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Richmond Upon Thames and the Puppet Theatre on the Barge

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And now for this week's post...

I'm slowly falling in love with Richmond upon Thames. It has all of the bustle and convenience of a big city but is not overcrowded or overwhelming. On top of that it has so many beautiful gardens and charming places to walk along the riverside. In fact, it is the quaint riverside that reminds me so much of the Wind in the Willows- a book I've had a lot on the mind recently.

One evening after dinner while walking by the river we happened upon a Barge that did puppet shows. So the following day my brother-in-law's girlfriend (the one that also wears Stella) and I took my daughter to the barge to see a performance of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. We walked on to the barge and down a narrow flight of steps in to the most charming space. The barge had been converted into a tiny theatre! There was a little ticket and concession stand serving tea and cakes. We had a cup and then made our way to our seats. The curtain came up and the most whimsical show unfolded before us- an hour long presentation complete with sophisticated and life like puppets, soothing narration and beautiful saxophone driven music (what is it with me and saxophones?)

The whole experience was so charming. I just love independent theatre performed in a small, unique setting. It was one of those magical afternoons that I will never forget. When I got home I looked up the Puppet Theatre Barge and learned that Brad Pitt and Angelina had taken their kids to see the puppets the week before… I can imagine that caused quite a stir on the river!

If you find yourself in England – whether you have children or not- you must go seek out the Puppet Theatre Barge- they have both children’s and adult shows. The experience is intimate, charming and quite whimsical.

For more information on the Puppet Theatre Barge click here or visit www.puppetbarge.com

I would love to know... what was your last theatrical experience?

The first three images are my photos of Richmond upon Thames and the last image is of the Brer Rabbit taken from the website www.puppetbarge.com

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ZĂ©naide said...

My last theatrical experience was actually a couple of years ago. My sister and I took our mother (dementia), who loved the dramatic arts, to see "Anne of Green Gables" in Toronto. It was one of the first musicals to which my mother took me and we have seen this production several times over the years. While far from sophisticated by today's standards, it's familiarity was comforting to my mother. It was bittersweet that it was the last theatre I'd see with her.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Zenaide- Thank you for sharing that with us... it's a moving story. I love Anne of Green Gables (just recently got the books to re-read on the kindle- they are free in e book form) and would love to see a theatrical production of it done. Theatre really can touch people and move them and it is so nice that you have that memory that you can attach to your mother. xo

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! My last theatrical experience was of a play that I believe originates from London, "Blood Brothers". I loved it! I try to go to the theater multiple times a year. xxBliss

Anonymous said...

My youngest, Emma, 9, is a budding thespian, and has been involved in many local projects over the past years showcasing her singing and acting abilities. I also lend a hand in creating (drawing/painting)the backdrops for these productions.

And my eldest, Holly, 22, was involved in our high school's show choir until her graduation. None recently, but misses it at university.

We also have the yearly tradition of taking our family to see the Beef and Boards theatre/dinner show of "The Christmas Carol", and attending a Spring show of our choosing given by the same troupe.

Then there's the Milk Building that puts on plays once a season, and the Westfield Playhouse that does the same.

Absolutely wonderful, fun & inexpensive entertainment. Our love of supporting the local talent is definitely a family affair!

It's fun to hear of others experiences...especially those held in other countries. And I can't imagine seeing a play on a boat!?! Wow!

Rose said...

I've been away- you're here! and in Richmond- isn't it lovely- I think it's where I'd like to live when I'm a grown up

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer, yes we all know those days when you need the bun. My last theatrical experience was just this weekend when my husband and I saw The MouseTrap at an historic theatre church in Sydney. It was quite wonderful to see the show here as it's the first time they've allowed permission for it to be performed in Australia. We did see it years ago at the West End and I loved it. Next time we go to England, I would love to see the puppet barge theatre and I'm sure Daisy would enjoy! I also love live theatre. Happy travels. xx

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Bliss- I've heard that Blood Brothers is amazing- will have to put that on my list! xo

LMK- I love that your children do theatre- it was my favorite part of school- I loved it so much I majored in theatre in college! Love A Christmas Carol. When I was part of a theatre group we could do it every year and I played Belle. Such good memories xo

Rose- I absolutely adore Richmond. It's the perfect place to live in England in my opinion. Love it xo

Josephine- can you believe I've never seen The Mousetrap? I had been saving it to see in England and one day my husband out of the blue told me the ending!! I was so mad! (He doesn't quite get my obsession with Agatha Christie) I still want to see it though... Men! xo