# 10 Item Wardrobe

Budget Ten-Item Wardrobe & A Week Off

Thank you for your great response to last week's video on my ten-item wardrobe for spring. It's already had thousands of views on YouTube and I received dozens of messages on the subject.

One reader wrote to me with concerns about the cost of clothing. Remember the ten-item wardrobe is achievable on any budget. Let's say, for example, you've decided to add an A-line skirt to your ten-item wardrobe. You could find a skirt that costs $35 as easily as one that costs $100 or more.

In the video, I showed you my wardrobe which is very personal to me. Some of the items were new and many I've had for years. Because I buy less clothing, I am able to afford higher quality clothes.

Last week, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wore a Top Shop dress to an official engagement. She looks elegant in everything she wears, no matter how expensive or inexpensive. You must do the homework to find the brands you love that fit into your budget. It is a fun sort of research so enjoy it!

In fact, the whole process should be fun and liberating. I really enjoyed this blog post by Eleanor of Ballyhoo & Bedbugs. After reading Lessons from Madame Chic she decided to pare down her wardrobe (not to ten items but it's a start!) and she has fun in the process. That's what it's all about!

There will be no video this week. I am taking some time off to relax and also to work on a creative project I can't get off my mind...

I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you soon!

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I love the 10 Item wardrobe! I have cleaned out my clutter and kept only what was quality. I really had nothing left! so i purchased a few pieces, some very good quality pieces at a consignment store that sells high end labels,and some from the dept. store. I now have a capsule wardrobe that is easy to navigate and looks good nomatter what! Now I have to work on my shoes (>.<)

Claire said...

For me, quality and fit win over price any day. I seek for clothes which have good quality and fit. Sometimes I have to spend money to tailor the clothes, but if I know it will last a while in my wardrobe, I don't hesitate the investment. There are many good quality clothing that is reasonably priced -- the pieces that I owned I have owned for years & they are not at all designer/high-end brands. Another thing is to take care of the clothing we already owned. E.g. I'd set aside a time during the month to wash, de-pill, and line-dry all my cashmere sweaters and they have lasted me quite a number of years (saves $$ too rather than sending them to dry cleaner).

Pammie said...

Quality is everything - I'd much rather have several classic and well-made items of clothing than a closet full of mediocre pieces that are cheap. Another option is to make your own clothing. Thank you for your post. I'm enjoying your blog and just bought your book.

Welcome to SipMom said...

I have found that wearing each of my pieces and then taking a picture of myself with my iphone on the mirror helps immensely to decide what really looks good on me and what should go. Besides that, every time I wear an outfit to the day I take a picture now and look to see if something is missing, or if tucking in a shirt would look better. The pictures stay always on hand in case I want ideas of what to wear or to compare outfits and find the ones that look better on me. I also have taken my picture habit to the dressing room when deciding on buying something. It is amazing that to look at a picture of yourself is much more helpful than to look at the image in the mirror. Maybe it is because I can detach myself from my image and see myself with an outsider eye.

Sophisticated Chic said...

Hi Jen: I really look forward to your Monday videos/advice and updates. Your book has become a style guide for me.

My only question: what do you do with previous year clothing? (Ex: last year spring/summer 10 item wardrobe that you decided to not recycle?)


Joy said...

Just recently discovered your blog via "Smart Creative Woman". I love it!

Leila Marchi said...

I think the 10-item wardrobe is a great idea, though I'm not quite emotionally ready to jump on it yet, and my core would probably end up being more like 20 pieces. But this makes me think of a woman who works in the same building that I do - I don't think I've ever seen her wear the same thing twice in the three years I've worked with her, and yet she has managed to consistently be one of the worst-dressed people I have ever seen. Totally inappropriate for her age, for the office; her clothes are oddly-fitting, her skirts too short, she looks...just...cheap.

Given the choice between a new cheap-looking outfit every day and the same core pieces showing up over and over again on me, I know which way I'd lean!

I only wish I knew her well enough to say something to her, but alas, I'm not comfortable enough with her to follow Madame Chic's example on that one.

Little Miss Know-it-all said...

I, too, love your philosophy. My only problem with these fabulouse capsule wardrobes is to adapt them to myself - I end up coveting the lovely items I see instead of finding what works for me (and being short and dumpy as well as a good deal older than you, it makes sense that I shouldn't be wearing what you wear!!).
I wonder if others have this problem and how it could be overcome - usually I do have a good imagination, but finding my style has eluded me for years and I keep catching myself imitating others less suited to how I live... any ideas?!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Hi Jennifer. I find the ten-item wardrobe idea intriguing and I have tried it for the past two weeks. I just wrote a post about how it went and the problems I encountered. I tweaked things a bit and am trying again. You can read about it here: http://gracie-senseandsimplicity.blogspot.ca/2013/05/confessions-of-living-with-ten-item.html

Janki said...

I also am on a budget and want to bring up buying on consignment or thrift. I've discovered many fantastic brand at local thrift stores. I know consignment shops often carry the brands you've mentioned.
In the sense of simplifying, I would also bring up the unintentional cost of "fast fashion" (ie. poor quality, low wages etc).
Can't wait to see your next post!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies sorry it has taken me so long to chime in... the weeks have been busy! Thank you for your input on the ten-item wardrobe. I definitely agree that quality is important and because we buy fewer clothes, the amount we spend on clothes can hopefully go up. Having said that there are many price points- even low ones- that produce quality clothes. It's just a matter of looking x