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The Ultimate Sleepwear Guide for Women 2022


Welcome to the ultimate sleepwear guide for women for 2022. Today I'm introducing you to several high quality sleepwear brands that you might not have heard of before.

Looking presentable always, even at night, is a main message of my work. I believe that taking pride in your appearance opens up a whole new world of beauty for you and affects you on every level. The sleepwear I'm modeling for you today can give you ideas for the style of sleepwear you'd like to wear at home. 

Momme Silk is a wonderful silk brand that has very wearable sleepwear pieces. These are perfect for women who are looking for casual and non-fussy elegance. 

Momme Relaxed Short Pajama Set Daily15 for 15% off 
This is a simple but luxurious shorts and tank set that would be perfect for a hot summer's night.
The red velvet slippers are from Amazon. 

I loooove this set. It is so chic and comfortable. The top has a crewneck t-shirt cut with a longer hem in the back. This emerald green color is so beautiful. 

To me this is the quintessential "lady of the house" style nightgown. It is very elegant with a perfect midi length. The bust area has lining and the straps are adjustable. 

The Ethical Silk Company is a UK based company that ships worldwide. Their silk pajamas and robes are ethically and sustainably made. 

The Ethical Silk Company Mulberry Silk Robe in Kochi Blue is sustainably made with 100%  Mulberry Silk with navy piping, French seams, and pockets at the sides. What a beautiful robe. You feel like a Queen when wearing it. I love that this company is committed to creating sustainable sleepwear. 

Neiwai You probably know them from the barely zero bra that I'm always raving about, but did you know they do sleepwear too? 

Neiwai Classic Embroidered Pajama Dress  JS10 for 10% off made from their signature Refresh Cotton with elegant button-up style French lapels. How chic is this? 

Neiwai Classic Embroidered Pajama Top and Pajama Bottom  JS10 for 10% off Also in Refresh cotton (a cotton and modal blend) with elegant French button-up lapels. 

Kindred Bravely is a wonderful maternity and nursing brand that has beautifully designed undergarments and sleepwear. 
Kindred Bravely maternity and nursing-friendly Betsy Ribbed bamboo nightgown 
JenniferScott20 for 20% off 

Davy Piper is known for their amazing undergarments like the Patsy multi-pack (which I highly recommend) but they also do fun and wearable sleepwear too. 

Davy Piper Haisley Pajama Short Set JenniferScott20 for 20% off in breathable bamboo premium fabric.
I love the soft bamboo fabric for this chic tailored pajama set. 

Mer Sea & Co You know them for their chic wraps and sweaters but did you know they do sleepwear too? This is one of my favorite pieces... 

MerSea Moon Dancer Sleep Tee and Sleep Pant These pajama separates are so comfortable and gorgeous. I love the wide-leg pant and the satin details on the pant ties and shirt back. The epitome of comfort. 

Not Just Pajama This company is for all the fashionistas who love uber-high-quality. 

Not Just Pajama French Style Long Set  Jennifer12. for 12% off Made of high quality organic silk, with customizable embroidery available, the French Set is an elegant set inspired by 1930s and 40s glamor. 

Not Just Pajama Gentle Pearl Pajama Set Jennifer12 for 12% off is another soft, organic silk set characterized by beautiful real pearl buttons and a flattering Chelsea neckline. The Not Just Pajamas are the most luxurious pajamas featured today.

Fleur't is one of my favorite sleepwear brands. I have been purchasing their undergarments and sleepwear for over a decade. Here are two new selections from them:

Fleur't Modest Nightshirt  SELFLOVE20 for 20% off Oh how I love this nightshirt. It has a high neckline, built in shelf-bra, and pretty lace details at the collar and sleeve. The fabric is so soft... it's truly a joy to sleep in. 

Fleur't Cami PJ Set in Cheetah  SELFLOVE20 for 20% off This set is chic and fun. When my daughters saw it they said they loved it. Fleur't put such amazing details into their sleepwear. I love the fit of the top and the art deco lace details combined with the fun cheetah print. 

Montelle Intimates The bust-support chemise is my favorite item from Montelle Intimates. I wanted to share them again here. 

This is their Parisian Kiss limited edition line. The lace details on this chemise are beautiful. SELFLOVE20 for 20% off 

I hope you enjoyed this sleepwear guide. I will do a follow-up video to let you know how the pajamas are wearing. It is a pleasure to discover such high-quality brands. 

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FTC: This post is not sponsored. The sleepwear featured was provided by each individual brand. I use affiliate links, including Amazon affiliate links. Thank you for your support.  

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Rebekah said...

Thank you for introducing me to Kindred Bravely! I ordered a pair of pajamas last night and I’m excited to get them!