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On Why We Don’t Use the Best Things We Have- Part 2

Last week, my post On Why We Don’t Use the Best Things We Have got an overwhelming response. So many of you could relate and we all asked ourselves the same question- Why do we do this? What are we saving our best for?

So to explore this question further- I’ve been using only my best of everything this past week and have jotted down some notes to document my experience. I have included the highlights of my observations below:

Monday- Wore my favorite Intimissimi pajamas in cotton taupe with aqua blue lace trim to bed. I have never worn these to bed before. I’ve only worn them when staying over at my in-laws’ house as they are my prettiest pajamas and they tend to impress! Wearing them at home feels great… kind of like the equivalent of jumping into a perfectly laundered, freshly made bed.

Wednesday- Walked Gatsby in my Hard Tail yoga pants, ballet top and hoodie (an outfit I usually reserve for hiking with girlfriends). Felt as though there were a spring in my step and for the first time in a while did not worry that I would run into somebody I know.

Thursday- Wore my favorite J Crew cashmere henley in heather grey for the second time this week. Normally would shy away from wearing something twice in one week but when it is high quality and is the nicest warm sweater I have- pourquoi pas? Allowing myself to wear something more than once a week also curbs my ridiculous desire to buy too many expensive things- I don’t need that much… quality over quantity.

Friday- Today I am lounging around the house. The cleaning lady canceled on me so I changed my plans, rolled up my sleeves and did it myself. I was wearing a favorite lightweight chocolate brown tunic by Alternative and normally would have changed into sweats to do the housework but as my husband and brother-in-law are here, decided to stay in my best- even when cleaning. After all, they have to look at me too!

There you have my somewhat random notes. I definitely sense a positive shift of feeling when I use the best things I have. By doing so I am telling myself that every day is special enough to treat myself to the best.

Have you been using the best things you have? I would love to hear your observations…

Roses on my dining room table are pictured above.


LPC said...

Always have. Always will. After all, I am the best self that I have in my closet.

Bonjour Madame said...

I've been doing this with stuff around the house. I polished silverplate flatware and tons of silverplate serving pieces and have been using them both. I've also used crystal goblets for plain old water and taking the time to slice a lemon in it to make it pretty. It's a really eye opening project and I plan to take it further with other things.

Marsi said...

Just been enjoying my new pajamas this past week. I rediscovered a cute pair of pink suede slippers in my closet, which I bought in San Francisco two years ago and had completely forgotten about. They're a perfect match for all of the new pink pajamas I bought last week.

One little change I'll be making gradually is replacing all of my black lingerie with completely girly, macaron-colored lingerie. My wardrobe is mostly black; I don't feel comfortable or feel like myself in anything else. Naturally, I defaulted to black lingerie. Yet I'm so crazy about pink and other confectionery colors and very feminine things. So phasing out the black lingerie and replacing it with pink seems like a private way to indulge, without having to wear clothing that would make me uncomfortable or seem unserious.

Oshiya said...

i think the easiest way to use the best things is to only keep the best things. some old stuff is like an old habit.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I missed this original post but find the entire topic of great interest. My Mother is a great one for storing everything for best. I believe the best china, clothes, etc should be a part of everyday life as every day is 'best'.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Jennifer. xx

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Lots of snow here means that I'm shoveling the walk at least twice a day. Under the jacket and hat I wear my cold weather stuff: a silk long sleeved undershirt, a cashmere turtle neck, corduroy trousers, an alligator belt and cashmere socks. Into Belgian shoes when back inside. Tremendously comfortable and I always feel presentable.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

LPC- I don't doubt it- I picture you in your best at all times!

Bonjour Madame- I love this. And one day when I have these things I aspire to do the same! (Right now it is simply French dishes from Pottery Barn! But I appreciate them just the same...)

Marsi- I love that are wearing pink at home when you don't feel comfortable wearing it during the day. I love to wear black during the day too but for some reason at home, I don't like to wear it. It could have to do with Gatsby's (my chihuahua) fur getting all over me- or it could be that black is to depressing for home. I'm thrilled to hear you are loving your new pjs!

Oshiya- Yes- you have cracked it! By getting rid of everything that is not one's best one is forced to wear their best. (Does that make sense? LOL it sounded really confusing when i read it back) But it is so hard to get rid of things isn't it? I always make some lame excuse for why I'll need it in the future...

Josephine- I love it- your mother sounds fab and what a great role model for you xo

Easy and Elegant- Like I said to LPC I can't imagine you in anything other than your best- it is simply in your nature. Love your story.

The Coastal Chicster said...

Your post last week inspired me to do a little overhaul of my lingerie drawer(s). I have all these pretty things, but I save all this old stuff, too - and it's just in the way! I tossed about a third of it over the course of the week. I figured with all the lingerie and underthings I own, if I'd be embarrassed to be seen in it by my boyfriend, it went into the trash. :)