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Gala at the Taper

Last night I attended the reopening of the newly renovated Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles to see a production of The House of Blue Leaves starring John Pankow (Mad About You) and Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle). This time the invitation did not say ‘business casual’ but suggested suits and colorful ties for the men; and gowns or cocktail attire for the women. How fun! I was really looking forward to people watching at this event- I love observing what people view as being dressed up- noting the time and effort they take to adorn themselves appropriately for the occasion.

The crowd did not disappoint. Men came in tuxes or well cut suits and the women shone- some in floor length gowns and some in fun cocktail attire. It seemed the theatregoers of Los Angeles turned out in their best to celebrate this reopening of one of our most beloved theatres. I went with three of my good friends N, M and J- who each, in turn, looked very well turned out indeed. I opted for an art deco inspired cocktail dress and heels.

The biggest showstopper of the night, however, was the Mark Taper Forum, which sits between the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Ahmanson Theatre in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. I had only attended a play there once before but that was enough for me to tell what a spectacular renovation had occurred. The entrance was lovely with mirrored paneled columns and deep rich curtains and carpet. The theatre itself was a wash of color with new velvety chartreuse seats and deep blue floors. The space felt fantastic and I was really impressed with the makeover at hand.

The play was very interesting- a farcical comedy that we later found out was a commentary about fame. (J and I admitted to each other at the after party that it was WAY over our heads). The seats surround the stage in a semi circle so I found myself at several points during the play looking at the faces of the people in the audience. I love observing other people’s reactions- I saw everything from the totally engaged to utterly confused!

This ends a wonderful week in theatre for me. I feel really grateful to have attended two thought-provoking shows and both in the company of good friends.

Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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Unknown said...

Lucky girl, there is nothing quite like getting dressed up for an occasion, but the real question is: What scent did you wear? ;-P

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Jena- funny you should ask! I have actually ordered several samples from The Perfumed Court and was looking forward to wearing Guerlain's Mitsouko to last night's event but, alas it did not arrive on time so I resorted to my trusty Narciso :) I hope you're having a great weekend!

ScentScelf said...

Hey, you're on a theatrical roll! Glad that you are having the opportunity to experience these shows, and have had the additional benefit of one of them being an all-out "event."

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thanks Scentscelf- Yes I love events although I don't get to attend them too often... I guess that makes them all the more special when I do go :)