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Giveaway Winner and a De-cluttering Top Tip

Thank you for all of your lovely comments and support regarding my book news this week. I have read every comment, email and tweet and appreciate them more than you know...

In this week's video, I share with you one of my de-cluttering top tips: the Sunday clearing. If you are unable to see the above embedded video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur.

And now for the winner of the Small Space Organizing giveaway.

We had such an amazing turnout, which goes to show that de-cluttering and living well in a small space are very pertinent topics, indeed. The winner was chosen at random. And the winner is...

Janu (online name JTornell)

Congratulations! Please email me your mailing address so I can arrange for your book to be sent.

I know Kathryn Bechen, the author of Small Space Organizing, has been thrilled with all of the interest in her book. To learn more or to see it on Amazon, click here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer x

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editors@BrightCopperKettles said...

Love it! There's nothing like a clutter-free home to start the week feeling good and ready to go. The other day I did some light spring cleaning (kind of an anachronism these days...), and I felt much like you do on those Sunday nights - I just had to walk around the house admiring my handiwork!

Kathryn Bechen Ink said...

Thank you to all who participated in my book giveaway and congrats to the winner. Great idea for Sunday decluttering, Jennifer.

Author Kathryn Bechen

Jeanette W. Stickel said...

Thank you for this timely de-cluttering video. It is Sunday afternoon and my living room could use a little attention. Congratulations on selling your Lessons . . . book to Simon & Schuster.