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My Favorite Sunglasses

This week's video shows you my sunglass collection. I laugh when I say 'collection' because I only ever have two pairs of sunglasses. As with my capsule wardrobe and makeup collection- I have a capsule sunglass collection too!

I like to go for classic shapes and avoid anything too trendy. Sunglasses can be expensive so I go for a pair that will last me for years to come.

My favorite sunglass maker are Oliver Peoples- they just produce high quality glasses that are stylish and timeless. Mine are the Zooey wayfarers designed by the actress Zooey Deschanel. I love wayfarers as they add a vintage touch to any outfit. I've had these glasses for about two years and bought them on Robertson Blvd.

The second glasses featured in the video are Michael Kors aviators- another classic American look. These aviators are very lightweight and will never go out of style. If you take good care of your sunglasses they will last you forever. I've had my aviators going on five years now!

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I would love to know... what are your favorite sunglasses?

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Lacey R said...

I don't really have a favourite brand of sunglasses, I just buy whatever - but I tend to favour Jackie O style sunglasses. Your wayfayers are very stylish.

Your skin looks absolutely luminous in your video! I wish my skin looked that good! :)

Anonymous said...

I, like you, Jennifer,love the classic tortoise RayBan wayfarer look and wore these when younger. They look so Audrey and remind me of Summers spent on the beach. But now I keep one pair of my favorites, the Cutler & Gross caravan/aviator-style in gold tone with brown lenses.

Unfortunately, with the greyer days of Fall and Winter now descending upon Indiana I don't get to wear them often. But it's almost time to break out the snow-ski goggles (feminine, stylish ones, of course)!

Tabby O said...

The wayfarers really suit you. I think having a couple of classic pairs is the way to go :)

I have a small face, so unfortunately most sunglasses fall off my head if I move around too much. I found a fantastic pair of black Le Specs a couple of years back in a department store. They have a slight 50's cat eye shape to them. One of the little screws fell out of the arm and I still need to get them fixed!

I recently purchased some brown tortoise shell Fiorelli sunglasses from the same store. They're quite a classic shape and also a reasonably large - no light coming in from the sides, which is great.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

LR- Thank you! I love big Jackie O style glasses but they don't suit me. Such a shame because they are so glamorous xo

LMK- I like the sound of the Cutler & Gross glasses- I will have to look at those when my Michael Kors need to be retired- thank you! xo

Tabby O- I love a 50s cat eye- so retro and chic. Those will never go out of style either- I'm glad you found ones that work for your face shape! xo

Virginia Country House said...

Oh Yippee! So glad I followed E&EL's link to you. I have adored Oliver Peoples glasses for ages. My first love was a pair designed to copy those little round blue lenses that Meg Ryan wore with the simple, long navy dress she had on at the Academy Awards years ago (maybe 1985-ish?). They were really practical too. The sort of sunnies for sitting in an outdoor cafe, when it is too bright to go without, but too dark for dark glasses. Loved them. And then, as is often the fate of my expensive sunglasses, I sat on them.

Berenice said...

I wear Rayban's aviator and I have them for 3 years now and I will probably keep them for a long time! I would also love to get a pair of wayfarers and possibly from Rayban too. I totally agree with you about getting classic designs; they will always be chic. Stay lovely! :)

Sam Times said...

Sunglasses, huh? I like RayBan Wayfarers and Aviators as well. I was happy when I bought my first pair and I remember it like it was yesterday.