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The Daily Connoisseur Tackles the Linen Closet

Last night I re-read one of my favorite books on lifestyle and living: Colin Cowie Chic, by Colin Cowie- the renowned lifestyle and party planning guru. I read this book whenever I suspect that my home is sinking into disarray. I run a pretty tight ship but every now and then I start to let things go and then it becomes easier to let them go even further and as soon as I know it I am having nightmares about Mr. Cowie opening up one of my kitchen drawers and fainting from the complete chaos and lack of organization.

Colin Cowie boasts that he does not have a single kitchen drawer or cupboard that is unorganized. I envy this way of living. Honestly, I do. Some people might think to live like that would be an incredible bore. I think it would be marvellous. So today when I was doing my weekly washing I opened up my linen closet and realized with a sinking stomach that I have let it go. Big time. Table clothes were folded next to pillow cases. The sheets were folded such that I couldn't tell which were for the king sized bed and which were for the queen. Cloth napkins were mixed with bathroom hand towels. Just looking at it gave me the chills. How had I let it get this bad? So I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in. Only one hour later everything is beautiful again and orderly- all of the bath linens are together, bedroom linens are together and organized by bed size, kitchen linens are all stacked neatly in a row. For me, it is linen closet heaven.

I think the key to maintaining this domestic bliss is to not be in such a hurry when I am putting things away. Putting things in their proper place should only take mere seconds more than not putting them that way and it saves a hell of a lot of agro down the road. Now Colin Cowie can stop by any time he pleases and open my linen closets (not that he would) but it's nice to know that he could...

Colin Cowie Chic can be purchased at: www.amazon.com

Images courtesy of: www.countryliving.com and www.colincowie.com


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I very much need this book, If you think he would faint at opening your drawer or closet, I suspect if he opened mine he would be in that organizing room in the sky! Organizing is not my skill! How I wish! xx

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Josephine- You are responsible for my first big smile of the day- your comment is too funny! Sadly some of my drawers are the same- especially in the kitchen. It's so hard to organize miscellaneous bits and bobs!

LMK said...

Just looking thru your past posts, getting caught up in all the information, have come upon one of my favorite magazine photographs. Cut it out of, I think, Country Living, many moons ago. One of my go-tos when I'm in need of some sort of interior inspiration. It is the closet of Tricia Foley's upstate NY home. She's one of my favorite designers. Have you read any of her books? They're old, but believe are still in print. 'The Natural Home'
(ISBN 9781857937480) and 'White Christmas' (ISBN 9780517704110) are my favs of hers. Enjoy, Jennifer.