last month my husband and I embarking upon a monthly culture day, joined a reading club and we have enjoy more classical music whilst we try out new cuisine at home. So Merci beaucoup et bonne journee Jennifer! Love Katherine :)

Unknown said...

Finally! A lot of nice things but I want to know the story behind. How you choosed, what is new and what is old. Did you had a budget? Why this brands and so on.
From a big fan In Sweden!

Unknown said...

Yay!!! You tried Boden! I hope the dresses and shirts hold up to your liking. I have a lot of Boden in my closet. The green and blue dress from Boden looks beautiful on you!

I just had my second child and am working on composing my 10 item-wardrobe and having a lot of fun!! Thank you for you inspiration as always!

A said...

This is wonderful! I gather I have not been alone in thinking that you might like Boden for their graceful lines and longer lengths. I can attest to their wonderful washability in mesh bags. (thanks for that wonderful tip, btw...) Looking forward to the breakdown video:-) Have a fantastic trip to Japan!

Beth25 said...

After LOVING my 10-piece Fall-WInter Wardrobe, and am anxious to get to work this Thursday on Spring/ Summer. I wore a Hyacinth Blue Long sleeve crew neck--new-- for a coffee date on my front porch this morning. It is just a perfect color for me--I wore black slacks today, but I can wear it with Navy and White. I am using a lot of Navy for spring. summer--which is a fresh change from black and gray and camel. Thank you for all your help. I am looking forward to more tips and plans from Madame Chic.

Unknown said...

Great choice on the dresses. They look beautiful on you. Do you still keep a cardigan or thin coat for chilly nights? Thanks for the inspiration!

barbara said...

Gorgeous choices, Jennifer

I love Boden too! I owe my last two jobs to a Boden dress worn to the interview, or so I like to think :)

Your pale blue APC dress is so classic, beautiful and obviously well-made in great quality fabric

Thank you for the lovely inspiration and hope you have a wonderful time in Japan.

Melbourne, Australia

Evaline said...

HI Jennifer, Lovely choices. Especially the lines of green and white print... Very flattering to you, as is that green colour.

Also love the flowy skirt and blue colour of the Rebecca Taylor dress on you.

You must be so excited about your trip to Japan... Bon Voyage.

Rose said...

A lovely capsule wardrobe yet again Jennifer, it's very "you" -- simple yet smooth lines, chic, fresh and smart. I look forward to next week's talk through.

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Tokyo, I'll be at the front of the line when you get to Australia. :)

Unknown said...

Great video Jennifer! This will be my third season with the capsule wardrobe. It's definitely still a work in progress, but I can't imagine turning back at this point. Thanks for the inspiration!

I'm waiting on an order from Boden now which includes the Cate dress in a different pattern. It's interesting that you mentioned something about making a change to it--when I looked at the dress online I wasn't sure that the ruffle over the sleeve would suit me but suspected it would be an easy enough fix for my tailor. Great minds ;)

Hope you have a lovely trip!

Unknown said...

Jennifer! I love Your books and I love You! You are my very big inspiration! Thank You :)

Anonymous said...

Love Boden. I'm anxious to hear what you think at the end of the season.

Unknown said...


I am a high school teacher who has struggled to look appropriate and feel comfortable at the same time, and I want you to know that your writings have helped me so much! I own both of your books, and I read your blog weekly. Your writing style and the way you present yourself are so approachable that I think of you as a kindred spirit. Also, I feel more chic and more carefree with a smaller wardrobe. I am also using your tips with the students I am taking to Europe this summer. We are visiting England, France, and Switzerland, and I have been brainstorming with my travelers about how to look chic while country-hopping. Thank you so much for the work you do!

With deepest gratitude,


Anonymous said...

Jennifer , that is how i grew up, like madame chic, however i lost something along the way, and as you know USA gives us the freedom to dress however we wish. What do you think Madame chic would consider age appropriate ?Im 50 and I hate skirts or dresses , I rather dress in gym clothes or jeans.

Anonymous said...
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Patricia said...

Jennifer, I so loved this post...a departure, for sure, but very cute and very enjoyable. I love your wardrobe selections. Best of all, you always make me smile.

Patricia Wilson
Columbia, CT

Sally in Sydney said...

A lovely collection Jennifer. I'm not surprised that you found Boden; I'll be interested to hear your views on their durability throughout the season (some things wear better than others) but they are certainly chic and easy to wear.

We are in Autumn now in the southern hemisphere and I have dug out my core items: mostly cashmere jumpers and woollen skirts. I did buy some Ines de la Fressange items from Uniqlo 'out of season' (denim dresses and a tweed skirt) and am keen to see how they go this winter. Worn with tights and long boots and a cashmere cardi, I am hoping to show some French flair!

lizzbert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lizzbert said...

Hi Jennifer! I've read both your books, and you've inspired me to create my own 10-Item Wardrobe! I recently created one for a 10-day vacation that landed me on both coasts, I've been writing about it here: https://lizzbert.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/10-days-10-item-wardrobe-the-first-five-days/

Your choices for Spring/Summer are gorgeous!

Shannon at Gamine and Stripes said...

Yay! Glad to see the Spring/Summer wardrobe. I was just looking at the Boden tee's in my catalog yesterday and thinking of ordering them!

Anonymous said...

Loved the music with this video! Wanted to inquire what it was.



Vicki Zimmerman said...

Ah, Springtime is here, and I love every video you offer, especially your Ten-Item Wardrobe ones. Your musical accompaniment is always so perfect, too.

Eight dresses, one pair of skinnies and one A-line skirt! You're inspiring me to wear my dresses more, because you look so polished in them, and they are a beautiful and simple way to dress.

In your "Extras," the screen caption also referred to "outerwear," but i didn't see a coat or a jacket. Living in So. Cal., it can be cool at times, so do you have a special topper or coat for Springtime?

Have fun in Japan, Jennifer! ^_^

Amanda said...

I always look forward to your seasonal wardrobe update posts! I've followed your blog for years and rarely comment (this may be my first!), but I wanted to share with you another blog I have followed for awhile:


Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves has been blogging along the lines of minimalism for years and she recently delved into sharing a series about minimalism as it relates to wardrobes. She also has a book coming out next year!

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love your blog. I am a frequent reader and rare commenter. :)

Thank you for always posting these! You have inspired me this year to buy higher quality and to try more dresses and less jeans. :)

I have a question for you in general. Living on the East coast, in the summer here it is quite hot and humid. We spend a lot of time at the beach or neighborhood pool.

How do you stay chic when you go to the pool or beach, especially with young children?
And to tag onto that question: When you return home from the pool or beach in the late afternoon, do you shower and change into a full outfit and makeup or would you stay more casual?

Thank you Jennifer! =)

Sheree said...

It is so smart of you to encourage people to buy less. Saving for childrens' educations is a lot better use of money. Clean air and water are much better than too many clothes. I hope everybody copies you. I love that you liked having less stuff when your floors were fixed. Happiness doesn't come from buying too much. Good for you! Keep up the good work. :)

Abbie said...

Very nice! I really love the nautical tees, the APC dresses, and the Talbots skirt. Thanks for recommending Talbots btw. A while ago I bought some of their cotton t-shirts and the chino skirt you have, too. I was very impressed with their quality for the price (I bought on sale). I also am glad they do longer lengths. Even though I am very petite, I don't like how short a lot of dresses and skirts are now. :/ I am in my mid thirties and prefer knee-length. Hope you are having a great time in Japan.

Unknown said...

Would love a video on extras. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Japan!

Lisa said...

Your selections are beautiful! I especially like the items from Boden. I've never ordered from Boden. How does the sizing compare to US online retailers such as Garnet Hill?

Daesman said...

Wonderful video. I love your blog and find it very inspirational and full of wonderful ideas to simplify and enjoy the beauty and grace in our everyday lives.
You should certainly be a brand ambassador for APC. Based on watching your 10 item video and seeing how long your APC pieces lasted, I have ordered my very first piece from APC- a denim dress.
I would very much be interested in having you make a video discussing your extras and special event items for Spring/Summer 2015. Finally, I would love to see a post about the excellent books that you have read over the last several months. Thanks for all your great and motivational work.

Sarah's Simple Life said...

I love how classy and comfortable the Garnet Hill dress looks, this has made me order a dress from them, thank for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I implemented the 10 item wardrobe about a month ago and rid my wardrobe of hundreds of unneeded items. It's so easy to get dressed now, and I feel I am discovering what my true style is. I do need a nice pair of black pumps, but don't have the capacity to purchase something really expensive. Is there a brand you point people toward who need a nice pair of shoes, but can't spend hundreds? Thank you so much for the resources and ideas you provide!