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On the Eccentric Chic of British Style and My Favorite Jeans

Before this week's post begins be sure to check out my latest video entitled My Favorite Jeans. In the video I show you my beloved J Brand Skinny jeans and the various ways in which I wear them. If you are not able to see the embedded video below click here, look in the sidebar of this blog or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

And now for this week's post...

My time in England is coming to a close and I will be back home by the end of the week! While here I have been paying very close attention to the vibe of everyday style. I love doing this. When I lived in Paris I noticed the paired down, minimalistic effortless chic clothing that comprised so many women’s daily wardrobes- A line skirts, colorful sweaters, neck scarves, low heeled sandals. In California it is a whole other matter- Casual luxe reigns there- designer jeans with a deliberate rip in the knee, James Perse t-shirts, sandals, pedicures and sunglasses.

British style is a whole other beast. I would best describe the style I’ve seen here as ‘eccentric chic’.

British street style is whimsical, eccentric and edgy. The women here are not afraid to take risks or go for trends. Having said that a lot of them march to the beat of their own drum and ignore trends all together.

Allow me to elaborate.

Edgy Fashionistas: When in London shopping on New Bond St. I noticed several women in what I would call 'extreme harem pants'- a slouchy pant with jutting angles at the hip. One woman paired her extreme harem pants with maroon suede ankle boots, a white tank top and grey vest. She had her hair in a messy top bun. She wore edgy eyeliner and sharp pink nails. She looked as though she had just been styled to walk down the runway- but I think she was just walking to work. Imagine wearing that to the office!

Free Spirited Eccentrics: I’ve noticed a lot of black opaque tights paired with bright ballet flats: this look is either worn with a dress or shorts. I’ve noticed a lot of tight leggings and high riding boots. Colorful bra straps peeking out of see through crochet tops. Messy up-dos. Feathers and bows pinned in the hair. Eyeliner and bright lipstick. Pretty floral dresses worn with something quirky like a chunky sweater or a leather vest.

Sophisticated Statement: The most conservative looks come from the women of a certain age that wear timeless, sophisticated clothing- cashmere sweater sets, Herm├Ęs bags, driving loafers and statement jewelry. These women are always well groomed and usually wear le no makeup look as well. It is this group of women that seem to take their fashion cues from Paris.

Around every corner there are surprises. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘uniform’ for British women- and based on my above descriptions you can see why I have labeled their look ‘eccentric chic’.

I admire many things about British style- the women here seem to have a lot of fun with fashion. They don’t appear to dress for sex appeal like they do in L.A. and I don't see the minimalistic elegance (from the younger generation anyway) that I saw in Paris. There is a mad, artistic vibe that prevails here- an originality that is very fun to observe.

Of course out of all these styles my favorite British style icon is one who I haven't mentioned yet- Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge who is inspiring the world with her ladylike and sophisticated sartorial choices. She is in a category all her own.

I would love to know… what are your thoughts on British style?

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itsmidnight said...

That was the cutest video and you said everything I would have said :) J Brands are amazing and you look great !!

Lacey R said...

Love the video - J Brand jeans are definitely on my shopping list this autumn! I find British style very interesting -- there is Duchess Catherine's style, which I love; and I also like some of the quirkiness British women get away with (i.e. bright coloured tights with dresses and boots/flats), odd accessories, edgy makeup, etc.

the gardener's cottage said...

you are so Adorable. you make me want to buy a pair!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Its Midnight- Thank you! J Brands are great aren't they? I love them xo

LR- Thank you for reminding me about the Duchess- I meant to include her in this post but completely forgot to put her into the final draft! You will love J Brand jeans- they are the class act of jeans :) xo

Janet- Thank you! The jeans are really fab. My favorite aspect about them are how simple they are- I'm not one for rhinestones on my jeans :) xo

Anonymous said...

I love the Duchess's style too. I saw a news headline yesterday, where apparently some designers were declaring that she is not a fashion icon. I beg to differ! I think her style is like a breath of fresh air. She has found a way to dress conservatively without looking outdated or matronly.

Beautiful Things - Cathy said...

As a fashion loving English woman I did enjoy this post. I think you're right, there is no one theme to British style and that's how we like it. Some days you want to dress sexy or chic and some times you just like the look of your red ballet flats against your black tights. Sometimes you get it wrong but that's okay. Fashion's too much fun to stick to play it safe all the time.

Anonymous said...

It's usually too cold here to dress for sex appeal!
I think you've really nailed the different tribes - spot on Sherlock.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jennifer! Love the video(s), as it's been since last post I've visited. Not a follower of British stle, per se, but am a disciple of music, so know too well the UK rock (no rules) and punk scene (all rules broken). But, as an American woman "of a certain age" can understand their penchant for Paris and it's fashion status quo.

Am not a shopper, so stick with JCrew mostly, but love their matchstick and vintage boyfriend jeans, depending on the look I want to convey. And I always love your style and look forward to each installment.

Hoping your vaca was a good one? What we've been privvy to seems to have been a success! And godspeed to you on the return across the pond.

Anonymous said...

You looked so cute and adorable in that video that it made me want a pair of jeans. I only own one battered old pair of Levis and rarely ever wear them but now I'm tempted. I agree with all you have said about British style. No surprise but I love it. I'm a big fan of quirky, whimsy, nostalgia and vintage. I love folk like Helena Bonham Carter who have the courage and flair to create their own style. Safe journey home, Jennifer. xx

J. said...

When I was growing up, I always went shopping in London, so I have loved British style ever since. Some of my favorite designers and people in the industry (Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Lulu Guinness, just to name a few) are British too, so I only have good things to say about it really. And I like how it is constantly evolving too.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello ladies- I am home now... hurray! Thanks for all of your great comments- It's fun to hear what you think of British style too- and I'm glad people liked the video on my favorite jeans- love those J Brands- they are reasonably priced (compared to many designer jeans) and I find that I only need 2 pairs for my capsule wardrobe! In the summer I would add a pair of white jeans and c'est tout! I am exhausted from my journey home so this week there will be no post- but there will be a very special video :) Hope all is well xo

Marisa said...

Hi there! I was wondering where your button-down was from -- I am on a quest to add one or two flattering button-downs to my wardrobe, and I like the cut of yours.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Air Force Wife- My button down shirt is by James Perse- I got it at Bloomingdale's but they have a website: www.jamesperse.com They make the best t-shirts and button downs. My absolute favorite! xo

Capecoastgirl said...

I love your blog! Have you thought about writing about what or how you packed for your trip to England and what you wore while traveling?