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How I Blow Dry My Hair

My latest YouTube video is entitled How I Blow Dry My Hair. The majority of video requests I’ve received have been hair related so I thought I’d show you the basics of what I do when drying my tresses. To see the video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog or visit my channel at: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

And now to continue this week’s post on how I blow dry my hair...

Because I have very dry hair I do not wash my hair everyday (per my stylist’s recommendation). I wash my hair every two or three days. When I wash it I usually blow dry it. Doing so gives my hair a softness and presentable manageability that lasts.

Microfiber Spa Turbans are great! I’ve passed them for years in Bed, Bath & Beyond and beauty supply stores and always thought they were a gimmick- what was wrong with using a regular towel? But the spa turbans actually extract a lot of excess water from the hair, making the hair easier to either towel dry or blow dry.

Using a heat protectant is essential. I found Kérastase Nectar Thermique and will not look back. I love it.

The T3 Featherweight hairdryer is excellent. It uses a patented Tourmaline technology to dry hair 60% faster than the average hair dryer. It is also very durable as I have dropped it several times on my hard, marbled floors and it has not broken! Like the Clarisonic, I waited a long time to get the T3 (because it is rather expensive at $200) but I am happy I did. To see the T3, click here.

Shine spray is a wonderful thing for someone like me who does not have naturally shiny hair. I use: Catwalk by Tigi Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray.

With regards to the “twirl technique” … My stylist Valentino taught me this to keep my ends from getting flat and frizzy: Blow dry the hair as usual and when you get to the ends, twist with your round brush (this technique is highlighted in the video). This will give your hair body, character and bounce.

Use Velcro rollers on the top part of the hair to achieve volume and smoothness. The longer you leave in the rollers, the more volume is achieved. In the video I only left them in for about 5 minutes (husband, baby and dog were hurrying me up!) so I did not achieve as much volume as I would have liked.

As a final note, this video is set to one of my favorite songs ever written- Nocturne in D Flat Major Op. 27 by Chopin performed by Paul Pitman. I downloaded the song from Musopen (www.museopen.com) , a nonprofit company dedicated to providing copyright-free classical music to the public.

I would love to know... how do you blow dry your hair?

Future hair tutorials on YouTube will include: Old Hollywood Hair and Velcro Rollers Tutorial… I hope you'll stay tuned!

Also there will be a special Thursday post this week reviewing the clothing brand Fresh Produce Clothing...

Of course even with a perfect blow dry they can't all be good hair days. If this is the case it's a great idea to wear a hat like I am in the above picture. My Panama hat and I are standing in front of the gardens at the Getty Center in Los Angeles

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Anonymous said...

Wow. You do those videos so well, Jennifer! I do the pinning up, and blow-drying down the hair but I don't do the final twist as I normally blow-dry very straight. If I want waves, I used those bendy rollers which don't look glam but are comfortable to sleep in and I just wear them to bed. I might try your way. My hairdryer is an old crappy one so I may need to upgrade! Do you have naturally wavy or straight hair? And could you do a post on your Clairsonic one day? I've been curious...
The music was beautiful. Take Care. xx

Melissa said...

Love, love, love your blog! You've been a big help on so many topics. I definitely need to get a better hair dryer, and thanks for the tips on blow drying.

Also wanted to ask if you have any recommendations for brushes and velcro rollers. My velcro rollers never stay in, and I need to find a brush for thick, frizz prone hair.

Thanks so much for all the videos. Keep them coming!


Merveilleux said...

I've never gotten a hang of using a brush while blow drying at the same time. I basically just use my fingers to comb through my hair as I dry it. Then I follow up with my flat iron to get a sleeker effect. I also only wash my hair every 2-3 days because I simply despise blow drying my hair. I mentioned this back in your Sisyphus posts.. All this time later and I still haven't made it enjoyable..

Lacey R said...

I'm not a fan of blow-drying my hair either, my ends always stay stick straight even if I try to use a big round brush...I will have to (patiently) try your twirling method. Thanks for posting the video!

Gillian said...

I love to use a couple of big clips to partition away my big mop of hair and than blowdry each section individually, gives a more consistent look

English Sarah said...

Felicitations from England! I am so enjoying reading your blog and learning a lot from your videos. On the subject of music, I love, love LOVE the piece from your 'le no make up look' video. Would you be able to tell me the track name?

Vicki said...

Hi Jennifer,

Love reading your blog and watching the videos. Thank you very much for your answer to my question on how to give my daughter's the finishing touches etc. I will be buying your book! It makes me realise how you must set aside time for grooming, it just can't be done in 5 or 10 minutes and is as important as any other job we do.

Have a lovey week,

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Josephine- Thank you! I have not mastered the art of blow drying my hair straight... my ends just end up frizzy and I usually have to use a flat iron... which isn't the best for the hair. I have naturally curly hair. And Yes I will do a Clairisonic post one day as I am their non-official (unpaid) spokesperson haha. Thanks for all of your support xoxo

Melissa- Thank you so much- your feedback is really appreciated! I just use the Conair velcro rollers from the drug store- I do use clips to hold them in as mine rarely stay in by themselves (even though they are supposed to). For a hairbrush I use The Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Bamboo Paddle Brush it is good for the environment and for the hair. I also use the same brand (Olivia Garden) for the roundbrush seen in the video. xx

Merveilleux- You are lucky that you don't need to use a brush. If I only used my fingers I would look like Diana Ross. And although she is fabulous, that huge hair look is not the look I am going for :) xx

Zénaide- I envy you for having a bob. I have always wanted one and even tried it out one time but it didn't work with my hair and face shape. I have always adored a bob because there is something so art deco about it. I'm so happy you like the music. Isn't that song beautiful? Chopin was a genius xx

LR- You are welcome! Hope the twirl works for you :) xx

Gillian- I have to use the clips too otherwise it is such a mess... xo

English Sarah- Thank you so much. I love England (as you probably know if you read the blog :) I actually composed the music from the "Le No Makeup Video" myself. I made the music on my computer in garage band. I'm glad you liked the song, I was quite pleased with it too! A lot of the future videos will either showcase music I have made or my favorite classical tunes xo

Vicki- Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post based on your request. I hope I was able to answer your question and provide insight. Have a wonderful week xo

Heather B said...

Jennifer, what conditioning products to you use regularly for your dry hair? Mine is horribly dry, and I just can't seem to find the right combination of moisturizers to get it under control!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Heather B- Dry hair is a major problem for me still... I do like Terax Original Crema but it can be hard to find and is expensive. I have some John Frieda products coming my way and if they are good for dry hair I will do a review! Will keep you posted ;)

Heather B said...

Sounds great! I went by my hairdresser's suggestion of Regis' Cashmere shampoo and conditioner. It's alright, LOVE the smell, but I haven't noticed it being any more moisturized. (sigh)

Daniella said...

Hi Jennifer!

So I hope this doesn't sound too crazy, but i've been reading back on all your blog posts, as well as throughly enjoying your book, all while envying your lovely hair! I have naturally curly hair (although thin), and it's always been a sore spot for me as far as styling it in anything but a frizzy ponytail. The natural curl feels anything but chic to me, which I hate.

So imagine my surprise to come across your video and notice you actually do have naturally curly hair!! I'm in awe and officially going to take my time and try out your blowdrying tips. You might just be my hero if I can get it to work for me. Thank you so much!

Also, if you have time to answer, I would love to know what kind of hairdryer you have? Thank you!

Daniella said...

Oh my gosh, how did I miss the section on your hairdryer? lol... so sorry! I have my answer!