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Benedetta Seaweed Bath Giveaway

Do you remember the video I did on Benedetta's Best Deodorant? I had discovered Benedetta in the Santa Monica Marketplace by my home and recorded the video after having fallen in love with their beautifully made, organic products. Since then I've gotten to know the owner of Benedetta, Julia Faller, who is a lovely woman, totally committed to her company and to producing high quality organic and biodynamic beauty products that are also earth friendly.

Recently Julia and her team sent me a pampering package to congratulate me on having my baby, which included Benedetta's amazing Seaweed Bath, Seaweed Mask and Blossom Hydrosol. These products are not only interesting and effective but innovative as well. And the great news is Benedetta has kindly offered to give away one Seaweed Bath to a reader of The Daily Connoisseur!

Benedetta has this to say about their Seaweed Bath:

This amazing bath combines three therapies for a truly indulgent, cleansing experience. Strengthening, calming and detoxifying, this Seaweed Bath is all that and so much more. Our Bath combines the effects of Balneotherapy (bathing in water hot enough as to be therapeutic), Thalassotherapy (therapy from the sea) and the power of Aromatherapy. Seaweeds are known thyroid tonics, aiding the natural processes of the body. This bath will leave your skin silky smooth. Our Bath oil is a blend of strengthening, immune enhancing and antiviral Essential Oils. Combined with the relaxing and purging effects of a hot bath, the union of these three therapies makes this Seaweed Bath a powerful, luxurious treatment.

Just this past weekend I used the Seaweed Bath again after one of those very loooong days where I felt completely exhausted and spent. After a 20 minute soak in the bath I felt rejuvenated and re-energized. I really love it and am very excited that one of you dear readers will get to try it too!

Be sure to watch my video to see the Seaweed Bath, Seaweed Mask and Blossom Hydrosol. If you are unable to see my embedded video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

The giveaway is open to all readers who follow The Daily Connoisseur.

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment below either on the blog or on the YouTube video telling us:

1. Where your favorite seaside retreat is (to keep with the seaweed theme, you see).

2. How you follow The Daily Connoisseur (Email subscriber, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Reader, etc.)

3. Unless you have a very unique online handle, please leave your first name, last initial and location so as to avoid any confusion when announcing the winner.

4. To be entered into the giveaway twice, 'like' Benedetta's Facebook Page (and be sure to let me know you've done so).

The winner will be announced next week! Best of luck.

To learn more about Benedetta, click here, or visit www.benedetta.com

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Yvette @ Classic Glam Blog said...

Hi! What a great giveaway-- everyone needs a little pampering :)

1. I love Maine!
2. I follow DC via Blogger and Twitter (and read the wonderful book!)
3. Yvette- Chicago

Danayra Vera said...

1. I am currently doing a Seaweed Slimming Treatment at Natural Way Wellness Spa in Tucson, AZ. I have done 3 wraps already and have 3 more to go! This is very relaxing and helps with weight, cellulite and stress! I love this place!
2. I am an Email Subscriber to the Daily Connoisseur and I also follow through FaceBook. When there is a particular video I think a friend would be interested in, I instantly "share" directly to their page. Facebook makes sharing easy and fun!
3. I am Danayra Vera from Sahuarita, Arizona.
4. I have "liked" Benedetta's Facebook page. I love locally grown! I cant wait to try the Seaweed Bath!!!!
5. Thank you : )

Luli said...

Oh how nice. Here is my entry:
I love the beaches in Greece
I follow you via Blogger
Luli P - Alexandria

Sarah said...

1) Provincetown, Mass!
2) I follow on Google Reader
3) Sarah W - Boston
4) Liked Bendetta's page

Looking forward to your book coming out this fall!

Anonymous said...

Ponte vedra florida
Im a AIM follower! Also twitter.
Catherine C.-Gainesville

Terri Axtell said...

1) Florida, any part, it reminds me of seeing my Grandparents when I was a child.
2) I follow your blog and Twitter.
3) Terri T Milwaukee
4) I have "liked" Benedetta's Facebook Page

smilesformiles30 said...
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smilesformiles30 said...

My favorite seaside retreat is Maui Hawaii. I had the priveledge to visit this gorgeous place last December on a cruise.
I follow your post via youtube and rss

My Name is LauraJ - Cupertino, CA

And yes, I liked Benedetta's Facebook page.
Thanks for your generosity! YeY!!! :-)

Laura Gail said...

1. Destin, Florida is my happy place because I grew up going there for beach vacations.
2. I follow via Blogger and I love your book!
3. Laura Gail - Birmingham, Alabama

Brandy said...

Oak Island, NC
Google reader
Brandy A. Burleson, TX

Unknown said...

1. I just adore Serena beach on the island of Guam (where I am originally from).

2. I follow the Daily Connoisseur via Facebook, Twitter, and the Youtube channel.

3. Sarah E.-Aurora, CO

4. I have "liked" Benedetta's FB page.

Thank you for all of the lovely posts and videos, Jennifer!

Melissa U said...

Hi Jennifer!

My favorite seaside escape is Montauk, New York!

I follow The Daily Connoisseur on your website, Twitter and Facebook!

I "liked" Benedetta's Facebook page!

Melissa U
Wellington, FL

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not the sea, but Lake Michigan


Alisha R.

Anonymous said...

1. Well, it's not the sea, but Lake Michigan.

2. I follow the Daily Connoisseur via YouTube.

3. Alisha R. Battle Creek, MI

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, what a fun giveaway!

1. I love the beaches in Florida!
2. I follow the Daily Connoisseur as an email subscriber.
3. Amberley A. - Pasco, WA
4. I have "liked" Benedetta's facebook page

Merci beaucoup! :)

Dee J said...

Wow this is nice!
1) The fisherman's beach at Island Beach State Park, NJ is a pretty, untouched locals' spot- great for a bonfire!
2) Email subscriber + follow on web
3) Dee J- NJ

Lauren Delgado said...

1. Sanibel, Florida
2. I follow this blog through Facebook.
3. Lauren D. from Marianna, Florida
4. I've liked Bendetta's Facebook page

Mags said...

1. My favorite beach is Craigville Beach on Cape Cod, MA, during any season.

2. I follow via my google reader (I'm addicted) and on twitter.

3. My twitter handle is me_murray

4. I've "liked" Benedetta on facebook.

Sumire said...

1) I haven't been to many seaside retreats but I did enjoy my stay in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

2) I bookmarked your page a long time ago and visit every Monday but I have now gone through the formality of using Google friend connect to become an official follower. ^_^

3) I think Sumire is pretty unique, but just in case I'm in Colorado.

4) I have like Benedetta's Facebook page.

Diana said...

1. Seaside by any Greek Isle!
2. I follow DC via email subscription
3. Diana T. - NYC
4. I "liked" Benedetta on FB

Karena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karena said...

Jennifer I would love to try this wonderful Benedetta Gift! (especially after a long day of rehab

I follow via Subscription.
My favorite beach getaway is in Greece along the Corinthian Sea.

Art by Karena

Karena said...

Jennifer I also LIKE Benedetta on FB!

Art by Karena

JewelsM said...

Love your book and your blog!!!

1. Love Santa Monica (can't beat Blue Plate Oysterette - anywhere in the world!)

2. I follow via Blogger. Also, your recipes are terrific - please post more...

3. Julie M. - Montreal, Quebec

4. Un gros merci a vous et a "Benedetta" pour le "Giveaway".

JewelsM said...

Love your book!

1. Love Santa Monica! (am obsessed with Blue Plate Oysterette!)

2. Follow your blog by e-mail subscriber. Love your recipes; please post more....

3. Julie M. - Montreal, Quebec

4. Un gros merci a vous et a "Benedetta" pour le "Giveaway".

Natalie said...

1. Key West's beach by Ft. Zachary Taylor

2. Follow via email

3. Natalie C. Space Coast, FL

4. I have liked Benedetta's facebook page

5. Great giveaway, sounds like the ultimate spa treatment for home

PANNA said...

Great giveaway! The beaches of my home country, the Philippines, are the best!

I follow you via email subscription.

Panna I.

PANNA said...

I've "LIKED" Benedetta's Fb page as well!

Panna I.

Anna said...

I love your blog
1. Bald Head Island
2. I follow you on my e reader and read ur book
3. Concord North Carolina

C. Catherine said...

My favorite beach is Rio del Mar, where my sister's in-laws have a home. Very relaxing and rejuvenating!

I am an email subscriber to The Daily Connoisseur. Merci for the giveaway!
C. Catherine in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Karen Hogan said...

1. I love Seattle, WA!
2. I follow via Google Reader and YouTube.
3. Karen H- Washington, DC
4. I "liked" Benedetta's Facebook page.

Helena said...

I love Bora Bora in French Polynesia! My husband and I recently had the wonderful opportunity to stay at the Intercontinental Resort and Thalasso Spa. We were amazed to learn that the hotel uses deep sea water to operate its air conditioning system. It's a resort with the perfect balance between lush, indulgent beauty and eco-consciousness-- a philosophy much like Benedetta's!

I'm an email subscriber to the Daily Connoisseur, and also follow via YouTube and the website.

Helena K. - Los Angeles

MammaLill said...

What a wonderful indulgence!

I live in the lovely Ocean State - Rhode Island and enjoy the beautiful coast of New England.

I have liked Benedetta's Facebook page and would love to try their products!

Susan in RI

Debbie K. said...

I use face products with seaweed in them and would love to try bath products as well! Thanks for offering this contest; good luck everyone.

1. I would love to go to the beach in Maine!

2.) I follow via email usually.

3. I'm Debbie K. from Joliet, Illinois.

Renee said...

Favorite seaside spot: Mendocino , CA
Follow n: youtube
reneej san francisco, CA

LN said...

I love the idea of seaweed potions. Haven't had one of these treatments yet, though. Hoping...!

1. Kauai
2. I follow you by having you marked as a "Favorite" site.
3. Ellen P.- Medford, OR

LN said...

Love the idea of a seaweed treatment!

1. Kauai
2. I have you listed as a "Favorites" site.
3. Ellen P. - Medford, OR

LN said...

Ooooooops!!! So sorry, I thought that my comment wasn't "taking," so now I have three entries. I promise this was an honest mistake. Aaaargh.

L said...

Here it goes...
1. Carmel, CA
2. Following you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
3. @UnGlitter
4. I liked Benedetta's Fabebook page.