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Special Guest Post: Biz Etiquette by Cassie Piasecki

Fellow blogger and etiquette aficionado Cassie Piasecki has recently released her handy etiquette guide for small business owners and freelancers called BizEtiquette. I asked Cassie to write a guest post for the Daily Connoisseur on her top five business etiquette tips. Her lovely picture and article are below. Thank you Cassie!

5 BizEtiquette Tips by Cassie Piasecki

When Jennifer asked me to give some BizEtiquette tips for small biz owners, I was thrilled. Having great etiquette is not only smart as a proprietor, it is classy and chic. With the current unemployment rate, entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular in our country. Competition is stiff and first impressions count!

Here are my Top 5 BizEtiquette Tips:

1. My Office aka Working From Starbucks
You’ve got to start somewhere. Not everyone can afford the rent on a brilliant space right out of the gate. That being said, if you are making a call from your “office”, make sure your barking dog is out of earshot. And, if we can hear the barista call out, “triple red eye for Steve”, it’s best to take the V.I.P. call in your quieter office…the car.

2. Schedule Wisely
A lunch meeting can easily suck up your entire day, cost you extra money and widen your waistline. Schedule your meetings first thing in the morning with a set time that you need to get back to your office or make it a late afternoon chat, after you have completed a good chunk of your to do list.

3. But Your Website Says…
Stuff happens, things change and code gets screwed up. Once a month do a thorough check of your website. Nothing says “unprofessional” like images that don’t upload, links that don’t work or contact information that has changed.

4. Heated Phone Conversations
Are you the gal behind the counter? When the print shop calls to tell you that your project will be delayed (again) and you are in the company of clients or employees, don’t lose it. You set the tone of the shop, office, café, etc.

5. The 5 Second Clean Up
Having a client over to your office? Jeez! I hope it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to tidy up. You are organized, right? Besides making sure your workplace is neat, take a look in the restroom and kitchen area (if you have it).

Cassie Piasecki is Pro-Brainstormer. She is obsessed with entrepreneurs, a fitness freak, tech geekette, a stickler for good manners and author of BizEtiquette. You can read more about her on her blog and follow her on Twitter.

This week we would love to know... what are some of your favorite business etiquette tips?

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Mags said...

Oops! Might want to check the last sentence in Tip No. 3.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thanks Mags! I fixed it.

Venom Clover said...

Hello Cassie, hello Jennifer,

Here are some of my tips:
1.Punctuality – for the obvious reasons.
2.Do your homework: I never leave for a client meeting without doing a proper research (company, history, latest news). Thanks to social media and networking, this can be done in no time. Be prepared. Your client will definitely appreciate it.
3.After the meeting: I usually send a nice, short “Thank you” email. It is a small yet highly appreciated gesture.
4.On special occasions (read Christmas/national holidays): I always send a handwritten card.

After all, God is in the details, as they say.

À bientôt,

Jennifer Klee said...

I love the "try the quieter office-your car!" tip. Thanks for the shout out. Have a great weekend.

Cassie Piasecki said...

Thank you for leaving your tips, Clover. Those are definitely good ones! I agree that there is nothing chicer than a handwritten note.