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Stylish Face Masks, Dr. Birx's Scarves & No Pants News Anchor? | 3 Articles on Dress

Stylish face masks (according to Vogue), Dr. Deborah Birx's scarves, and the news anchor who thought he could get away with not wearing pants on camera... yikes! Welcome to 3 Articles on the Subject of Dress.

⚜️ The first article we discuss comes from Vogue and shares 87 of the most stylish face masks on the market right now. I enjoyed this article and looking at the various masks because we are going to try to replicate these at home with our sewing machine. If we have to wear masks, we might as well make them stylish. I would love to know... which mask was your favorite? If you are looking to buy handmade face masks, you can find a good variety on Etsy.

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04.23.20 | Hermès “Retour a la Terre”

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⚜️ The second article is from The Philadelphia Inquirer and discusses Dr. Deborah Birx's scarves. Dr. Birx's scarves are an elegant, yet professional signature style. An Instagram account has been dedicated to her scarves and analyzes the various ways in which she wears them.

Here are two good resources for silk scarves for you to check out: Mont Kiji and Nordstrom.

⚜️ The final article comes from The Wrap and discusses ABC news anchor, Will Reeve (Christopher Reeve's son), who appeared on camera without his, well, pants on! Many people joke that when they work from home, they dress on top for the Zoom calls and wear shorts or other non-professional items on the bottom. This is a funny story, but I have another take on it that you'll hear about in today's video.

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I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Bộ đôi hoàn hảo dành cho những quý cô! Nếu “20 bí mật sành điệu từ Madame Chic” là cuộc chuyển biến mạnh mẽ từ một cô gái người Mỹ trở thành một quý cô người Pháp thanh lịch với những phát hiện tinh tế và những bí quyết chia sẻ để trở thành Madame Chic thì “At home with Madame Chic” lại là một cuốn sách chia sẻ nhẹ nhàng những kinh nghiệm, những cách làm việc hiệu quả để có thể trải qua một ngày dài trơn tru với đống công việc nhà cửa mà vẫn thư giãn, thoải mái và thanh lịch. Với cách viết nhẹ nhàng, không hề khó hiểu, không có gì được gọi là quá “xa xỉ”, bất kì quý cô nào cũng có thể đọc nó như nhận một món quà để thưởng thức vào những ngày chầm chậm vậy!

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Comment of the Week
Torrie writes, "Hey! I just found your blog the other week, and I'm loving it so far! You'll be happy to know that you've inspired me to start getting dressed in real clothes every day, ha ha--I've been a stay-at-home mom for the last four years, and let's just say that I've always found it a struggle to get dressed unless I was going somewhere. Now, during the pandemic, it was getting even harder. But you've inspired me to get ready every single day---hair, makeup, real clothes!--and it really has given me an extra boost of motivation to tackle whatever the day ahead brings."

Torrie, thanks for commenting and sharing your experience and welcome to the blog! I'm so glad you've been feeling motivated through dress.

Thank you for joining us today for 3 Articles on Dress. I would love to hear your opinions on the articles listed. Let us know your thoughts and your comment could be chosen a comment of the week.

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Donna said...

This was a lovely video - thank you!

Louise Kaye said...

I've made a few dozen masks, for the local hospital and nursing homes, and for the employees at the local Humane Society who deal with the public. They are very appreciative, and I'm happy to help. Masks aren't difficult, but it gets tedious when you make 10 at a time! I am a quilter, so most of them are made with scraps.
I would suggest you buy your masks from Etsy, or ask your local quilt shop if anyone local is making them. That way, your purchase is more likely to help a small business owner instead of a larger factory. You may be able to request certain colors or designs.
I agree that Dr. Birx is professional and elegant. Maybe she will revive the use of scarves?