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A View of London

It hasn’t felt much like summer here in England- it’s been cold with heavy rains and thunderstorms! Unfortunately I did not pack accordingly. I did pack a 10 item (ish) wardrobe but sadly most of the items I’ve packed are summer attire. Thankfully I had the foresight to bring two Tippi sweaters from J. Crew (one in navy, one in black) as they’ve really come in handy.

I’m staying in the countryside and have ventured into London a few times, dining first at French restaurant (of course) Aubaine (I had a delicious smoked salmon salad), then doing a spot of shopping on New Bond St. and finally dragging my husband and daughter to the Sherlock Holmes museum (pictured above)- which I have been to before and I must admit isn’t quite so much a ‘museum’ as a marvelous recreation of what 221b Baker St. would have looked like. There is something about that space that I just love and naturally I went a bit mad in the gift shop. Also there was a very large line to get into the museum proving that I am not the only mystery buff that loves all things Sherlock Holmes.

And even though my Twitter friend and fellow blogger Mr. London Street heckled me a bit for not taking public transportation into the city, I did shoot this week’s video, which I quite like, out of the car window. I call it A View of London… in it you see a tour of the beautiful city and a rare glimpse of Mr. Connoisseur. I hope you like it!

If you are not able to see the above embedded video, A View of London, you can see it by clicking here, looking in the sidebar of this blog or by visiting my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

I hope your summer is going swimmingly...

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Kori Donahue said...

Too bad about the weather but how lucky to be there. Hope you have a great night! Kori xoxo

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious? said...

Love the video, thanks for posting it! I adore the black taxicabs. I would like to explore London more, my husband has been there several times but I was only there once with my parents in 1998 when we went on a tour of Europe, London was our starting and ending point. We didn't have much time for exploring but my Dad paid $$$$ for us to take a black taxicab from the train station to our hotel because I wanted to ride in one so badly! I was always grateful that my Dad did that for me! :)

Merveilleux said...

Loved the video! I hope to get to London someday to explore.

Shelley said...

I love the Sherlock Holmes museum as well! I know just what you mean about the gift shop...

Always expect crummy weather in Britain...then you can be pleasantly surprised (or well prepared).

CashmereLibrarian said...

So pretty!

Fiona said...

Fabulous video, and I'm dying to know what the music is? It's a perfect fit.

Vicki said...

Thanks Jennifer for making the video, it was delightful, you're right it was still a cosy and beautiful day. Very brave of Mr Connoisseur to drive in London? I know you will make the most of every moment. Funny, but to me you seem so much more English than american.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hello Jennifer, I'm impressed that Mr Connoisseur can drive in London! I am always cheered by a pretty window box display too which is one reason I love Midomer Murders. And the brick buildings look wonderful, don't they? I really enjoyed this cruise into London with you. Now I really want to go back in person! My heart always sings when I see the red phone boxes and that grey light over London. Hope you are having a beautiful break. xx

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Kori- Thank you darling! The weather is still bad but we are coping :) Hope you're having a wonderful summer! xo

LR- I love that story about your Dad getting you the taxi cab- that's the sort of thing my Dad would have done for us... such a sweet memory xo

Merveilleux- Thank you! The best time to go to London (I have found) is in June... the weather is usually pretty good then xo

Shelley- Yay! Someone else who loves Sherlock Holmes as much as I do! My husband was very tolerant of my extreme need to go to the museum again. He even posed with me in the Watson hat (I was Sherlock of course) xo

Cashmere- Thank you! Hope you're having a great summer xo

Fiona- I composed the music myself on my computer. I use Garage Band on my iMac- I basically put together loops that go nicely together. I got a request to do a post on how I compose music so I will do one in the future. Hope you're well! xo

Vicki- Thank you! Mr. Connoisseur is from London so for him to drive there is no big deal. Driving in California scares him more :) And as for me I wouldn't get behind the wheel in England for anything- all those roundabouts and driving on the other side of the road is way too intimidating for me! :) xo

Hi Josephine- Thank you! As I told Vicki Mr. Connoisseur always drives us there because he is a native! He was amused to find I included him in this video... ha! Have a wonderful week xo

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Yep, this summer here has been hideous! I'm glad you're still enjoying it though and I really need to see the Sherlock Holmes museum for myself one day. Great video too, enjoy your week xo

Anonymous said...

Great video, Jennifer. And you look so pretty in your sky blue blazer! Really brings out the blue & green in your eyes.

Thank you for such a creatively filmed show. Have only seen these sights in an encyclopedia or the LiLo version of "Parent Trap" - love this one the most!

And am anticipating your installment regarding the creation of your compositions, that'll be a fun tutorial to follow!

AussieSaver said...

A few years late but... What is the piece of music in this video? I just love it!