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My Ten-Item Wardrobe Spring 2013

It's finally here! My ten-item wardrobe video for spring 2013. I wanted to do something a little different this time so the video presents a fashion show.

The ten-item wardrobe is all about having fun with fashion and freeing yourself from a confused closet packed with too many clothes. If ten core items are not enough for you, boost it up to fifteen or even twenty. Just do what works for you. I'm sticking to ten (or eleven as you will see in the video) to show you how it can be done but if you need more blouses, for example, then add them in. You know if you are going overboard with shopping/ hoarding clothes. Just do a gut check with yourself and see if you have more items than you need.

As far as extras go, I really only show tee shirts in this video. I don't show cocktail dresses, cardigans, etc. I just wanted to show you the bare essentials for an everyday wardrobe.

Also, you will note that most of my shoes in the video are by London Sole... Many of you already know the reason why this is but for those who don't, the mystery is revealed in the video!

Some items are new and available now in stores, some items I've had for years (you will probably recognize a few). Here are a list of the websites for all of the brands featured. All of the clothes in this video were purchased by me. I have no affiliation with any of these brands (other than our beloved London Sole).

London Sole http://www.londonsole.com
Rebecca Taylor http://www.rebeccataylor.com
Tory Burch http://www.toryburch.com
Stacia (bamboo knit dress) http://www.shopstacia.com
Equipment (great, high quality silk blouses) http://www.equipmentfr.com
J Crew http://www.jcrew.com
A.P.C. http://usonline.apc.fr
Banana Republic http://www.bananarepublic.com
Club Monaco http://www.clubmonaco.com
Oliver Peoples http://www.oliverpeoples.com
Monserat de Lucca http://www.monseratdelucca.com
AG Adriano Goldschmied (jeans) http://www.agjeans.com
Gap http://www.gap.com

If you are unable to see the embedded video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

I would love to know... what will your ten-item wardrobe look like this spring?

**The music in this video is composed by me.

♥ If you are new to the blog and want to get a more in-depth insight into the ten-item wardrobe, check out my book, Lessons from Madame Chic.

♥ For even more on the ten-item wardrobe, pick up the latest issue of Darling Magazine where I've written an original piece accompanied by a European photo shoot! P.S. This magazine is amazing. It is full of really thought provoking articles on what it means to be a woman.

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Laura Gail said...

Excellent video! That mint green sweater is gorgeous on you! How fun that London Sole is your family business - I would be in heaven with all those fabulous shoes to choose from. Cute spring wardrobe!

Michelle said...

I really enjoyed your video. And you look fabulous!

Since I just had a birthday and with that came some new clothes, I've been wanting to narrow my spring wardrobe down to a capsule one. This fun video serves as further inspiration to do so. (I would post my wardrobe on my blog if you were interested.) Plus, I might even look into London Sole shoes now! Merci!

Cher said...

Terrific video! Thank you! Have really enjoyed reading your blog and your book! :)

Unknown said...

I really love your videos and have a great time watching. I am so looking forward to Monday mornings to watch your latest videos.

I am from hong kong and I bought a pair of London sole flats in lane Crawford three years ago but it doesn't carry this brand anymore. I just wonder if london sole takes international orders?

Jennifer, I love your hair. Could you do hair tutorial again? Did you use hot curlers for your hair in this video?

My style is pretty similar to yours - casual classic lux chic. My spring wardrobe mainly comprises silk dresses, silk blouse jeans and leggings. I basically live in silk clothings for spring and summer. I just feel silk looks polished, feminine and expensive. I will try to wear more cotton tees this year. I hardly wear skirts and I might also give it a try.

Thanks for your sharing! Loving it a lot!

Stephanie said...

What a great video! Thank you for taking the time to make this. It really does put it all into such clear focus seeing the items together and how they coordinate.

Giedre said...

Nice wardrobe, Jennifer! Do you change your extra tee shirts for spring too? In autumn wardrobe you showed some different extras, so have they just worn out?

Gabriel said...

wow... that was so good, and inspirational! I see how you can have a "mom wardrobe" and look really good too.
I never thought I could do white jeans, but I saw them on a friend this morning at the grocery store and now on you... I think it's all about finding the right fit.

How do you keep the silk blouses in great shape if they are worn so often? Are they dry clean only?

Two last things: one, the music was so great... I'm impressed with your skills/talent. Two, can you do a tutorial on Le No Makeup Look but with the classic red lip? I LOVE that look and would like to see your take on it.

I see what you mean by finding quality pieces that are flattering.

ChiChiMa said...

You are adorable and I love this video/format! Couldn't help but wonder if that was you playing the piano in the background music...? I discovered and read your book about 2 weeks ago while in Paris (Marais) for my 30th birthday. I immediately came home and purged non-essential items from my wardrobe and am down to ~15 pieces for work, 15 occassionwear/dresses and another ~20 pieces for weekends/non-work days. I still have some pairing down to do, but I'm so inspired by your minimalist lifestyle and appreciate you sharing with the world!

Dee J said...

Great video! The mint J Crew sweater + the Tory Burch dress are my faves. Your capsule wardrobe rocks! haha! It's true, if you have clothes that look great on you, you can enjoy each piece + don't need a lot!

Love the music too!

Marianne said...

Hi Jennifer! Love your book and your blog. You inspired me today to rid my wardrobe of a few more items. Thank you. I have two follow up questions for you on the 10 items wardrobe. I was wondering if you would share your process for getting rid of items of clothing. I have a very hard time saying goodbye to items. I was also wondering how you resist buying more clothes. Do you keep a wish list for items you see on line or do schedule shopping trips? Or do you simply avoid the mall or internet shopping? I am very discerning and particular in terms of color, fit and style of an item. I'm in my early 40's and as I get older I find it harder to find items that are age appropriate. My problem is when I find something that is perfect I feel the need to "stock up" on that item. So my wardrobe never seems to reduce to 10 items. I desire less, but can't seem to whittle it down. Any advice is appreciated. Best to you. Marianne

Anonymous said...

Excellent video and what beautiful choices for Spring! Wouldnyou consider doing a chic minimalist makeup video too? You always look so fresh and polished, but not overdone.


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Great choices (and I even have the same cream-navy striped top from Banana Repulic). It does make me a little jealous of how warm it must be where you live as we are still in cool sweater weather here in Canada. I just did a post on my 10-item wardrobe that I will be trying for a month (I'm new to all this). You can see my post here: http://gracie-senseandsimplicity.blogspot.ca/2013/04/wabi-sabi-living-ten-item-wardrobe.html Thanks for all the tips and ideas you post.

meetthewahlquists said...

Excellent video! I've read the book and am interested in knowing more about how you style your hair. We seem to have the same hair type, but yours is very sleek. Are there Velcro rollers at play here? A curling iron for hair that's already a little wavy/curly in texture. Please do tell!

Robin said...

Lovely video! My Spring wardrobe is crop jeans (mostly Joe's) and tops from Indigenous, Boden and REI, both long sleeves and short sleeved because the weather in the Bay Area can be so variable. My lifestyle is definitely more casual than yours (probably because of where we live) but I do like to look presentable at all times. Though I learned this weekend that I really need to wear junky tshirts for working in the yard and taking care of the chickens! I went through 3 changes of clothes on Saturday. Oy!


Anonymous said...

Lovely video (and music)! Your book and blog are such an inspiration to me - particularly in regard to the capsule wardrobe! Thank you for sharing your French living insights :)

Lacey R said...

Great video, I love seeing other people's outfits and how they style them. I especially like the mint blouse - it goes so nicely with your dark hair and white jeans!

Kathryn Bechen said...

Your video is wonderful Jennifer; I love your wardrobe looks and how they all go together. You look very pretty in the green color and the dresses are fab too and I think good for varying ages too. What a wonderfully simple but chic look as a young Mom, and so workable. I was referred by a friend years ago to French Sole Shoes for ballet flats; is that your family's business as well? I will check out your London Sole Shoes as I love to wear ballet flats daily and usually wear Lindsay Phillips; are yours available in San Diego in a retail store anywhere? Blessings to you and your wonderfully organized closet. :) Kathryn

Luli said...

Thank you for this great video. I really appreciate that you took the time to make it, plus I love the movie and now I must check out London Sole!!!!

Greenjane72 said...

Hi Jennifer, LOVE your video and exquisite music. Really a divine little treat I just devoured and will go back for a second look in a minute. Weather is finally cooling down in Australia so I'm working on my autumn/winter wardrobe. Just back from a brief holiday to the country and thought I must tell you how well my 10 item plus extras wardrobe worked on holiday particularly the way I packed for myself in about 10 mins after packing for 3 kids etc. It worked so well. Of course I needed odd extras like Wellington boots but it still made packing so simple.

Your spring wardrobe looks lovely and so do you! Must confess I think it's a little harder to look so lovely if you're a little curvier and shorter as I am. Not helped by still carrying baby weight 7 mths on.... Sigh.... Still despite that your approach has helped my enormously and again I thank you for it. I've read many books about French living and capsule wardrobes but none clicked with me like yours. The extras concept is so helpful. Btw I keep meaning to ask, have you read Orchids on a budget? You'd love it.

Re london sole (sorry this comment is turning into a novel!) I love french sole and bought them when I lived in London and now get them delivered to Australia. I actually prefer some of the shoes london sole does but the delivery to Australia is very expensive and has stopped me ordering sadly. French sole offer free world wide delivery sometimes. Can you think about this??? Thanks. Jane x

Stephanie said...

Hi Jennifer and everyone,

I have an odd question for you, seeing as you're the ballet flat queen! I often find my feet and ballet flats smell after a long day wearing them, particularly in summer. Do you have any tips for preventing this? Someone suggested wearing those stocking sockettes but I don't love that look.


E said...

You are too cute! Thank you for being so inspiring... and also for the darling magazine link. Love it and you!

Syn said...

Can you tell us what you recommend as a busy mom? Do you prefer large dept stores, catalogue, small boutique? How do you find the perfect store and the right amount of time?

Syn said...

Can you tell us what you recommend as a busy mom? Do you prefer large dept stores, catalogue, small boutique? How do you find the perfect store and the right amount of time?

Allure said...

Bravo! I really enjoyed your great video :) Also, if you don't want to talk about lifestyle anymore, you can compose the music - great music is on your video! It perfectly goes with you, your wardrobe & style. Thanks for all!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Jennifer you've done a fabulous job with this video!
You really own these looks and hello girl ~ those shoes!
I never knew it was your family business...if it were mine I'd be tempted to wear them all!

Kathryn Bechen said...

Hi Jennifer, I re-read your book's 10 item wardrobe chapter to help my husband and I downsize our wardrobes even more before we moved recently into our new 710 square foot "penthouse treehouse." We didn't quite make 10 items but we did use your principles from your book's 10 item wardrobe concept in general and are both really happy with how it turned out for our wardrobes to have only quality favorite items that look good on us as mid-life baby boomers. :) Here's a link to our new streamlined wardrobe and closet. Blessings. Kathryn Bechen


Kathryn Bechen said...

Hi Jennifer,

I re-read your book's chapter on the 10 item wardrobe and we used it as a guide when my husband and I recently moved into our new 710 square foot home. Thank you for your tips; we did not quite make 10 items each but we are very happy with our streamlined wardrobes now and since you said you'd like reader feedback on how our 10 item wardrobes are shaping up, here's the link to our new closet/wardrobes:


Best wishes. Kathryn Bechen

Lauren E.Flocken said...

Hi Jennifer,

Can you do a summer ten item wardrobe video? Thank you!