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Fresh Produce Clothing- A Review

This week's special Thursday video is a clothing review of the American sportswear brand Fresh Produce. In the video I show you three dresses and the different ways in which I accessorize them. To see the video click here, look in the sidebar of this blog or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

And now for this special Thursday post...

I was recently contacted by Fresh Produce to review some of their pieces on this blog. Fresh Produce has been operating for three decades making casual, resort and sportswear clothing for women of all ages. As (quality) casual sportswear is what my capsule wardrobe mainly consists of now I was very interested to see their range of clothing.

The ME (Mary Ellen) line is my favorite for its youthful, fresh approach to casual dressing. I think dresses are the easiest ways to look presentable because they are one outfit in and of themselves- you do not have to worry about finding a top or bottom that go together. All you need to do is select the right shoes and jewelry and you are done!

Here are the three dresses they sent me:

The Morocco Cafe Wrap Dress in Truffle

The Rio Malibu “Maxie” in South Beach Blue

The Bali Shine On Shirtdress in Black.

There are several things I like about these dresses:

They are made of a quality fabric that is 95% rayon and 5% lycra. The fabric has a certain heft to it- not flimsy at all, which I appreciate in a dress (so I don’t feel like I’m wearing my pajamas, you see).

The fabric does not wrinkle, making the dresses perfect for packing in a suitcase or traveling with.

The dresses are both fashionable and practical- the Morocco Café wrap dress, for example, is a faux wrap so if there happens to be a large gust of wind you will not flash any lookers-on (yes, this has happened to me before). The Rio Malibu “Maxie” has been thoughtfully constructed up top with thick straps to hide your bra straps (which I always appreciate)...

The details of the dresses are really unique- the fabrics are all hand dyed and are each different and vary from one piece to another. The ethnic inspired prints are bold but not overpowering and are easy to accessorize.

For my budget, the dresses are offered at a reasonable price point. I have bought a lot of jersey dresses in the past (because they are so easy to wear, comfortable and presentable) but I usually paid a lot more for them. A lot of my dresses, for example, come from Velvet, Splendid or BCBGMaxAzria and usually cost between $130-$150. These dresses all fall around the $85 range, yet the quality isn’t compromised in the least. So all in all I am very happy I found this brand and will be ordering from them in the future!

Some additional information:

The clothes are all made in the U.S.A. but aren’t only available in America- they ship to over 200 countries around the world.

The outfits are true to size so if you order make sure you check out their size chart.

Along with the ME line (which is my favorite) Fresh Produce also has beach clothing, sundresses and vacation clothes. (The links provided are their most popular styles in those genres.)

For more information on Fresh Produce Clothing visit their website: www.freshproduceclothes.com

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Anonymous said...

They have some really adorable things! There is a boutique in Boulder, near where I live, that I've never gone into but now have to check out.

The dresses are all really perfect on you, Jennifer, and your figure looks great, post-baby!

Karena said...

I love these dresses, great selection!!

Fresh produce has been a favorite of mine for years!! I have also bought their lines for my daughter!


Art by Karena

Lisa D. said...

So fun! I actually did a review of some Fresh Produce dresses, too. (here: ttp://thecoastalchicster.blogspot.com/2011/06/pretty-in-pink.html and here: http://thecoastalchicster.blogspot.com/2011/06/lbd-long-black-dress.html)It seems like we made a lot of the same observations -- easy to pack, doesn't wrinkle, straps thick enough to hide a bra strap and the benefits of a faux wrap. =) I love the dresses they sent me, and they look equally lovely on you! =)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

LuxeBytes- Thank you! They do have great things... and as I've said I am impressed with the quality xx

Karena- Yes I forgot to mention that they have adorable children's clothes too! Thanks for commenting xx

Merveilleux said...

I've never heard of this brand. I love Maxi dresses for Summer. They're so easy and stylish! Pretty.