# Jennifer plays the piano # Tchaikovsky

Jennifer plays Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers

Today I have another piano performance for you: Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers. I am using my grandmother's vintage piano book from 1934 for this rendition. I hope you enjoy my performance! It's certainly not perfect but I hope it captures the spirit of the season. The Nutcracker is one of my favorite ballets and the Waltz of the Flowers is such a mesmerizing waltz. I have always loved this song and associated it with Christmas.

I joke with my friends that I don't know why I keep promising to play complicated piano pieces on Instagram because then I am under the pressure to learn and perform the piece, but I think it's a great thing and it keeps my piano skills sharp. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Thank you to the Japanese readers who have made Lessons from Madame Chic the number 2 bestselling book in the country for 2015. What a major accomplishment for our little book! Arigato!

Lovely review and hilarious photo on the Bustle and Vim blog for Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic.

Raeful blog writes, "As with Jennifer’s earlier books, they bring about an instant peace and have me thinking calmly, envisaging myself strolling through my day rather than rushing." Check out the rest of her great review of Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic here.

Comments of the Week

Karina writes:

I finally purchased your first two books. Currently reading "Lessons...". The one thing that I TOTALLY agree with is the French approach towards exercise. I just came back from my first trip to Paris less than a month ago. As the foodie that I am, I thought I would come back with quite a few pounds more. So imagine when, after all the eating I did, I came back with 4 pounds less! The fact is, I stayed in Montmartre, where there are ALWAYS stairs. The apartment I rented was on the 3rd floor - no elevator. I did quite a bit of shopping, which I would have to carry for long walks. I didn't stuff myself with food, but I went to restaurants and still deprived myself of nothing and I came back quite fit.

Hi Karina, the "exercise incorporated into everyday life" concept that I picked up in France (rather reluctantly, I might add) has been such a life-changer. I used to be quite lazy (for lack of a better word) and would drive everywhere. Now I push myself to walk every single day, whether to run errands or walk the children to school. It just makes you feel good. Thanks for sharing your experience! And yes, there are quite a lot of stairs in Montmartre!

Kelly Ann writes:

Jennifer, Years ago, I was invited to a family's home for dinner -- a very modest, somewhat disarrayed, lived in home. As soon as I walked through the door, all I saw was a carefully set dining table, just as modest as the rest of the environment -- but I saw a spot for me. I remember feeling a sense of welling up inside -- a table set for me, because I was the guest. I will never forget that feeling, and often think of it as I set table for my guests. I hope for every guest coming through your door, your reader's doors, and my door, to have that same feeling. There is nothing like a table set for dining; it speaks of everything hospitable, civilized, and loving. I absolutely loved this post. Thank you!

What a beautiful memory, Kelly Ann. Thank you for this comment to remind us that no matter how modest our surroundings, we can always make others feel welcome and at home.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who write me emails via my author website. Every email I receive is so special and heart-felt. I wish that I could respond to all of them, but with my busy family life, I am unable to. Please know that I read every single email, save them and treasure them.

I hope you enjoy my performance for you this week! See you next time on The Daily Connoisseur.

Jennifer x

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Natalie Tze said...

Thank you for playing this whimsically fun piece for us, Jennifer. You've just made my day immensely more festive and cheerful. The music is still running through my mind and I think I shall play this particular piece on repeat throughout today!

I've also just finished your new book and my favorite topic was good posture. In fact, one of my resolution this year is maintaining good posture but alas, old and bad habits don't disappear easily. Some days I'll catch myself and readjust my posture but more often than not, I would be in some rather unladylike positions. I do find that by pulling my chair closer to the desk/table and placing a cushion between my lower back and the back of the chair reduces the likelihood of slumping or hunching. Just a little tip of what works for me.

The other topic that made an impression on me in the book was when you mentioned how you "will not allow your happiness to be ruled by others' actions." I find it very diffcult to not ruminate over others' mistakes and incompetences when those mistakes directly affect me, especially when I have done my part well and in a timely fashion. It's the inability to let go after the initial irritation that is troubling for me as this leads to prolonged upset and stress.

I'd love to hear you discuss the above two topics in your future videos. Have rewatched your "Four Agreements" book club videos numerous times and found them very helpful, but just as with poor postures, this negative ruminating habit is one that requires repeated reminders to expell from my life. Thank you very much in advance!

Anonymous said...

Now, that was enjoyable! Thank you for sharing your talent.

Susan said...

I really enjoyed hearing this. It is wonderful to be able to play music at home and feel that sense of joy at creating music.

By the way, if you have control over the content of ads for your Utube channel, you might want to ask for a change. The current ad playing is somewhat offensive and shows a woman sitting on a toilet.

Gloria Gail said...
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Gloria Gail said...

Thank you very much. That was lovely.

galant said...

Bravo, girl!!!
Margaret P

Julie in Wa said...

Oh, Jennifer, that was just lovely. One of my favorite pieces. Thank you.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Jennifer, your performance was lovely and puts me in the mood for the holidays! Thank you so much for sharing your talents and what you love to do when you have spare moments. This virtual audience member is most appreciative! I hope you and your family and loved ones are enjoying the season as the festivities get under way. I was just watching one of your older videos, from the Ten-Item Wardrobe Fall Winter 2013, which is one of my favorites of all times, and tomorrow I will be dressed very similarly to one of your outfits from that time, when I have my French class, with two friends, at a home in Newport Beach. I'll be wearing my J. Crew camel cashmere cardigan, a white tee and either a pair of J. Brand jeans or a navy pair of slacks with some Stuart Weitzman two-toned ballet flats, and a simple drop pearl necklace. Thank you, in so many ways, for your amazing inspiration. You inspire me more than you know, and on so many levels.

Teresa said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us that lovely piece of music which I have always loved! I am reading your second book and it is inspirational to me! Frequently, I will ask myself, " What would Madame Chic say, or do?

Rose said...

Jennifer I have enjoyed both performances, thank you and I hope you will keep challenging yourself because it inspires me to challenge myself! I have always thought of myself as being "no good" at drawing but have been giving it a fair shot. Your music self-challenges have prompted me to have drawing challenges for myself -- perhaps other DC readers are similarly inspired?

Jennifer Ibarrola said...

You're such a huge inspiration, Jennifer! It's always so refreshing to learn from you.

Much love from the Philippines!

mrs mias blog said...

I enjoyed watching your lovely performance with my 5 year old daughter - Waltz of the Flowers has been her favorite since she was a toddler! Thank you for all that you do to inspire others! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Hello Jennifer,
I enjoy your piano performances very much, especially because you are not a professional! There is an honesty and courage in publishing a performance that is not absolutely perfect, and it is so inspiring, because it is something we amateurs can relate and aspire to as well. I am 48 years old, and last year I was finally able to fulfill a lifelong dream and start taking piano lessons. My children are ten and twelve, and both started lessons when they were seven years old, so I am just a measly 40 years behind... Playing and learning new songs is giving me so much joy and enriches my life way beyond the obvious. It is never too late to pick up a new skill, and as long as we are realistic in our expectations there is no telling where it will lead us.
Thank you for your books and this blog. Your message is such an important one, and I find it encouraging to see so many people here on this site who also wish to live beautiful and cultured lives and teach our children the value of manners and poise.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Thank you for this, Jennifer! I enjoyed it immensely.