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Tanning Update: Faux Tan

My first few posts were on the adventures of air brush tanning and the small fiascoes that therein ensued. I did promise to keep you updated on my quest for the perfect self tanner. Alas, I now have my review for Bare Mineral's "Faux Tan". I'm pretty impressed with the color that it gives you. It is very subtle and not orange at all. The lotion goes on in a dark green color so you can see where you have applied it, which is nice. Also, the initial smell is delightful- it has a heady almond scent. A few hours later, the "self tanning smell" does arise, however, due to the DHA in the product. I think next time I am going to try the application with gloves. Applying the product with my bare hands has given me very tan palms (eek!). And then there is the catch22 of washing my hands after I have applied the product. The color seems to stop at my wrist. To avoid this, I tried applying a little of the cream on the tops of my hands and somehow only wash off the palms of my hands without getting water on top (a very difficult maneuver indeed!). I am still in search of the perfect facial tanner to avoid the look of having a pale head and tanned body- not chic! L'Occitane apparently makes a fab self tanner for the face from their new Brazil collection. I vow to try it and let you know how it goes. Would love to hear about your self tanning stories and / or favorite products!

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