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Downton Abbey, Holiday Musings and A Winner is Announced!

Holiday Musings

I can't believe Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. I had lofty ambitions of doing seasonal posts here on The Daily Connoisseur. I was going to share with you my favorite holiday candle (which, incidentally is Voluspa Goji & Tarocco Orange). I was going to make holiday cookies and homemade fudge (I still plan on doing this- probably on Christmas eve). I was going to work on a spectacular holiday floral arrangement and perhaps shoot a YouTube video on how I did it.

Ah, these were all lovely thoughts. But the reality of this holiday season is slightly different. Our Christmas tree only has ornaments on the top half of the tree because my baby daughter has an obsession with tearing down the ornaments and eating them. Rather than making a gingerbread house we have a life sized cardboard gingerbread house where Gatsby and baby like to stash various important items (like my keys and mobile phone), and being pregnant with my second child has rendered me quite exhausted come evening so even the thought of making dinner seems daunting, throwing all rose colored thoughts of baking cookies and making fudge out the window.

Yes, the joys and chaos of daily family life have taken over! I am not going to fight the current up stream- I am letting go of the oars to join in with the blissful havoc.

Downton Abbey

Before the end of the year I wanted to mention the wonderful Masterpiece series Downton Abbey. My friend Romi turned me on to this first rate show- PBS aired it this year and the first season is now on DVD. I'm sure many of you have already seen it but for those of you that haven't- it is a must see series. It is a British period drama (which I have a particular weakness for) with an amazing cast and an even more enthralling story line. I mention it now because the second season is airing in America on PBS on January 8th. Television rarely gets me excited but I am setting my DVR and cannot wait to see what the second season brings.

And the Winner Is...

Thank you for all of you that entered last Thursday's Skindinavia giveaway. I really enjoyed reading about your favorite makeup items- what great recommendations! I wish we could give away one to each of you but there can only be one winner... So without further ado, the winner, who was picked at random by a number generator, is:

Tatiana Ch (TatiKto) from Mexico City!

Congratulations Tatiana! Please email me your shipping address so I can pass the information on to Skindinavia. Enjoy your makeup setting spray.

Lessons from Madame Chic

My book, Lessons from Madame Chic, was mentioned on two fabulous blogs this week. The lovely Fiona at How to be Chic wrote a great review. As did the delightful LR at Magnificent or Egregious. Both are wonderful blogs that are on my reader list- I hope you love them too!

That is all until Thursday when Gatsby has a special holiday wish for you...

I would love to know... is your holiday season going as planned? Or have you given up like I have? :)

Our favorite Christmas nutcracker is pictured above.

The image of Downton Abbey is courtesy of www.monstersandcritics.com

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Shelley said...

Chaos...at some points in life it's probably inevitable. Just try to keep your head above water; failing that, keep you chin up even if underwater! Already devoted to Downton Abbey. We here in Britain get to enjoy a 2 hour special on Christmas Day. Almost makes the 50% tax (fortunately not in my bracket) worthwhile...

Lacey R said...

LOVE Downton Abbey, can't wait for Season 2 too! :)

Lacey R said...

p.s. Duchess Catherine looked amazing in her McQueen dress!

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see that "Downton Abbey" received some Golden Globe nominations. I absolutely loved the series and am looking very forward to the next one. Glad that you got to see it...no doubt given your ties to England it was a treat to see. ~~Blis

Myztay said...

I have been planning to watch Downtown Abbey for sometime, if I do then there goes my revision plans out the window! Have you seen Mildred Pearce with Kate Winslet (its more like an extended movie, set in America... I forget the name it was amazzzzing!!).

I planned to finally learn how to make cupcakes this Christmas. The first batch of 12 came out surprisingly well, but the icing let me down. I figured if I mixed red and blue frosting colouring I would get a lovely lilac colour. Unfortunately I got a horrible brown colour that could not be passed off as 'coffee' as it really looked like bird poo :( Fingers crossed for the next batch!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Shelley- You are so lucky to have already had season two in England! I can't wait :) Happy new year to you!

LR- Can't wait either... I love the costumes. Beautiful! And I absolutely swoon over Catherine and William every time they go out- what a class act. She looked great again today visiting the homeless shelter. Although all of those pregnancy rumors have to be false. There's no way she is expecting a baby with that tiny waste! (I should know :)

Bliss- Yes it deserves many awards. Wish there was more high quality television out there like it xo

Myztay- Thanks for recommending Mildred Pearce- I haven't seen it yet. You must watch Downton Abbey- although I wouldn't want it to get in the way of your revisions :) And as for those cupcakes- perhaps they could be mini buche de noels?

Pug1 said...

Congrats to Tatiana!!!!!

I soooo enjoyed watching DOWNTOWN ABBEY, I will also set my DVR to record the second part in January!

I been busy with lunches, parties and shopping.....but it's all soooo fun!!! CHEERS! Michele xo

Pug1 said...

p.s I just read the interview you mentioned. FANTASTIC!!!!

Fiona Ferris said...

Hi Jennifer, I have given up too, but in a good way. I'm not getting stressed or bothered and have decided to go with the flow. Because I'm the oldest child I tend to feel responsible for everything and then end up being bossy and unhappy. Not any more! I'm sure I'm nicer to be around too. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

R.S. said...

I adore Downton Abbey! (I secretly want to be either British or French - your blog is a delicious addiction for me!) Best to you, Rayna

Myztay said...

I am on Season 2 of Downtown Abbey! I am so addicted, it puts other period dramas eg. Emma to shame! Soo obsessed! I love the Grandma sooo much she is hilarious and an amazing actress (the woman from Sister Act 2!!!). I also love Edith :) and have great disdain for Thomas :s

For those who love amazing french food I have to recommend the book below! It is ABSOLUTELY the best cookbook ever, (puts Delia Smith and Jaime Oliver to shame) the recipies are sooo SIMPLE and contain ingredients you would be able to find the average kitchen. I have been able to recreate PERFECTLY in a timely manner the dishes I have had in France, and I am not a professional cook!

French Brasserie Cookbook: The Heart of French Home Cooking Daniel Galmiche (Author)

lkafka said...

Being new to Downton Abbey, as I've just finished the first season, a thought came to mind I think you might like, being an Anglophile. There are two older children's shows televised by the BBC, and are still available on Amazon.com: Angelina Ballerina and The World of Beatric Potter DVD sets. You'll be pleasantly delighted to hear some familiar voices, especially from Downton. And your little girls will probably love them as much as mine! Well, enjoy, Jennifer your time as a young mom and these wonderful stories brought to life!