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Hello Daily Connoisseurs,

Apologies for the late post today. We have been traveling. We were also met with the horrible news from Las Vegas when we got off our plane. Our prayers are with the victims and their families. What a terribly sad day...

Here is my original post from today...

Today's video, which was shot in California before I left for my trip, features a few of my favorite things.

18 inch professional microfiber mop I have tried many mops over the years and this one is by far my favorite. I love its generous size. It covers a lot of floor space. I use this mop with the Black Diamond wood and laminate floor cleaner. It's a fantastic combination!

Joie fruit and vegetable wavy chopper knife This makes vegetables look very appealing... especially for kids!

Vitamix blender I received a Vitamix for my birthday present this year and, if you know my blender history, I could not be happier!

Tee shirt tunic from zulily (the brand is Cool Melon) I love this tee shirt tunic for more casual days. It's great with skinny jeans or leggings and ballet flats.

Sounds Like Reign YouTube channel. Brackin and Lindsay and their family are so much fun to watch. I love to see how other people live and, as debt-free homesteaders, the Sounds Like Reign channel shares such a refreshing perspective.

Laser Light Classics Ave Maria . I shared this in my Classical Music for Kids video. Every song on this album is gorgeous. It's an older album, but worth seeking out!

Bare Pro performance wear liquid foundation in sandstone spf 20 (click on image for link). I've been using this foundation while traveling and I am still loving it! Very natural and wears well.

bareMinerals blush in thistle (click image for link). This blush is such a good color for fall. I think it could be universally flattering.

Bath & Bodyworks Leaves candle. I just love this candle for fall. I'm looking forward to coming home and burning it before winter comes!

Check out my interview with Collective Hub on the ten-item wardrobe and why it is so liberating.

Take my new eCourse on the ten-item wardrobe! With over an hour of never-before-seen video instruction, notes and quizzes, you will feel prepared to create your own ten-item wardrobe. For those of you who already do the ten-item wardrobe, this course will keep you on track and provide further inspiration. The course is self-paced and includes a lively comment section with other ten-item wardrobe enthusiasts. Enjoy!

Here is a great testimonial for the eCourse on the ten-item wardrobe from Sheri S, who writes, "I totally enjoyed viewing the ecourse!! I'm planning to re-watch it today and get started working on my own closet. I appreciate you compiling these videos and the fact that you made it so affordable to us to participate!! Best wishes on your travels! God bless you all!"

Thank you, Sheri!

Comment of the Week
CH writes , "Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your posts!
I appreciate how you give us ideas and a template to follow.
You understand that everyone's style is different. I am an empty nester from the Midwest, so of course, our 10-item wardrobes will be different. People that comment negatively on your wardrobe are looking for a cookie cutter course - a one size fits all, and that is not what this is all about. I love how you teach, inform, share, and give us the inspiration to create the 10 or 15 or 20-item wardrobe that works with each of our unique situations, budgets, and seasons of life!
I wish I would have learned so much of this 30 years ago, but it is never too late to keep developing personal style!
Thank you for continuing to share and making the world a more beautiful place!"

Thank you, CH! Yes, I love to encourage women to think about their own life and tailor their wardrobe accordingly. Expecting other people to have your exact desired wardrobe is futile because we all lead such varied and different lives. Thank you for your comment!

Lena D writes, "For the people speaking about being offended about the millennial thing. I really think focusing on this one idea misses the point. Whether millennial bore more of the focus or not, is not the main point. Being easily offended is easy. Looking past something and acknowledging a truth is hard. Many people today of all ages, which Jennifer stated, have a hard time coping with adult responsibilities. That is a fact. That should be the real takeaway of the video as well as what we can do to step up."

Lena, I could not agree more! I'm glad you took away the important point from the message.

I hope you enjoy today's favorites video. Please share what you have been loving in the comment section. Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog!

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Unknown said...

Some of my recent September favorites are an apple scented candle by Mrs. Meyers, Trader Joe oatmeal cranberry coffee or tea dunking cookies (they are addictive)and my most favorite thing is not having to brush around my braces. After wearing them over 5 years they were finally removed 2 weeks ago. Happy Fall Jennifer!

Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing your favorites. For a few months now, I've been enjoying the "Phryne Fisher" mysteries written by Kerry Greenwood. Phryne Fisher is the sleuth, an elegant, independent and unconventional woman. The stories are historical and somewhat fantastical, but they're intelligently written and engrossing. Luckily, there are plenty of books in the series. I like some better than others. If you don't like one, don't give up on them all. A few of my favorites include "Murder in Montparnasse", "The Castlemaine Murders", "Queen of the Flowers", and "Away with the Fairies".

Another intelligently written book I enjoyed was a memoir called "Lunch in Paris" by Elizabeth Bard. It includes excellent recipes for fall and winter. There's a particular passage which reminds me of you, Jennifer. She describes her favorite painting in the Louvre, which is a painting by Raphael of a man called Castiglione. "Castiglione was was a Renaissance diplomat and writer, known for his book 'The Courtier', a gentleman's guide to leading a noble and civilized life." What Castiglione did for Renaissance gentlemen, you are doing for us ladies today, Jennifer!

Since you mentioned your new blender, I will mention my new electric tea kettle. I'm so happy my tea kettle no longer sits on the stove and gets splattered with grease. Also, it boils water more quickly. It's a Hamilton Beach model and very inexpensive.

Warm best,

Margaret said...

This is so much fun! I too recently purchased the microfiber mop off Amazon and it's been a dream to use on my wood floors :) I'm enjoying Sigg's yogurt cups with their slight touch of sweet in each thick and creamy spoonful. I'm currently reading "The Well-Trained Mind" by Susan and Jessie Wise as we contemplate the possibility of homeschooling. Inside their pages I've found lots of history-rich and beautifully presented resources to share with the kids. Everything from a book about Buffalo Bill to art lessons to cursive handwriting to "The Jungle Book" on tape - it's been delightful to learn alongside our kids in a new way these last few months (even if we don't officially homeschool)! And thirdly, I'm thoroughly enjoying a house project that involves making an ancestor wall of our family's old black-and-white pictures. Oh the stories and rich experiences found within one's family tree. Tomorrow I may even be brave enough to put a nail in the wall as I hope to commit to a hanging arrangement for our stairway.

Lucila Donoso said...

Thank you for sharing!
-I`m really happy with my new jean jacket that I bought two weeks ago. It`s made of good fabric and I`m sure it will last for years! I purchased it at a fancy store called Naf Naf in Quito that sells clothes made in Colombia.
-My yogurt maker. I purchased it in Amazon and ask my sister to bring it in her bag from Austin where she went to visit her relatives. (Dash yogurt maker color blue)
-The new tiny cast iron skillet to make fried free range eggs that my three year old and I love to have for breakfast. :)

Greetings from Quito!

Karen said...

I'm really loving our extended summer here in my neck of the woods, and after much saving, I've finally been able to purchase a waterproof jacket. I'm outside for extended periods in all sorts of weather, and my rain resistant jacket left me soaked during downpours. I treasure my new jacket!
I've also just came across Sounds Like Reign-I'm loving their Youtube Channel!
Many Blessings~

conscious bliss said...

1) Watched: The Handmaid's Tale: simultaneously horrifying and inspiring
2) Listening to: multiple versions of Greensleeves, as I practice it on piano
3) Reading: IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) Working Group 2's report on climate change for class

Unknown said...

Love the microfiber mop! I bought mine from a local janitorial supply and the price was very reasonable, for the mop and several microfiber heads I paid less than 30$. I don't just use it for our wood floors, but for cleaning our windows inside and out, large mirrors and our tiled bath enclosures. For Spring cleaning this year I fully extended it and dusted off vaulted ceilings by walking back and forth with it extended over head. It is very efficient at quickly cleaning any surface. There are several You Tube videos with medical cleaning professionals demonstrating how to use the "Medline" brand mop that is essentially the same. I found the videos helpful because they stress correct mop height adjustment and swiping technique as well as the precise amount of liquid to use per microfiber head. Not a paid endorsement, I'm just a fan!

Anonymous said...

My favorite "discoveries" this fall:

Not a new book, but I haven't read it until now: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. It's amazing how this man ( a scholar in Japanese art and language) could write convincingly a first-person account from such a radically different perspective. And it's also amazing how one can read this book and find so many commonalities that one has with this geisha. I can't put it down!

Also bookwise: Barbara Kingsolver. I read one book, and wasn't satisfied until I read all her books. You know how with some books, you have to read a few chapters as set-up before they really grab you? Not so here. She immerses you in the story from the get-go. LOVE her!

Clothing-wise: Anthropologie's the essential skinny pants. Not only do they fit me perfectly (not an easy task for pants, as I'm short), but they are SO comfortable. I wanted to buy another pair, but they were out of my size. I do hope they make more. I find it truly essential.

Makeup-wise: MAC Pro Longwear concealer. Most concealers say that they're buildable, but when you try it, they look cakey. Not so this one. It actually IS buildable. So I can use it not only to hide dark spots, like acne scars or redness, but build it up on active pimples. And it comes in enough shades to match a variety of skin colors.

Maureen said...

Your favorites videos are so much fun! My top three favorites at present are:

1) The Time in Between miniseries on Netflix: Jennifer, you would love this Spanish series about a seamstress-turned-spy at the beginning of WWII! I love period dramas, and I think you do too. The fashion, etiquette, etc. is enthralling! Great storyline to boot!

2) The Spa Dr. Daily Essentials 4-Step Skincare System + Clean Skin from Within book: Dr. Trevor Cates created this AMAZING all natural and effective skincare line which I am loving. I'm also reading her book Clean Skin from Within. It's a fantastic book on how to eat for healthy skin, plus recipes for homemade masks, etc. Right now she is giving her book away for free on the Spa Dr. website (you just pay shipping). Highly recommend!

3) Fisherman's Friend Extra Strong Lozenges: Unfortunately, my family passed two horrible colds around during September. My naturopathic doctor recommended these lozenges, and they are not only healthier than most (no artificial colors or flavors), but they're so effective!

Unknown said...

Three of my favorite things right now are
1. The Michael buble station on Pandora
2. Pumpkin everything!
3. My baby smiling

Alicia Pashby said...

Ciao Jennifer,
Thank you for your weekly diversions, I really appreciate them! About my current favorites, I have a few to share:
1. Makeup: Healthy Skin Foundation Powder from 100% Pure. I am also a bare minerals fan but find that I have other priorities in the morning, so I only do the full makeup when it's a special occasion. For daily use I put on this powder while I'm in the car on the way to work... No, I'm not the one driving, hubby takes care of that! The powder is amazing, but pricey $40. I find, however, that I only go through 2-3 tins of it per year, so I don't mind spending a bit extra. https://petitvour.com/collections/100-pure/products/100-pure-fruit-pigmented-healthy-skin-foundation-powder
2. Book: A colleague recently lent me "Falling Leaves" and it is an amazing story of a Chinese girl's journey through the decades. It also gives a picture of change and globalization in China and Hong Kong. While reading it, I was transported to another time. Word of caution, this book is not for the faint of heart, it has some very sad themes and could be difficult to read as a Westerner with different family values: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004CRTALC/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1
3. TV Show: Somehow hubby got me hooked on "Vikings." I close my eyes for half of it, but I still love the drama and intrigue. It's a nice diversion: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2306299/

Sheri said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm enjoying your blog as always. I love reading the comments on the subjects that stir up lots of controversy. Who knew yoga pants could stir such passion!

My favorites this fall:

1) New garden produce preservation tools; a pressure canner, an apple peeler/corer/slicer and a food dehydrator. I am experiencing a sharp learning curve with these new toys, but some food has been preserved.

2)Dulingo and Tiny Cards for learning a new language. I'm learning French for my future travels.

3)The 10 Item Wardrobe! I'm getting better at it season by season. I packed away two stacks of returning summer clothes (one stack of core items, and one stack of extras) and hung up my fall core items and also winter core items to fill in as the weather gets colder and organized my extras for layering (very important in Minnesota!) It took about an hour.

Unknown said...


I think my sister just recommended that same mop or one very similar! How serendipitous!

My top three, hmmm.

1) I guess now that I'm sleeping through the night longer because our little one is; our foam mattress bed from Costco, we took a risk but with a $100 rebate it was $399 and last year when we moved into our new house it was all we could afford. Thankfully, my husband and I find it to be the best mattress we've owned!! Shipping and handling included. https://www.costco.com/Comfort-Tech-10%22-Serene-Foam-Cal-King-Mattress.product.100235046.html

2) Warby Parker prescription glasses. I needed new eye glasses desperately, my husband had read a book where this company was mentioned and we gave their Try-On at Home program a go. They sent us 5 frames, with non-prescription lenses in them, that we chose ourselves, wear them around, get people's opinions and then return them in the mail and then purchase the ones we like, if we chose. My prescription is so strong with insurance it usually runs me around $400 for the lenses alone, without frames. It is $250 for frames, lenses, everything. If you have a less intense prescription, lenses and frames are $95 for most frames. Such a deal and they have a lot of on trend choices. FREE shipping. Overall, a fantastic experience. These are the ones I chose: https://www.warbyparker.com/eyeglasses/women/louise-small/jet-black

3) A handmade quilt we got as a wedding present from my cousin. It has great fall colors in it with some light pink and navy and it is covering the bottom half of our bed and it's just the best way to welcome fall and be cozy at night.

Thanks for your input as always! And Happy Travels!!

Unknown said...

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