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My Makeup Brush Collection

My makeup brush collection has always been a bit of a motley crew. When I started wearing makeup I started with Bare Minerals (still wear Bare Minerals 50% of the time) so most of my makeup brushes were mineral brushes. I take really good care of my brushes and make sure to shampoo them once a week (Sundays, for those that were wondering) and so some of my brushes have lasted as long as 5 years and are still going strong!

But the problem was I was also using my mineral brushes for non-mineral makeup application and wasn’t getting a very good result. But something in me resisted purchasing regular brushes. I had a few here and there but never a comprehensive set. So my makeup brushes, mineral and non, were all stored haphazardly in a bag making my morning le no makeup look application a bit confusing.

Then I got a 20% off coupon to Sephora and I decided to finally buy myself a comprehensive set of non-mineral makeup brushes. I bought the Sephora Prestige Makeup Brush collection that comes in this pretty charcoal quilted carrying case.

The brush set is very complete and contains every sort of brush one would need for applying makeup. The handles are strong and there is a little rhinestone at the base of each brush, which adds a nice glamorous touch.

The set includes:
- Fan (natural)
- Powder (natural)
- Blush (natural)
- Foundation (synthetic)
- Concealer (synthetic)
- Eyeshadow (natural)
- Crease (natural)
- Smudge (natural)
- Angled Liner (synthetic)
- Brow (natural and synthetic)
- Lip (natural)
- Brow/lash comb (synthetic)

The great thing about getting your brushes in a set, is you usually get quite a good value for your money. This set sells for $125 but the value of all individual brushes concerned is around $325. (And if you can use a coupon like I did and save even more, all the better). Also I plan on taking great care of these brushes as well so they will hopefully last at least five years and beyond!

For a closer look at my new makeup brush collection and to see each individual brush, have a look at my video above. If you are unable to see the embedded video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

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Image courtesy of Sephora.com

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Anonymous said...

I love my Bare Minerals brushes...have had them for years too. But it is always good to hear about other brands for future reference. ~~Bliss

YanaNYC said...

My husband ordered your book as a part of my very early Christmas gift! Can't wait to receive it! Please, let me know if you ever in NYC and can sign it.

I noticed in one of your videos on youtube that you have several bare minerals powders. Could you do the review, please? I am looking for a new good powder/foundation and seem to be the only person who does not own or tried bare minerals.

--Hello from New York

Merveilleux said...

Yay! I just ordered the Kindle version and I will start it tonight! Exciting!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hat's such wonderful news. I am very close to ordering the Kindle eBook.

I live in India and ordering a hard copy takes forever to ship. So, I am thankful for the e-version.

On an aside, I do want to point out that the Kindle version is priced $4.99 while the Nook version is priced $2.99.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Bliss- I still love my BM brushes too- they last forever if you take good care of them! They don't work so well with non bare minerals products though which is why I decided to get some regular brushes xo

YanaNYC- That's great! I hope you enjoy the book! I will let you know if I come to NYC :) I have been meaning to do a bare minerals tutorial for a while now so I will try to get one up. Thanks for the request xo

Merveilleux- Thank you! I hope you enjoy the book xo

Norwegian Wood Girl- Thank you for your message. I'm not sure why it's showing up as $4.99 for you... I know that in different countries the price is converted according to the exchange rate, could that be it? It is priced at $2.99 in the states, for example, and 1.92 pounds in the UK so each country might list a different price. Hope you are able to order it with no problems. Let me know! xo

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Norwegian Wood Girl- Ah I may have figured out the problem. Since you are in India the VAT is different (it is slightly different for each country). Here is what Amazon told me:

"The list price provided is VAT-EXCLUSIVE. The VAT we will add for sales to customers in EU countries from our EU Kindle Stores will be 15%. VAT rates, where applicable, vary for other countries."

So that could be why it is showing up as $4.99 for you when it is only $2.99 in the states. Apologies! And sorry for the inconvenience xo

rechristened said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the follow-up, Jennifer.

Regardless of the price, I would have, and have, bought the book. But, the clarification is much appreciated.


P.S. Apologies for the multiple, deleted comments. I am having a difficult time maintaining separate accounts for work and play :-)

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Thanks for the makeup brushes tips. I would like to invest in a good set.

I ordered my book from amazon.com as it is not yet available on amazon.ca - can't wait to receive it! Hopefully I will get it before Christmas!