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On Cosmetic Laser Treatments

When recently visiting the Beauty Culture exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography there was a section on plastic surgery- images of people going under the knife- everything from tummy tucks to face lifts. The pictures were very graphic and chilled my squeamish constitution to the bone.

I’ve always said I would never get plastic surgery. And I know one should never say never but for now I am sticking to my guns. I know you might find this hard to believe (as I mainly blog about beauty and appearance) but I’m simply not vain enough to get cosmetic surgery. My major flaws do not bother me enough to actually get surgery to correct them.

Plus I subscribe to the French philosophy that a quality of jolie laide (which translates literally as ugly/ pretty) in a woman can bring out her uniqueness. A big nose, a small chest, a less than flat stomach… these ‘flaws’ add character! After all we don’t want to all look alike do we?

But what about those pesky wrinkles, sagging skin, sun and age spots and other less than desirable signs of aging? How will I feel when those start to affect me? While I still say I’m not vain enough to get plastic surgery… I am vain enough, however to try a non-invasive procedure.

I am speaking of Cosmetic Laser Treatments- and the future technologies of the beauty industry.

My only experience with lasers has been laser hair removal (I know I’m venturing into the realm of over-sharing but this is a blog after all and I feel it my duty to let you know- plus you might be interested in hearing my verdict on the subject). I got it done four years ago and have had an overall good experience with it. It removed 80 – 90% of the unwanted hair in the areas targeted. The technology improves and advances everyday so I imagine that now, four years later, the hair removal would be even more efficient.

I have heard that lasers can do so much more than remove unwanted hair though. I recently had the opportunity to ask some questions to Alma Lasers- one of the leading cosmetic laser companies in the country, some of my pressing questions with regards to cosmetic laser therapy. Here is our Q and A:

Why are women using lasers? To improve their skin’s color, tone, laxity and texture.

How do lasers work? Every laser has a wavelength that targets a specific depth in the skin to hit the desired trouble area to create improvement.

What are the most popular laser treatments? Laser hair removal, pain free hair free.

What is the quick lunchtime laser fix?
For Alma lasers it’s “Accent your body”. More information about the treatment can be found at www.accentyourbody.com

How long do the results last? Laser treatments can last years, however protection against sun exposure is imperative to keep the skin looking its best.

How much pain is involved? If no pain, how is this possible? The heat is applied gradually until the therapeutic temperature is reached to avoid pain.

How much does a treatment cost? (price range)
anywhere from $250-$2000

Where is the cosmetic laser trend headed in the next few years? In the next few years cosmetic lasers will have longer lasting results with less downtime.

Where can you get laser treatments done? In an aesthetic physician’s office- all across the country.

Voilà their response.

I would love to know… what do you think of cosmetic laser therapy. Would you have it?

For more information on Alma Lasers and to find a practitioner click here or visit: www.accentyourbody.com

The long case clock pictured above is from Paris and dates back to 1744. It is oak veneered with ebony, tortoiseshell and brass with bronzed mounts. It can be seen at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

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Anonymous said...

So far, at 41, I am still of the opinion to NOT have any cosmetic procedures (knife) done, including Botox. I ascribe to the jolie/laide philosophy too. Lasers? I would really have to research them before doing them. I have known of two women in the recent past who have had some type of laser therapy done and had painful recoveries. Not sure exactly how they all differ, thus research is needed on my part.

All that being said, if I ever have severe ptosis of the upper eyelids...SIGN ME UP for fixing that. I worked in an ophthalmology practice where this was done (for medical/sight reasons). The results are amazing.

I would also get breast reduction for medical reasons.

Now that I have bared my soul...au revoir. xxBliss

Tiffany said...

I've had laser treatment on pigmentation on my face and I'm a fan, definitely.

Karena said...

Yes I would, especially as non invasive as it is, and as you say there are improvements being made all the time!

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Anonymous said...

I probably will get laser hair removal at some point.

I'm not opposed to plastic surgery, but from what I've seen, I don't think it's always the best way to fight aging.

But I'd go for less invasive procedures that plump or firm the skin. Sagging skin is one thing I'd love to prevent!

Gina said...

Absolutely! A podatrist used cold laser therapy on a foot problem several years ago, and the healing time was amazing. That same therapy was rejiggered and released as the non-invasive laser "lipo" that is gaining popularity.

If a series of chemical peels doesn't help the slight hyperpigmentation on my face, I'd consider laser treatments! No doubt!

Gina said...

On a slightly different note: has anyone used facial massage as part of their skincare regime. I know that both Shiseido and Clarins promote this.

LR said...

Glad to hear your thoughts on this, Jennifer. I have been debating getting botox to get rid of frown lines that bug me...still going back and forth on it.

Just wanted to comment about your twitter remark about RHONY...I didn't watch the reunion, but I heard it was atrocious. It is terrible the way they act. RHONY used to be my favorite show, and now I can't even watch it anymore. And to think that I actually met LuAnn in NYC last year at a denim drive event! Believe it or not, she was actually quite nice and genuine and NOTHING like what she appears to be on the show. It's really too bad.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies- thanks for commenting!

Bliss- Research is a very good thing and only time will tell. I also know a lot of women who have gotten laser treatments and have seen before and afters that are quite remarkable. One of them did have a painful recovery. Not sure how much pain I could face. But the laser hair removal was not bad at all- pain wise. xx

Tiffany- That is great to know! Thank you for sharing your pleased results xx

Karena- The non-invasiveness of it all appeals to me greatly :) xx

Ms. M- me too! If something non invasive can be done about sagging skin I am all for it when the time comes xx

Gina- That's amazing that they treated a foot problem! They really are versatile. I have heard a lot about facial massage and was offered to review a book on it for this blog but had to decline as I had a very full plate at the moment. I will look into it more- there might be a good story there xx

LR- Let me know if you do get Botox what your experience is- I'd be interested to find out. Yes it is a shame about the RHONY. I was so disgusted by the bad behavior. Whatever happened to manners and grace? They all behave like animals in order to get more air time (actually that is an insult to my dog who is an animal and behaves nicer than they do). I won't be watching it anymore. It used to be my guilty pleasure- now I'll have to find a new one! xx

Grace Elijah said...

Well in my opinion natural beauty is better, having wrinkles is part of life, when you get old things start to change for you, your body gets weak, your stamina decreases, your skin becomes lose, i would never go for such kind of treatments.

smita sharma said...

Is there a cosmetic surgery or a Cosmetic treatment or a procedure to improve the fairness of the skin?