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Do I Get Bored with my Capsule Wardrobe?

In this installment of reader questions answered, I'm addressing a question that I get all the time: Jennifer, don't you get bored with your capsule wardrobe?

The short answer is no.

And the long answer... well it has a lot to do with our constant need for variety in our modern society. If you find yourself constantly feeling 'bored' with your clothes, it might be time to question your thought process and revive appreciation for what you already have.

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What are your thoughts on this subject? I would love to know...


I love getting messages from readers who tell me how Lessons from Madame Chic has helped them. I think you'll get a kick out of this one from Emily M. who wrote to me on Facebook:

Good Morning! I have a story for you that shows how your book is influencing complete strangers' lives...My aunt gave me your book for Christmas, because she knows how I love the French and their way of life and thought this would be a fun read. I took a lot from it, reminisced about my own time in Paris, but the one that hit me the hardest was the china! The more I thought about it, the sillier I felt...only using it on special occasions and for company, but not my own children/husband who are the most important people to me in the world! Anyway, I started Sunday night dinners for us (my kids are ages 8, 7,4, 10 months) in the dining room, (French food of course) china and all. We are having so much fun and the kids really look forward to their fancy Sunday dinner with French BREAD (a must). If that weren't enough, I saw a contest for "The Family that Breaks Bread Together, Stays Together...Tell us your Story" sponsored by a regional bakery here on the East Coast. So, I entered our Sunday night story which we have done consistently for six months and we won! I now get free weekly bread deliveries and they are filming us for a commercial! I'll send it to you after they film it in July. I thought you should know how you have inspired my family and to say quite simply, thank you!

Congratulations Emily! We are so happy for you and your family!

If you would like to share how Lessons from Madame Chic has inspired you, please send me your testimonial. I'd love to share your story on the Daily Connoisseur...

Next week Reader Questions Answered continues as I discuss 'feeling overdressed' and more. See you then! x

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Little Miss Know-it-all said...

Hear hear.
I completely agree with you about western society!

Luli said...

I feel the same. I love the few key pieces I wear and love switching up my shoes and accessories.

Unknown said...

Interesting insight on the American need for "variety" without which we get bored, vs. the French focus on quality, and being satisfied with less. I think you are right that the difference is based on our consumerist culture...

Also--I have never lived in France as you have, but from my visits there, it seemed like French women are extremely creative in using what they do have. I am so envious of their flair with accessorizing-there is always something added to make every outfit special--it's like it's own art form! I would love to learn how to do that (I can't even tie a scarf to make it look chic), but maybe you just have to be born French!
(p.s. I'm asking for your book for my birthday this summer--am really looking forward to reading the whole thing!)

SolariC said...

Hello Jennifer! I'd like to make a reader question. I've been wondering about it since I first read about your capsule wardrobe.

I have always had a pretty small wardrobe - I'd estimate around 20-25 items for each season. However, I can't go much smaller than that because of laundry issues. I feel like it's wasteful of our precious water resources to wash more than once a week. Of course skirts, pants and dresses aren't a problem, but I notice that you only have 2-3 tops, plus 3-4 t-shirts. If I had only that, I'd have to increase my laundry loads each week.

So my question is: Do you find that you have to do laundry more frequently with a capsule wardrobe, or can you make it work by managing what you wear?

Debs said...

Hi Jennifer. I've been trialing the 10 core item wardrobe for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I spent some time off work with a possible lung infection recently and so had a lot of time in bed staring at my crammed wardrobe. As soon as I had the energy I got up and just pulled everything out!
I created my capsule wardrobe, but decided to increase it to 15 core items to accommodate my limited laundry time.
Now when I get ready for work I never have the "what am I going to wear" problem because everything goes together!
I love everything I have, I never get bored and I've not missed the bags of clothes sitting in the attic that are about to be given away to charity.
Thanks for making another area of my life simpler.

geramyum said...

Your book has lead me to really analyze so much more than my wardrobe. Just in the last few weeks I've gone over my kitchen and bathrooms as well. I have to say I'm starting to feel freed up. Why do I keep all these towels that I cringe when I look at them? Why do I have three jars of pickles? Why do I keep these socks I haven't worn in five years? WHY!? I can't even come up with an answer except that I feel guilty getting rid of stuff. But the "stuff" is making me crazy. I'm thinking and taking my time with purchases and waiting to make sure of what I want and NEED. I'm being mindful. Mindfulness is not natural state for me, but everyday I try. Please continue on your crusade.

jamie-lee said...

really enjoyed this video - I bought your book about a year and a bit ago and absolutely loved the sentiment, and it made me wish that I lived my life with a bit more purpose. Magically stumbled across your blog and have been reading it since. I agree, we so easily get bored. When I stop buying things I no longer feel the need to, but as soon as I make one purchase there's this crazy hunger for more more more. I'm trying to live with less and have been doing a revolving capsule wardrobe so that I'm selling things that aren't being worn. Would be great to be completely happy with the things that I do have though for sure!

greeneherb said...

Hi Jennifer,
Love this advice.
I also lived in France when I was young and learned a great deal about quality vs quantity.

I attended Catholic school and wore a uniform everyday(very high quality), it was a relief to not be concerned about what to wear everyday and have my attention devoted to more important things. Too much junk-food, clothing, TV etc drains us of health and energy.

Christine said...

When a couple of my friends commented on how uncomfortable they would feel buying some of the more expensive (I look at the expenses as an investment because I wear them constantly) purchases I make, I asked them to look at their spending habits and pointed out that they had no problem spending the same amount of money on a bunch of "sale" items that they would get limited use from and that wouldn't last as long. While they still can't wrap their brains around the "less is more," I have noticed that they take notice whenever I wear my purchases. I bet they are thinking that their purchases are still sitting in their closet - likely with tags still on!

Lollyg said...

Love the blog, and can't wait to get the book. I am whittling down a big wardrobe of very little to wear, and it is freeing...

I had to smile thinking of a grandmotherly comment made to us as children: If you are bored, then you are boring! ...very true in the case of my clothes!!!

Siusan said...

I too struggled with the concept of a very small wardrobe, because the idea of wearing the same items day in and day out for the whole year made me cringe, but then I realized (and correct me if I'm wrong) that we're talking about 4 seasonal 10 item wardrobes. I love the idea of taking my wardrobe and splitting it into seasons and then using one season at a time for 3 months or so. That makes sense to me. This small window makes me feel better about wearing the same pieces often because I know that my time with them is limited. Plus, I always have a new wardrobe to look forward to which gives me the permission to really enjoy the time that I have with each season.

Kathryn Bechen Ink said...

One of the reasons I liked your book so much Jennifer was your "less is more" and "quality over quantity" mantra. I find if I use colorful shawls and scarves with my streamlined wardrobe, I don't get bored with my clothes as quickly. In SoCal too, shawls are nice for our weather. Thanks for sharing all you do in your videos; very generous-spirited of you.

Unknown said...

Accessories! If you're an artist type, then go crazy with accessories! The capsule wardrobe isn't supposed to be X many outfits you rotate through, it's set up so you can mix and match all your pieces and use accessories to make new looks with just a few core items. Maybe you should do a video on how accessories can completely change the look of an outfit?

Joy said...

Thanks so much for answering this! I think that was something I've been wondering too. I have pared my closet waaaay back, but I don't think I can get down to just ten items... Yet anyway. ;-)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

As usually really enjoy all of your comments. Thank you for taking the time take stop by! I have noted the requests too. Have a wonderful week! Jennifer x

Erin said...

What I love about the capsule wardrobe is having pieces which all coordinate with each other, and so I am always finding new combinations to make out of them. I find this great fun, and I never get overwhelmed due to the manageable number of items I keep to hand. I find the system beautifully elegant and user-friendly, and one that does still allow for improvising and creativity. Great societal insights and commentary, by the way, and I couldn't agree more.

BadCat said...

Someone asked about laundry and the frequency of doing the wash with a smaller wardrobe. Although I do not strictly follow the capsule wardrobe tenets, I have pared down what I wear to what makes me feel comfortable and confident. Clothing purchases have decreased and I am able to spend more money on quality pieces. That being said, you get what you pay for. If I get a spot on an item of clothing, I find that the textiles in my costlier items respond quite well to spot cleaning. In my experience, the cheaper the product and the textile, the more difficult cleaning may be to get a spot out. FWIW, I have two boys under the age of 10. Life is messy. I do not purchase clothing that has to be dry cleaned unless it is an outfit for an event. If I can't wash it, I don't buy it.