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Strange Invisible Perfumes

This Thursday I will be announcing the perfume I have chosen as my new signature scent. Before that, however, I wanted to introduce you to the botanical niche perfume company Strange Invisible Perfumes, who I had the pleasure of visiting in their flagship Venice Beach boutique. While there I got to sample several of their all natural, organic botanical fragrances. Keith, the sales associate was extremely knowledgeable and gave me a run down of some of their most prized fragrances.

Strange Invisible Perfumes have no synthetics in them. I am not very familiar with botanical perfumes and it takes a while to get used to these very organic smells but you quickly fall in love with them. Some of the perfumes smell more mainstream like Prima Ballerina and Tahitian Honey. (My favorites of the bunch were Tahitian Honey, L’invisible and Magazine Street) and some are highly unusual like Black Rosette and Essence of IX.

The perfumes are the creation of perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis- truly a master artisan. The Venice boutique is the only one in the world although their fragrances are sold online on their website www.siperfumes.com as well as in certain high end department stores. As a side note, because these perfumes are so unusual I would highly recommend sampling them in person before purchasing online...

If you are a perfume connoisseur into synthetic free organic niche fragrances- this is the place for you!

The bottles are very minimalistic and the fluid of the perfumes are a golden amber color and would look lovely on any vanity. (Apologies I don't have better pictures of the bottles themselves... my camera went amiss that day. Visit their website for vivid pictures and more in depth descriptions)

Here is a very bare bones rundown of the different scents.

Moon Garden- Tuberose and jasmine

Fair Verona- a classic fragrance: citrus, cardamom, Egyptian jasmine and bergamot

Magazine Street- patchouli, magnolia, vanilla, vetiver

L’Invisible- oak moss, ylang ylang, hibiscus, vanilla, red rose

Tribute (limited edition)- a tribute to Coco Chanel: ylang ylang, amber, rose patchouli

Prima Ballerina- Egyptian and Turkish roses, Greek sage, lime botanical musk

Aquarian Roses- wild roses, marjoram, sandalwood

Essense of IX- the scent of a winery- rose, black currant, California lavender

Tahitian Honey (limited edition and my favorite)- temple mandarin and wild honey

Black Rosette- African roses, black tea, spearamint- meant to capture the essence of leather (this one is very unusual- not my cup of tea but could be heavenly for the right person).

Depending on whether you get a EDP or a Pure Perfume vial, or limited edition fragrance, price ranges from $135 to $350

For more information visit their website www.siperfumes.com

And stay tuned for this Thursday's post where I announce the perfume I have (finally) chosen as the search for my signature scent ends!

The image of the Venice boutique featured above is courtesy of futurenatural.com

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Rebecca said...

They all sound intriguing. I love artisan perfumes.

I'm looking forward to your new scent reveal!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer, I love the sound of them. Magazine Street, Tribute and Prima Ballerina definitely appeal. I love the way they offer samples sizes too so you can test. If they ship overseas, I shall give them a try. You new header is also lovely. I look forward to hearing your signature scent! xx

Anonymous said...

Took a look at their website and am impressed with their philosophy, and that they make the interview a part of the creating process since choosing that perfume is SO personal. Really liking that concept. The Fire & Cream sounds most intriguing to me, as I love the lavender and vanilla notes.

Wanted to comment on your pretty banner - a picture of your own taking? Also, can't wait for you to unveil your new scent. Have great week! = )

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you Rebecca, Josephine and LMK! Josephine if you can sample them in person I would do so before ordering online- simply because they are very unusual scents (their name strange invisible perfumes is very apt!) and what you think you might like you might not like as much and vice versa. For example I was sure I was going to love Acquarian Roses but didn't like it as much and surprised myself by favoring Tahitian Honey.

LMK- Thank you! I did take the picture of the rose that is my new blog header. I went to the rose garden at the Palisades Park for inspiration :) xo

Rose said...

I think these are brilliant brilliant scents, especially given they are natural, I loved Prima ballerina especially and also magazine street