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De-Cluttering Motivation (and a Giveaway!)

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful week. I am really enjoying reading your cookbook recommendations based on Monday's post and video. Some of your recommendations I already have like the Barefoot Contessa and Nigella's beautiful books, but some of them are entirely new to me and as such I have added them to my research list. Thank you for sharing!

Next week's video will share with you another one of my de-cluttering top tips so as a preview on this special Thursday post I thought I'd share with you some other modes of space clearing inspiration as well as a very special giveaway...

Television as Inspiration?

Yes, I normally wouldn’t recommend watching television to motivate you to do anything but for some reason, watching these de-cluttering/ cleaning shows can ignite the most profound of de-cluttering inspirations:

Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife
Please do not judge, but I actually own these DVDs. Yes they are campy and over the top (and not as sexist as you might think... the show teaches men how to maintain a well run home too), but this show will inspire you to get your house sorted out. It’s an older show from the UK and not currently on television, but if you can somehow rent it or buy the DVDs, you will see what I mean. If I am in need of some serious inspiration, I will watch one of the episodes. I usually don’t get through 1/3 of the show before I am at the foot of my closet with hair tied back, sleeves rolled up and a large empty garbage bag at my feet, ready to get the show on the road.

How Clean is Your House?

This (dare I say) charming British reality show will horrify you and motivate you at the same time. Re-runs might be playing on TV or you can watch episodes on YouTube. They usually involve people with major clutter issues (I’m talking hoarding and cleanliness) but watching even a few minutes of this show has the two-fold effect of making you feel instantly better about your own situation, and motivating you to clear out and clean. *Warning- this show can be quite graphic (in the sense that these homes are seriously dirty) so if you have a weak constitution, proceed at your own risk :)

Clean House
If you are not able to catch the above mentioned British shows, try Clean House. This runs along the same lines of How Clean is Your House? by helping families with serious issues clear out their clutter, clean and redecorate. Again, all you need to watch is a few minutes (utilize the fast forward button on the DVR) and you should feel sufficiently motivated.

Small Space Organizing- A Book Giveaway!

While television is one of many sources of de-cluttering inspiration for me, books provide another major motivator. I recently received a lovely email from author Kathryn Bechen telling me how much she enjoyed Lessons from Madame Chic. Kathryn is also an author of a very useful and very inspiring book called Small Space Organizing: A Room-by-Room Guide to Maximizing Your Space.

Kathryn's book is chock full of ideas, inspirations and resources to help you clear and organize your home. She has so many lovely ideas that are sure to get you motivated to de-clutter as she has mastered the art of living in a small space elegantly. Check out her beautiful apartment by clicking here to see what I mean.

Also, the lovely Ms. Bechen has been kind enough to offer to giveaway one signed copy of Small Space Organizing to a reader of The Daily Connoisseur! If you are interested in receiving a signed copy of her book simply leave me a comment below. I will announce the winner one week from today. Good luck!

To learn more about Kathryn’s book, Small Space Organizing, check it out here on Amazon.com.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend...

And please stay tuned Monday for a very special announcement... :)

Anthea Turner Perfect Housewife image provided by www.amazon.com

Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie How Clean is Your House? Image from Wikipedia

Small Space Organizing image provided by www.kathrynbechenink.com

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Margaret (dokusan) said...

Hi Jennifer,
I would love to win Kathryn Bechen's book on small space organizing. This spring is going to be my start on organizing/decluttering a very small home and this would be such a help. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

mg said...

Not only do I want to win this, I need to win this. We live in a modern loft and space is scarce. You have to learn how to be organized and I could use more advice in this area! Thanks for the giveaway and hope you have a wonderful Easter as well!

Russian Chic said...

Dear Jennifer,
I would love to be entared into this giveaway.
Orginizing is one of my hidden passions.
Thank you.

Monique said...

Kathryn's book sounds interesting, I like her use of 'junque' (I had never seen that spelling before!), I can see that she has put a lot of love and attention into her home.

Becky said...

Loved the post! I am always looking for new ways to declutter and organize things. You are truly an inspiration to me! Thanks!!

Becky said...

Jennifer, I watched one episode of "How Clean is Your House?" and almost threw up! Don't think I will be watching any more of that show!! How on earth can people actually live in such fifth?? Creepy, for sure!!

neens said...

Every time I try to get "organized" on my own, I feel overwhelmed. I need a guide to help with ideas on where to start and this book looks made to order.. Please enter me in th give away.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Becky- haha! I'm sorry I should have warned you all that How Clean is Your House is quite graphic (grime-wise). I have added an amendment to the post. But seeing that show makes me feel sooooo much better about my minor clutter issues and makes me want to make my taps sparkle :)

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,

I would love to win this book. My hubby and I live in a townhome slightly less than 1,000 square feet with 2 cats! No matter how much we try to declutter/organize, our zen place sometimes doesn't reflect our efforts! :)

J'aime votre blog & videos! Keep up the wonderful work!


Michelle said...

Those TV shows do motivate to declutter or simply clean! I would love to win this book since I dream of moving to a teeny apartment in Italy some day! I need all the solutions and inspiration I can get!

Ms. Kathryn said...

So glad you're hosting this book on your site! My home office and school office could use so much help. Hope I win it :)

Krysten said...

I get so overwhelmed with clutter. Could so use this book for help with ideas.

helen tilston said...

Hello Jennifer

A very timely post just in time for Spring cleaning. I would love to be entered in the draw for Kathryn Bechen's book.

I keep a copy of your book Madade Chic on my coffee table and love to pick it up and randomly read parts.

Happy Easter

Helen xx

Luli said...

I'd love to win this. My apartment is 305 square feet and I just own too much. I need to clean and organize and give away stuff so I can have sanity when I come home.

Annie said...

Hi Jennifer,

Yes I too have a tiny tiny apartment which is very hard to run two businesses from in such little space :) Love the Parisian and Italian influences and cottage feel to Kathryn's apartment, would love to do this in my space too..


L said...

Love Anthea Turner. How Clean is your House, I cannot watch; I just don't have the stomach for it! Not that I'm a clean freak by any means...
I do need to acquire major organizational and decluttering skills =^o^=

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

This is such a timely post! I just spent the last two days cleaning/tidying house for the in-laws' arrival for Easter. :)

I'd love to win the book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
I would SO love that book! Organizing and getting rid of stuff is one of my favorite things! My family and I are six people living in a tiny two bedroom, one bathroom bungalow ranch. It actually has decent storage space for this size of house plus a basement, but it's just too many people stuffed in a box. I keep our stuff quite pared down, but so much so, there isn't much of a decorative flair. I would love to give a cottage style to it!

Karena said...

Hi Jennifer I would love to watch these videos as kitschy as they may be!!

Put me in the drawing for the book! Thanks so much!

Art by Karena

jtornell said...

Dearest Jennifer
First of all I would like to thank you for all of your lovely and inspiring posts. I look forward to them and have found them very helpful and therapeutic since losing my mother in July and my father in October; your posts make me happy! In regards to the art of decluttering, =)
I have been doing this since losing my parents as I have had to clear out both of their places and in turn have made it a point to organize my space.
It would be lovely to receive Ms. Bechen's book and if I don't I will certainly look into purchasing it.
Thank you again for your attention to detail. You are brilliant!
Happy Easter

AussieSaver said...

I would love to win a copy of Ms Bechen's book. I just moved into a small space and while I have got some great tips from Madame Chic, this book would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I've been spring-cleaning every room in the house, a little at a time. It's a great feeling to see things shine again, and to find renewed interest in the things I own, as opposed to buying something new.

On another topic -- congrats on your NYT feature/review! I had a feeling you'd be going places with your book, Jennifer. Three cheers to you!

Becky said...

I remember seeing Anthea Turner show the 'perfect' way to fold towels on that programme and I still follow her advice! We have a one bedroomed apartment at the moment so the book would be much appreciated!

Seraphim said...

I have both the Perfect Housewife DVD's and a season of 'How clean is your house'. (I moved to the US from the UK very recently so I had easy access to these!) I am all about motivation! I would love the book to add to my slowly growing pile of 'book inspiration' also....(yes, your book is among those ;)... )

Lisa S. said...

That book looks divine. We live in a 1,000 sq ft house which can be challenging at times. I'd love to read it,

Kamani said...

That book looks interesting. I'm on a spring cleaning kick right now so I'm definitely in the de-cluttering mode.

Dhanishta said...

I would love to win a copy of the book!

I have just begun with my home "cleansing" as I call it. I do it twice a year, where I weed out, seed in, trim and re-arrange all the stuff in my room. And trust me, it's the perfect recipe for relaxation!

Anonymous said...

Having moved across country a few years ago, I appreciate the effects decluttering can have. We were/are empty-nesters who are still actively involved with life in every way, but clearing away the detritus of the past has been immensely liberating. In a paradoxical way it has cleared our lives to make a place for new things that are a part of this new phase of living.

musikelle said...

Hi Jennifer,
First I have found your book and blog so inspiring. Infact I'd already thought about de-cluttering due to your book! I would love to win this book. My husband and I live in a small apartment with many hobbies, books and stuff; and now hoping to start a family in the next year. I could use a little help.

Michelle said...

Hi Jennifer,

You are so amazingly inspirational. I adore your blog and have adopted so many of your recommendations.

I do have a request if you don't mind, as you are quite an experienced traveller. I am travelling to London later in the year and am an little anxious about the lengthly flight. I would love any advice you could offer on carry-on essentials and long flight tips. I imagine that you have mastered the art of travelling elegantly.

Thank you so much in advance.


Unknown said...

What an amazing accomplishment! I'm glad I already got my copy of Lessons from Madame Chic, I would hate to have to wait until the fall to read it.

It would be great to receive a copy of Small Space Organizing. I am currently in the process of moving into my soon-to-be husband's small apartment, and am finding it harder to downsize than expected. Guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you for your blog and book!


Sumire said...

I have to give all my organizing books back to the library shortly so I would love to win a book to keep!

K/S said...

I would love to win this book!

hannahfam said...

I would love to win a copy of the book! Our home has no closets, so we're always looking for creative ways to store things and organize.

Trish said...

I would love this book. We have a big old armhouse-with only one closet!!! So ome creativity is needed.

C said...

Would love to have this book ... 2 little boys and their toys leave our small house very cluttered.

Kathryn Bechen Ink said...

Thanks to all of you who expressed interest in winning my book; I hope you find it helpful and enjoyable! Author Kathryn Bechen

C. said...

I hope this isn't the second time I sent this comment, but I don't think it worked the first time around.

Anyway, thanks for the advice on de-cluttering motivation, Jennifer! I also get inspiration from TV, especially watching hoarders. It can get really graphic so I usually watch just a little then I get right up and start tackling some clutter project that's been sitting around for ages.

I started a new blog recently and am doing a 10 Days of De-clutter (including digital clutter)! check it out: www.beautycalm.wordpress.com